Rayman 2: The Great Escape/The Sanctuary of Water and Ice

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For information about tricks this page might refer to, see the main Rayman 2 page.

  • You can death warp after destroying the first cage to get closer to the ramp to the next room.
  • You can skip throwing the orbs onto the pedestals as follows. Go to the right side of the large blue door. Set your game to high-resolution mode to increase the amount of lag. Jump at the corner between the door and the ground. If you did it right, you'll go through the wall. Jump again and helicopter behind the door. Video (#4)
  • Another way to get past the door is as follows. In the first indoor room of the level, do a quick drop on the corner near the entrance, then jump up and helicopter to start an airswim. Swim back to the first area, then swim over the wall. On the left side of the room where you started the airswim, you will see the water plane. Staying out of bounds, swim down to the water plane and surface to refill your air. Swim to the left, swim up for a second, and turn about 45 degrees to the right. Swim horizontally for a little while and you should see the area behind the door. Swim back in bounds in this area. If you get here quickly, you have enough time to grab all the Lums before swimming into the loading zone. Video (at about 0:25)
    • While you are out of bounds, there are several hazards to avoid. First, the game can freeze; see this section for an important tip on avoiding freezing. There is also poison water that can kill you. Avoiding it takes some practice; try to copy the route described above, but also explore out of bounds to get an idea of where the poison water is. Finally, there is a risk of going back in bounds in the hallway leading to the blue orb. Make sure to swim underneath this hallway.
  • If you do a short hop from the second-to-last purple Lum after beating Axel, the "rope" between you and the last purple Lum will be longer, allowing you to reach the final ledge without the helicopter. Video (at about 3:57)
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