Rayman 2: The Great Escape/The Echoing Caves

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For information about tricks this page might refer to, see the main Rayman 2 page.

  • You can use a wall jump to reach the five Lums that normally require you to go through the plum section. Video (#11)
    • You can also reach the Lums by standing on a nearby rock, jumping, and grabbing the edge. Video (#12)
    • You can get up more easily by luring the pirate near the ledge, shooting him to make him shoot you, jumping, and damage boosting. Jumping from the aforementioned rock makes the trick easier, as does performing a fast recovery. Video (#7)
    • You can also use the pirate's hook attack to boost up to the ledge. Video (#8)
  • By jumping and helicoptering repeatedly, you can make the five Lums to the right of the door in the first area come down to you. Video (#13)
    • You can also reach the Lums with a wall jump. Video
  • You can pass through the door in the first area by jumping and rolling toward it. Set the game to high-resolution mode to increase the amount of lag. Video (#4)
    • The following alternative method is useful on PC, where the first method is difficult. In the room with the plum tree, throw a plum onto the water, then throw another plum on top of the first one. If you did it right, the first plum will sink a little bit. Jump onto the second plum, shoot to move it out of the way, and jump onto the first plum. You will start airswimming. Swim up and leave the room, then swim over the wall and behind the door. Video
  • If you use the infinite barrel flying glitch with the second barrel, you can clip through the door near the squeaky pirate without hitting the switch. Video (at about 1:08)
    • This trick is risky because if your angle is wrong when you clip through the door, Rayman can get stuck in the "area exit" cutscene, freezing the game. Video (#10)
  • Near the end of the second barrel ride, move up and left, then release the barrel and shoot the nearby switch. This lets you skip the third barrel ride. Video (#1)
  • You can hit the switch before the second screen fade by jumping on the pillar closest to it, jumping backward, and shooting. Video
    • A slower method is to point the nearby barrel at the switch on the wall, release it, and drop into the water to warp back to the door to the next area. Video (#4)
  • After the first barrel ride following the second screen fade, point your barrel at the pirate and release it. The barrel will blow up near him and kill him. Video (#2)
  • You can skip most of the final area (the area after the second screen fade) as follows. Perform the infinite barrel flying glitch using the first barrel in the final area. Fly into the ceiling next to the pirate symbol in front of you and you'll clip out of bounds. From there, turn around and fly to the Teensy. Video (at about 1:41)
    • After performing the infinite barrel flying glitch, you can also stay in bounds and get the Lums in front of you. After reaching the wall near the green Lum, turn around and continue to the end of the level. This method takes longer than the one described above, but it gets more Lums. Video (#1)
  • You can skip waiting for the Teensy at the end of the level as follows. Get the last green lum and run to the wooden platform with the barrel. Jump toward the Teensy's cage, helicopter, and break the cage. After you fall into the water, the portal will be active. Video (#20)
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