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Equipment Needed

  1. 2 first aid kits
  2. 50 electric gel
  3. 5 crossbow bolts
  4. 3 frag grendades
  5. 5 heat-seeking rockets

Recommended Fight Method

  1. Stick the needle in Fontaine.
  2. Unload 5 normal crossbow bolts into him, switching to plasmids between each shot
  3. Switch to the grenade launcher and shoot him with frag grenades until he returns to his machine. Switch to heat-seeking rockets.
  4. Stick the needle in him again, after the animation for changing ammo completes.
  5. Hit him with Security Bullseye, then shoot him with heat-seeking rockets until he returns to the machine.
  6. Stick him with the needle a third time.
  7. Shoot him with electric gel until he returns to the machine one last time.
  8. Use a first aid kit right before sticking him with the needle, because you will take a lot of damage while you drain him and you can't use first aid kits while you do.


"Security Bullseye is where it's at. Hit Fontaine with it and they'll instantly lock onto him. You may need to refresh this throughout the fight but those Security Bots do some really worthwhile damage. It was comparable to an Incindinary Crossbow Bolt to the head every time they opened fire which was pretty frequent. Best part is seeing as how it's on a timer, it's easy to quickly breeze past the second phase and still have some time left to play around with in the third fight with the flying bot bastards on him." - Psychochild

Total fight time should be <= 1 minute.

"They've apparently patched the game so that multiple overlapping proximity mines only do 1 mine's worth of damage. I bet this is to take out the twinky 6-mine Fontaine trick. (I swear that it used to work before.)" - usernameguy

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