Rayman 2: The Great Escape/The Iron Mountains

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For information about tricks this page might refer to, see the main Rayman 2 page.

  • With proper positioning, you can fall past the electricity near the beginning of the level after hitting only one switch. Video (#2)
  • If you're in the air, the pirates' drill attack usually won't hit you.
  • In the box tower room, you can bounce a shot off the wall to the left of the entrance to hit the switch. This may not save time, though. Video (#6)
  • In the box tower room, you can jump from the second highest box, shoot the cage, and grab the top box. Video (#10)
    • You can also stand near the cage until one of the pirates throws a barrel at you. The barrel will break the cage.
  • If you miss the cage in the river area, you can hit it from below. Stand on the box below the cage and walk to the corner that's barely sticking out from the water. Face the wall, jump, and shoot. If you did it right, you'll hit the cage and the Lums will come down to you. Video (#5)
  • Right after the squeaky pirate, you can jump over the fence near the crate. Jump from the corner near the wall, then helicopter at the right time to clear the fence. Video (#3)
  • You can skip most of the walking shell section as follows. Take a left at the first turn so that the surface you're on is perpendicular to the floor beneath you. Before you get to the red slope in front of you, turn left and run off the edge. In midair, turn left so that you land on the wall below you. Run along the wall to get to the grassy area with the robot. Video (#9)
  • In the area with the plum, there are five Lums floating above the top of a small hill. You can get the Lums by going to the very top of the hill and jumping toward them. Video (#19)
  • In the area with the plum, you can shoot the purple lum from the ledge you start on. Video
  • In the area with the plum, you can get to Uglette faster as follows. Use the purple lum to swing to the top of the pipe, then jump on the nearby wooden platform. Jump toward the tree branch above the plum and helicopter with good timing to reach it. From there, you can jump over the wall and helicopter to one of the wooden platforms near Uglette. Video (#1)
    • You can also jump to the tree branch from the pipe, but it's more difficult. Video (#2)
    • The platforms closest to Uglette aren't solid, so you must helicopter to one of the farther ones. Video (#3)
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