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For information about tricks this page might refer to, see the main Rayman 2 page.

  • You can skip some parts of the first few rooms as follows. Do a quick drop on the corner directly in front of you at the start of the level. This allows you to walk underwater. Jump against the island in the middle of the room, then helicopter to start an airswim. Swim toward the large sun and keep going forward. You will enter the room with the moving platforms. Swim into the loading zone. Video
  • You can use the trick above in 100% as well. Start an airswim as described above. Get the Lum near the switch and the Lum above the trampoline, then swim toward the cage in the corner of the room. Swim over the wall, break the cage, and get the Lum. Swim down to the water plane and surface to refill your air. Make sure not to go back in bounds. Dive underneath the floor and swim roughly in the direction of the sun (horizontally). You will end up above the cave with the cage. Shoot the cage and swim low enough to collect the Lums, but not low enough to go back in bounds. Keep swimming forward to reach the room with the moving platforms. Get the Lum under the bridge and swim to the loading zone. Video (#1)
    • If you are running low on air after getting the Lums in the cave, you can swim up while swimming toward the next room. You will hit a water plane without going back in bounds, refilling your air.
  • In the room before the first screen fade, you can get the Lum without riding the barrel. Grab the nearby edge, drop down, and use your helicopter to reach the Lum. You will die from falling into the water, but it's still faster than riding the barrel. Video (#1)
    • Note that this is slower than doing an airswim.
  • In the room before the first screen fade, you can walk on part of the slanted metal roof near the top. Doing so allows you to skip a platform. Video (#3)
  • In the room before the second screen fade, you must climb on some vines past a piranha. If you press B repeatedly while the piranha hits you, it won't knock you down. Video (#2)
    • After passing the waterfall in this room, you can jump ahead to save a second of climbing.
  • After getting the Lums in the side area near the barrel-throwing pirate, jump into the water to warp back. Video (#2)
  • In the room with the barrel-throwing pirate, you can save time by jumping shortly before the barrel breaks the floor. When you get back to where the floor was, you will have built up some speed. Video (#1)
  • You can skip the Murfy text in the area with a few pirates by performing two trigger hops. Video
    • You can also skip the text with only one trigger hop. After the first trigger hop, move to the left and helicopter past the trigger zone. This is slower than doing two trigger hops, but easier. Video (#1)
  • You can skip bouncing on the net in the area with a few pirates. Jump off the platform at the entrance to the room, shoot the switch in midair, and grab the edge near the now-disabled lasers. Video (#2)
  • If you throw the barrels with good timing, you can destroy the machine with only three upward tosses. Video (#3)
  • You can skip the Murfy text in the wind tunnel room by jumping over the trigger zone. Video (#1)
  • In the final wind tunnel, stay as far from the purple Lum as possible. When you shoot it, your "rope" will be extra long and you can grab a Lum from one of the optional wind tunnels. Video (at about 9:10)
  • In the area accessed from The Echoing Caves, you can skip climbing on a web and jumping on some platforms. Ride the plum to the wooden barrier separating you from the next section. Jump on top of the barrier, then jump and helicopter to the leftmost platform in front of you. Video (#3)
  • Near the end of the area accessed from The Echoing Caves, you don't need to wait for a pirate to destroy a platform before dropping under it. Just walk off the left side of the platform. Video (#3)
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