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Note that a lot of the links are broken. It's because they're old. They're to the old forum software, not the new stuff.

Please see the individual pages for info on tricks and the route.

Miscellaneous BioShock Notes

PC vs 360

Known Differences

  • The 360 doesn't let you crouch at full speed. It was thought that you couldn't use the Smugglers Hideout skip on the 360 because of this, but you still can.
  • Audio skipping is much faster on the 360 controller, just because of the UI controls.
  • The rules for accessing radio messages are different. In the PC version, you can't during certain scenes. While on the 360, you can. (eg the Footlight Theater.) This means the 360 can radio skip things the PC can't.

Suspected Differences

It seems like looting is faster on the 360. Maybe that's just me.

Plasmids and Tonics Analysis

Must Haves

  • Telekinesis - far too useful
  • Sportboost & Sportboost2 - this is a speed run, right? Equip both.
  • Electro Bolt - impossible to avoid? And handy for turrets and doors and such.
  • Security Bullseye - Reportedly extremely helpful for taking down high hitpoint targets such as the required Big Daddy kills during Hephestus, as well as Fontaine himself. Very easy to obtain, since it is directly on the route back to the Fisheries.

Potentially Interesting

If not for the cost in time of obtaining ADAM...

  • Target Dummy (Reduces fire on you, and allows for the hacking of turrets without Electrobolt. High EVE cost is a drawback.)
  • Cyclone Trap

Potentially Skippable

  • Incinerate - Not required, since there are other methods to melt ice. Some people feel it isn't worth the time to obtain, since the damage is somewhat slow.

Others disagree. While it is not useful against an enemy charging or chasing you, it is still fairly effective against targets when it has time to work. Enemies that aren't actively attacking you, such as when you manage to surprise a splicer, or when you hit spider splicers crawling along the ceiling.


  • Hypnotize Big Daddy (1 & 2), Safecracker, Prolific Inventor, Armored Shell 2 - too much time taken by rescues
  • Natural Camouflage, Scrounger, Extra Nutrition 3, Security Expert 2, Photographer's Eye 2, Static Discharge 2, Wrench Jockey 2 - all tonics gained by research; there's no time for non-essentials.


See here for a detailed list of the tonics: [1]

Are we 100% sure the time it takes getting Sportboost & Sportboost 2 will be made up in saved running time? It certainly seems like it...


  • The Speed Demo Archive forums, [2] and [3]
  • Tremalkinger's older runs, on YouTube: [4]
  • Cauldrath's runs: [5]
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