Rayman 2: The Great Escape/The Cave of Bad Dreams

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For information about tricks this page might refer to, see the main Rayman 2 page.

  • On the PC version, you can skip placing the orbs on the pedestals. Starting from the high ledge in the room with the first orange pedestal, jump forward, helicopter down to the ledge in front of you, and grab the edge next to the wall on the right. If you did it right, you will be hanging on the edge while out of bounds. Now drop down and helicopter to the loading zone leading to the sliding section. Video
  • If you stand on the stationary platform closest to the platform with the blue orb, you can throw the orb onto the skull closest to you. You can then helicopter to the skull and throw it the rest of the way. Video
  • In the area with the second orange orb, you can make it to the second moving skull platform on its first cycle. Right before emerging from the hallway between the blue orb and orange orb areas, stand still for about two seconds. Then proceed normally and you should make it to the second platform on its first cycle. Video
    • This trick works because if you've gone far enough in the hallway, the first platform has started its cycle, but the second platform hasn't. By waiting, you are delaying the start of the second platform.
    • It is actually possible to make the first cycle without waiting if you move quickly enough. The jumps to and from the second purple lum seem to be the most important factors. Video (#2)
  • It is possible to throw the orange orb from the last high platform to the last low platform instead of making two throws. However, if the orb lands right on the edge of the low platform, it can fall and respawn indefinitely without allowing you to pick it up. Video
  • You can skip the boss fight. When you get to the fight, die by falling into the thorns. Then, if you grab one of the skulls right as it disappears, you will be teleported far above the level. From there, you helicopter to the ending platform. Video (PC)
    • On N64, you aren't teleported nearly as high, so it helps to lure a skull to the side of the starting platform, then stop it when it's as close as possible to the ending platform. Video (#7)
    • You must die before performing the skull warp because otherwise you will be teleported to the starting platform instead of being teleported above the level. Video (#3)
  • You can skip the second round of skulls in the boss fight. After getting close enough to the boss to make him jump to the platform you were just on, quickly return to that platform using the existing skulls. Video (#2)
    • If you avoid the second green Lum in the area, you don't even need to make it back to the first platform. As long as you get far enough so that the boss moves to the third platform, he will be on the third platform when you respawn. Video (#1)
  • After using the purple lums in the boss fight, you only need to use one skull to cross the next gap. Video (#1)
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