Rayman 2: The Great Escape/Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava

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  • After getting the Lums from the cage near the beginning of the level, fall into the lava to warp back to the beginning. Video (#16)
  • After getting the five Lums right before the drop to the first screen fade, get hit by a shadow fuzzball to descend more quickly than if you would if you used your helicopter. Video (#3)
  • You can skip part of the boss fight as follows. Run around the arena until you reach the web near where you started. Bounce on the web, then move toward the right edge of the stained glass window. If you did it right, you'll be able to pull yourself through the window. After doing so, drop down into the gap quickly or Foutch will kill you. Video (#7)
  • If you fall into the lava right after shooting the last stalactite to kill Foutch, you'll save a few seconds. Video (#4)
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