Rayman 2: The Great Escape/The Bayou

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For information about tricks this page might refer to, see the main Rayman 2 page.

  • Activate the second barrel by jumping on it, break the nearby cage, and jump and helicopter to the barrel. This is faster than breaking the cage, then activating the barrel. Video (#2)
  • You can skip the purple lum next to the first pirate. Stand on the edge closest to the barrel and wait for the pirate's shot. Jump toward the barrel, get hit by the pirate's shot, and use the fast helicopter trick to reach the barrel. Video (#3)
    • This may be slower than simply jumping and shooting the purple lum.
  • While killing the second pirate (near a switch and a metal walkway), stand on the metal walkway and the "Yeah" text will not activate. Video (#2)
    • You can skip killing this pirate. Jump toward the green lum, get hit by the pirate's shot, and use the fast helicopter trick to grab the edge. Video (#1)
  • It is not necessary to extend the metal platform to reach the last purple Lum. Simply jump, helicopter, and shoot the Lum. Video (at about 7:45)
  • You can break the Teensy's cage without bouncing on the trampolines. Jump and shoot as you approach it. Video (#2)
  • When you're bouncing on the trampolines at the end, you can save some time by using your helicopter to stop moving upward instead of waiting to reach the peak of your jump. Video (#1)
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