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  1. As you come in from Olympic Heights
  2. At the entrance of Artemis Suites
  3. At the entrance of Fontaine's Home for the Poor

Normal Progression

Head for the Artemis Suites via Apollo Square.

Go upstairs, into Suchong's clinic, avoid the traps and get the other Lot

I *think* the timing is right that you can nail Suchong's camera on the run with
Electro Bolt 3.

Head for the metro by Fontaine's Home for the Poor.

You can jump down the broken elevator shaft here, though survival may be an issue on
difficulties besides Easy.

Death Warps

None - they're all not active when you need them.

(Maybe deathwarp out of Suchong's back out onto the street? You can jump down into the courtyard from the 2nd floor, so there's not a lot of time.)


You have to go to Suchong's clinic ... otherwise Fontaine will block you at the metro station.

You can't death warp to the end of Artemis' street. The Vita-Chamber isn't active yet.

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