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  1. At the start of the level
  2. Outside Fontaine Fisheries, in the spider slicer's lair
  3. In the stairwell up to the offices
  4. Just outside the hallway to the camera
  5. In the Fighting McDonaugh's, on the right as you enter

Normal Progression

Run through the hallways until you reach a Big Daddy patrolling in an open dock area.

Take a hard right to the area in front of the entrance to Fontaine Fisheries.

Destroy the rocket turret guarding, then run into the Fisheries. Peach then delivers 7 (!) radio messages in the next sequence:

* "Find a Research Camera" (diary skip here to go straight to the spider slicer)
* "What was that?" (unskippable - too fast; don't need to skip)
* "You are fucked" (unskippable - too fast; don't need to skip)
* The spider slicer is look-triggered, make sure to look up at her.
* "Send something fierce" (unskippable?  but maybe "What was that?" works)
* "Look on conveyer" (sic) (radio skip with "what was that?")
* The next Peach message is triggered on picking up the grenade launcher - TK it.
* "Ain't turning my eye" (radio skip with "what was that?")

And you're out.

TODO: Confirm that the splicer from the ceiling here stays out for a set amount
of time, longer on higher difficulty levels. Or does dealing enough damage to him
make him retreat faster?

Travel up into the offices for the research camera.

Spider Splicer one is next to the camera. Snap a picture.

Travel down to the lower T intersection.

At the right door, Spider Splicer two is on the ceiling above you when you peek in. Snap a picture.

At the left door, Spider Splicer three is in plain view for a brief second before he jumps into the pipes. Snap a picture.

There are three ways back to Peachy's from here:
* The normal route: back to the Upper Wharfs, down the stairs, across the area outside 
of Peachy's (jump to the stairs below Peachy's then up)
* Jump off the Upper Wharfs down to the large room in the Lower Wharfs, and run from there
* Death warp, from the base of the stairs between the lower and upper wharfs eg via the 
nitro that hides there, or inside the door from the Lower Wharfs.
The first two are almost identical.  
The last is the fastest, but only if you die instantly and in the earliest spot you can.

Run back to the Fisheries, listen to Peachy babble. There are four messages.

* "Wait just a minute" - Diary skip with anything.
* "Watch out for Peach" - Diary skip with anything.
* Put your weapons in the Pneumo now.
* "Put weapons in the Pneumo" - Diary skip with anything.
* "Can't take away plasmids" - Let play. (?)

Wait around inside the freezer, then listen to Peachy babble more.

* Radio skip his last message with "Back to Fontaine's"

Kill Peachy as he spawns.

The door out of the Fisheries opens a few seconds after Peachy dies. Run out, get weapons back.

Optional: Use Power to the People station to upgrade a weapon.

Melt your way out of the level.

Useful Death Warps

You must be down the double staircase from the Upper Wharfs to warp back to Peachy's door.

The McDonuagh's Vita-Chamber activates the instant you open the door, so it's not useful.

Skipping Incinerate!

There are two spots where you need to melt ice in this stage, as well as an autohack tool which can only be accessed by melting ice. If you skipped Incinerate! you will need to either use a fire-based weapon or normal fire to melt these.

The most reliable way to handle this is to use Exploding Buckshot. You can find enough on a corpse hanging from the ceiling in the room where you first encounter a Spider Splicer. It is the one furthest from the door to Fontaine Fisheries. Make sure that you collect these after getting your weapons back, because your ammo and weapons are not consistent between dropping your weapons off and picking them back up.

TODO: Check if you can pick up the ammo between dropping off your weapons and picking them back up. - CONFIRMED - you can get back in there and get the exploding buck - or better still carry it in with you with TK.


"Found something on Neptune's Bounty which is interesting but ultimately seems useless. You can get to the upper wharf before visiting Fontaine Fisheries by stacking objects in the big open area where the first Big Daddy of the level is (is that called Lower Wharf?) to climb up there. Atlas even tells you that 'the research camera is just like one you'd see topside' as he normally would when you approach the wharfmaster's office. However, when you get to the interrogation room where the camera is, the door is locked. A pity." - ExplodingCabbage

Cauldrath's notes on his first run: [1]

Idea: maybe the Fighting McDonaugh's Vita-Chamber doesn't activate if you don't enter.

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