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For information about tricks this page might refer to, see the main Rayman 2 page.

  • You can skip swimming through the fish tank at the beginning of the level. Stand on the high ground near the little hallway between the first and second rooms, then jump and shoot the switch. Video (#4)
    • You can save time by hiding behind the wall to avoid the barrel pirate's zap attack. Video (#3)
  • You can shoot the second switch in the level without climbing on the barrels and the net in the area. After entering the room, run to the right until you reach the end of the fence. Then turn left and shoot. Make sure the switch is on screen or almost on screen when your shot hits it; jumping to adjust to camera or going into first-person mode can be helpful. Video (#1)
  • You can skip the purple Lum before the area where Carmen is held. Jump on the tall tree, then jump and helicopter toward the right edge of the fence above the door. If you did it right, you should be able to do a wall jump and reach the exit. You can also make it over without a wall jump. Video (#4)
    • Alternatively, jump on top of the lamp on the right of the door, then jump toward the right edge of the fence and continue as described above. Video (#5)
    • Another method is to stand on top of the tree, shoot the pirate to make him shoot at you, then jump and helicopter toward the upper platform. If the pirate's shot hits you, you can do a fast helicopter and reach the platform. Video (#5)
  • You can skip fighting the second pirate without doing the trick described above. Go straight to the barrel, making sure not to get too close to the pirate. Grab the barrel and go around the right side of the trees. The pirate will wake up, but he will not shoot you. His hook attacks can be avoided if you keep moving. Throw the barrel when you are close enough to the door. Video
  • You can skip the Murfy text in the area where Carmen is held. Just avoid walking into the trigger zone.
  • You can finish the first area with Carmen more quickly as follows. Right after the first screen fade, there is a tree in a corner. With the tree on your right, jump toward the corner between the tree and the wall, landing on the sand. Run against the wall, varying the direction you hold the control stick. Rayman should be doing a jittery motion. If not, do another jump. Once you see the jittery motion, change the direction of the control stick until Rayman goes inside the tree. Then release the control stick and Rayman will drop out of bounds. Helicopter immediately, then float toward the switch. Shoot it and go back in bounds inside Carmen's cage. From there, you can walk underwater to the loading zone. Video (at 47:21)
    • You can skip freeing Carmen, but it is slower. After clipping out of bounds next to the tree, float toward the large underwater area. You will land on some invisible ground. Walk toward the second laser fence. The edge of the invisible ground is roughly a straight-line extension of the seam in front of the fence. With that in mind, run to the edge of the ground, then jump and helicopter toward the fence. It will zap you. Shoot to do a fast recovery, then keep moving past the fence. Land on the other side and walk to the loading zone. Video (#16)
      • Another way to get past the fences is to simply walk through them. In each fence, there is a gap you can walk through after touching the fence to gain invicibility. This trick can be done on both N64 and PC. This trick is a useful backup in case you fail to shoot the switch that disables the fences. Video (at about 50:54)
  • After getting out of bounds as described above, you can fall into the room with Carmen. This is faster than swimming to that room, and it allows you to get all the Lums. Video (#3)
  • You can skip the "Yeah" text that plays after you free Carmen. Shoot the switch, then jump to the bottom of the stairs before the text activates. Video (#12)
  • You can clip through Carmen's cage as follows. Shoot the switch to make the walking shell appear, then ride it toward the wall with the switch, aiming about halfway between the switch and the corner on the right. Don't boost. Just before you hit the wall, jump off the walking shell and you'll go through the wall. You can then run from there to the next part of the level. Video (#13)
  • You can skip the cutscene that plays when you leave the ship in the last room. Jump before the cutscene plays and land somewhere besides the wooden platform you were just on. Video (#14)
  • You can run up the mast on the ship in the last room, skipping the climb up the net. You can also jump on and off the platform at the top of the mast without using the purple Lum. Video
  • In the last room, you can jump from the middle of the slide straight to the alcove with the Teensy. After freeing the Teensy, you can jump up the bottom of the slide to get the remaining lums. If done correctly, this strategy is faster than getting the lums on the bottom of the slide and then freeing the Teensy, since that strategy involves spending quite a bit of time waiting for the Teensy to reach the portal. Video (#1)
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