BioShock/Smuggler's Hideout

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  1. At the beginning, in the sunken tunnel.
  2. Right outside the room with the switch.

Normal Progression

Traveling through the tunnels until you reach the switch.

PC Only: Slip under the door before it shuts. This works differently on the PC
and the XBox 360. On the PC, you can start to crouch at full speed.  So if your
timing is just right, you can hit the switch, back up and crouch under the door,
and run out of the level (credit goes to ExplodingCabbage [1]).This
is, by far, the fastest way to do the level. You can't do that on the XBox 360. 
The controller won't let you.

Bypass the enemies and get past to the bathysphere. Radio skip to allow yourself to exit the level faster

Death Warps

You can't death warp out of the switch room. You appear to be invulnerable during this time.

Radio Skips

Skipping Ryan and Atlas' speeches in the switch room does not help, as Atlas' movement, the splicers' attacks, and the doors opening are on timers.

At least Ryan and Atlas' last speeches are skippable. Diary skips are preferable, but Atlas' "Splicers!" works pretty well, too.

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