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"Of course for a speed run you'll be doing a lot of death warps. The Vita Chambers make it way too easy to skip so much content on return trips. Kill yourself when you need to go back to Fountaine's Fisheries after getting the camera, you'll end up right outside Peach's door. Goad the Big Daddy to kill you outside Langhorn's office in Arcadia you'll end up waaaaaaay back at the Gatherer's Garden outside Rolling Hills. Lots of potential in that regard. " -- Psychochild

Since death brings almost no penalty in BioShock, and death teleports you to the nearest active Vita-Chamber, it's sometimes faster to die than to run a given path.

It also lets you skip cut scenes and triggers (eg in the Medical Pavilion).

Preferred Suicide Methods

TODO: Check accuracy

In order from fastest to slowest.

  • Falling Damage (very rarely an option)
  • Fragmentation Grenades and/or Heat Seeking Rockets (reload canceled)
  • Trap Bolts (reload canceled)
  • Proximity Mines (reload canceled), triggered with a pistol round
  • Electrobolt in water
  • Standing in fire

(On Hard, you also go down pretty quickly against a Big Daddy.)

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