Rayman 2: The Great Escape/The Menhir Hills

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For information about tricks this page might refer to, see the main Rayman 2 page.

  • On the return trip to the level, you can skip the first cutscene by pressing B.
    • If the cutscene plays, the walking shell will be ready to run sooner.
  • You can ricochet shots off a wall to hit the first switch. Just make sure you keep looking in the direction of the switch and don't get too far away. Video (#2)
  • If you let the first walking shell see you (so that he starts moving), go destroy the cage, and return, the walking shell will be waiting on the near side of the thorn field. Video (#2)
  • You can skip the Murfy text that appears after you cross the first thorn field. Just avoid stepping too close to the thorns. Video (#2)
  • You can avoid waking up the first two pirates by walking past them sufficiently slowly. If you don't wake them up, the door behind them will stay open. This is slower than opening the door by killing the pirates, though. Video (#2)
  • As you leave the room with two pirates, a short cutscene shows Rayman running and jumping into a pit. You can skip the cutscene and fall down the pit faster by jumping just before the cutscene activates. Video (#10)
  • After the first screen fade, you can tame the walking shell while getting the lums in the cage. Go near the walking shell to make him start chasing you, then bounce on the mushrooms. Move away from the tree to prevent the walking shell from crashing, then swing over to the ledge above the entrance to the area. After you get the lums and jump down, the walking shell will be ready to move. Video (#1)
    • One danger with this trick is that the walking shell might crash into the wall near the entrance. You can reduce the chance of this happening by pulling yourself up from the edge, then standing still until the walking shell comes to a complete stop. Video (#5)
  • At the end of the second walking shell section, you can boost off the side of the ramp and jump in midair to get over the railing and skip destroying the door. Video (#1)
    • If you fail to get over the railing with the walking shell, you can still get over it as follows. Jump off the ramp, then helicopter toward the rightmost part of the railing. If you did it right, you'll grab an edge and you'll be able to jump over the railing. Video (#2)
    • If you wish to destroy the door instead, don't aim the walking shell directly at the door. Doing so can cause it to bounce off the door without blowing up. Instead, aim at the wall next to the door. Video (at about 8:25)
  • You can reach the last cage before Clark by steering the walking shell into the cave area, boosting into the pit, and jumping. You can then quickly destroy the cage by throwing a barrel at the wall across from the pit. Video (#3)
    • If you use a barrel to fly across the pit instead, you can crash it into a wall near the cage to destroy the cage quickly. Video (#1)
  • After destroying the last cage before Clark, you can activate the infinite barrel flying glitch, then fly out of the cave area and up to the switch. Video (#1)
    • If you use this trick, there is no need to shoot the switch. You can fly through the slanted wall above the door, then drop into the hallway leading to Clark.
    • Alternatively, you can fall into the pit to death warp back to the previous area. This is slower than using the infinite barrel flying glitch. Video (#1)
  • In the room with Clark and four purple Lums, you do not need to use all the purple Lums to reach either the cage or the exit. You can also pull yourself through the railing. Video (#11)
    • The lums in this room don't take as much time to collect as they might appear to. If you go straight through the room without collecting the lums, you will spend longer waiting for Clark to catch up.
  • When Clark breaks the wall, you can get through the wall faster by jumping just as it breaks. Video (#1)
  • In the last area, run forward a little to make the walking shell start running, then get the lums in the cage closest to the exit. This way, you can tire out the walking shell and collect the lums at the same time. Video (#1)
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