Rayman 2: The Great Escape/The Hall of Doors

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  • After leaving The Woods of Light, press A repeatedly to skip the subsequent Murfy text. Note that if you skip the text, save while the selection Lum is on The Fairy Glade, then load the file, the Murfy text will play and cannot be avoided. Video (#2)
  • You do not need to wait for the selection Lum to reach a level before pressing A to select the level.
  • After leaving The Menhir Hills for the first time, you can enter The Marshes of Awakening more quickly than usual as follows:
  1. Move the selection Lum to The Sanctuary of Water and Ice.
  2. Wait for Rayman to cross the bridge and stop running.
  3. When Rayman stops, move back toward The Menhir Hills, then immediately turn around and move toward The Bayou. Rayman will continue running across the bridge as if he were going to The Menhir Hills.
  4. As soon as the selection Lum passes The Bayou, press A. Since Rayman was delayed on the bridge, he will be on solid ground and you'll be able to go straight to The Marshes of Awakening. Video (#1)
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