Rayman 2: The Great Escape/The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava

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  • After you ride the barrel near the beginning of the level, you can jump on one of the rolling barrels to get the green Lum to come down to you. You can then fall into the water to warp up to the green Lum. This might not save time, though. Video (#5)
  • You can break the first cage from above by bouncing shots off the wall on the right. Video (#21)
    • You don't need to wait for the purple Lum to reach its final position to grab it. Jump off the right side of the platform, helicopter, and shoot the Lum. Video (#4)
  • As you enter the room with the second cage, you can jump and shoot at the wall on the right to bounce a shot at the cage. When you walk above the cage, the lums will come up to you. Video (#22)
    • You can also hit this cage by shooting repeatedly as you enter the room. This method is not very consistent, though. Video (#6)
    • If you stand near the top of the first set of "stairs" in the room, you can bounce a shot off the wall to hit the cage. Video (#14)
  • In the room with the second cage, after walking up the first incline, you can jump straight to the upper walkway. Video (#2)
  • After the first screen fade, ignore the Lums on the climbable wall and jump straight to the next platform. When the moving platform reaches the corner after the last thorn, grab the Lums you ignored earlier, then get back on the platform. Don't run too far ahead of the moving platform or it will disappear. This strategy is faster than getting the Lums before jumping on the moving platform. Video (#2)
  • In the room with the first floating platform, ignore the Lums and jump on the platform to make it start moving. Then jump off the platform, get the Lums (starting with the Lum in front of you), and jump back on the platform. This strategy is faster than getting the Lums before jumping on the platform. Video (#3)
  • While you're riding the floating platforms, destroy the walls as quickly as possible and hold forward the whole time. This will let you skip waiting in front of the walls. Video (#7)
  • You can skip most of the room after the last plant ride. Shoot the switch to extend a platform above you, then stand on the second hexagonal platform. The platform you're on will start tipping over. Stand on the highest point as it tips, then jump up to the extended platform. Video (#5)
  • In the room with a rotating platform and lavafall, you don't need to wait for the lavafall to be blocked before going under it. Just touch it to gain invincibility, then run through it. If you're low on health, you can hit the flames for invincibility instead; they do less damage than the lava. Video (#8)
    • In the same room, you can shoot the cage while standing on the first triangular platform. Video
    • After going through the lavafall, you can jump from the climbable wall to the exit. Video
    • An alternative is as follows. Climb the wall and stand on the stationary platform. Jump on the ledge that moves around the spinning platform. Get hit by the lavafall to gain invincibility, then jump through it and grab the edge on the other side. Video (#1)
  • After the first moving thorn wall, there's a small platform. When you jump from that platform to the next platform, a "Yeah" text normally appears. You can skip it by jumping from the small platform to the edge on the left side of the next platform, then jumping past the trigger zone from there. Video (#15)
  • After breaking the Teensy's cage, you can skip the Teensy dance by running out of the room, jumping onto the platform with the thorn wall, and returning to the Teensy room. This may not save time, though. Video (#3)
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