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  1. As you leave the sewers from the safe house.
  2. At the entrance of Mercury Suites
  3. In Fontaine's courtyard

Normal Progression

When you first wake up, Tenenbaum will chat a bit.

* "Welcome back" - let play; short
* "Angry at Fontaine" - let play; you don't have time to skip it
* "Redeem yourself" - diary skip (may be too fast)
* "Mind control weakened" - diary skip
* "Go to Suchong's Flat" - radio skip with "Redeem yourself"
- the girl waits  for audio to finish (I think)
A good place to wait for the little girl to say "come with me" is right behind her, 
off the foot of the stairs.  It doesn't really matter where, because she takes a 
while to open the door.  Just be ahead of her.

Find the crank, and crank the door open.

Head towards Mercury Suites and Suchong's apartment.

Get the radio message describing Lot 192 .

Go to Tenenbaum's apartment and look for her Lot.

This is skippable, with no special tricks.  Just head for Fontaine's.

Go to Fontaine's apartment (code: 5744) and get Tenenbaum's Lot.

The camera above Fontaine's door must be dead or hacked before you can enter.  Nail it with
a crossbow bolt as the elevator door opens (or maybe as it arrives on the level)

Head for Apollo Square and Suchong's clinic.

Death Warps

  • Death warping back from Fontaine's might be a win (pick a fight with the Big Daddy?)

If you die in the sewers - you actually die! There are no Vita-Chambers active yet. You get sent to the main menu.

Note that Fontaine's Vita-Chamber is an exception to the "nearest Vita-Chamber" rule - it only applies to Fontaine's area. When you die in the Mercury Suites courtyard, you go back to the one at the Mercury Suites entrance, not up into Fontaine's, even if you've activated it.


"You only need to find the first audio diary that tells you what lot 142 is before getting it. You can get that, go to Fontaine's apartment, then leave the level. " - Cauldrath (If you go before that, it's just a "Mysterious Liquid" you can't use.)

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