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  1. At the entrance from Smuggler's Hideout
  2. By the Gatherer's Garden
  3. Langford's lab

Normal Progress

Note: It is worthwhile to pick up Sportsboost 1 and Sportsboost 2 as fast as possible. Take pictures of every Thuggish Splicer you see, and none of anything else. This takes a bit of memorization, because there are Leadhead Splicers all around too.

Run to the Metro area to trigger the "tree apocalypse".

* "Planting Arcadia" - RADIO SKIPPED - triggered on entering the Rolling Hills
You can stack the sacks inside the front door of Langford's office next to the tree by the 
tree apocalypse floor trigger, and then execute a boost jump from on top of the stack. If
you do it *just* right, you'll reach the door just before it closes. And you'll skip Farmer's
Market and Arcadia 2 entirely. BTW there's also a look trigger somewhere near the door out,
I think, so you have to do it all without looking that way.

Death Warps



You can get Sportsboost and Sportboost2, quickly, in Arcadia1, by taking shots of the Thuggish Splicers there - makes everything faster. See Tremalkinger's run for more: [1] The run also has a way of triggering the tree-holocaust quickly in Arcadia1 by hitting a close trigger point.

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