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Floor Triggers

A lot of events are triggered when the player walks on a certain area of floor. In rare occasions, you can avoid those triggers by walking in exactly the right spot.

Look Triggers

BioShock has a few enemies that activate when you look at them - eg Hector Rodriguez and Dr. Steinman (in his first appearance). You can avoid activating them by not looking, which can be handy.

It seems like it acts roughly like taking a picture. You have to have them somewhat centered and close for it to trigger. I'd say it's like a "C" picture.

Bunny Hopping

Although you can't gain speed by jumping in Bioshock, if you're moving faster than you'd be able to run on the ground you're about to land on, you can retain your speed by jumping the instant you land whilst holding the movement key for the direction you're travelling in. However you cannot change direction without losing your speed.

This has two uses:

  • Travelling at normal speed on water
  • Retaining high speed after a pressure jump

Melting Ice

Ice is used to block the player at several points. You're supposed to use Incinerate or napalm to melt it, but there are other methods.

You can use exploding buck. This is particularly handy after the Peach battle, because there's some on a corpse in the spider slicer's lair right outside Peach's.

You can also use ordinary fire. This can be transferred from standing flames, flames caused by explosions, or something already alight. But the flames from nitro splicer's, turret's, and security bot's deaths aren't real - they're just graphical.

There's a difficult way of using ordinary fire to melt the ice in the Medical basement. This avoids having to get Incinerate.

Hacking Tricks

We tend to use autohacks and buyouts a lot, but when you absolutely must hack:

"I've just read the thread and are watching the run as far as I got myself. I haven't read it here and it's not used in your run, but you can increase the flow speed while hacking by simply right clicking which should shave off a few frames. If you need to hack later, it might add up." -- xeen

Don't forget to freeze the thing you're hacking, too, if you can

Weapon Tricks

"there's a trick to shoot the crossbow and the grenade launcher faster: shoot, switch to plasmids to skip the reloading/recoil animation and then just switch back to weapons and shoot again." - tri-Ace_Fanboy

Works on the shotgun, too - Marty81

Boosted Jumping

"I've been looking for glitches in the demo of this game and I've found a pretty cool glitch that I'm almost 100% positive will be useful to a speed run of this game.

It's kind of like the Pressure Jump with the baby stroller glitch: "

-- fluffy kitten

Horizontal Jumps

They're easier.

Put an ashtray flush - and I do mean *flush* - against a flat wall. Jump onto the middle of the ashtray. You'll get a huge horizontal impulse in the direction you jumped.

Note that it doesn't give a vertical impulse, only horizontal. You're gonna hit the ground again real soon unless the ground falls away from there.

Vertical Jumps

Haven't been able to replicate the video's.

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