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Cheats are the most important tool for finding sequence breaks in Bioshock. You can bind them to a key in the user.ini file, which is located in one of various places depending upon your OS and the game version. There are three cheats every runner should have bound to their keyboard while planning a run or searching for new sequence breaks:


This cheat lets you fly. However, you remain solid, so you can be shot, you'll bump into walls (including invisible ones) and you'll activate triggers. This is the single most useful cheat in the entire game for finding sequence breaks because it is the only practical way to map out the shape and height of invisible walls and triggers, or to find out that seemingly solid objects (like the tops of the trees in Arcadia or the huge column in Hephaestus Core) are actually non-solid.

Without it, some of the tricks with the Magic Table Of Flight in Medical Pavillion, as well as the major tricks in Arcadia, Fort Frolic and Hephaestus Core, would never have been found.


Lets you fly and go through walls, and makes you invincible. Useful for quickly getting to whatever part of the level you want to mess with, or to painlessly experiment with firing triggers out of sequence or skipping triggers that are normally unskippable to build up a better image of how the level is scripted. Without it, the Point Prometheus skip probably wouldn't have been found.


Makes you walk again after using fly or ghost.

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