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For information about tricks this page might refer to, see the main Donkey Kong 64 page.

  • Tiny can get into the room in the mill with the entrance to the spider fight by doing a kick (Z+B) into the box outside. Video (#3)
  • Diddy can use STVW to get the Golden Banana in the cage in the mill area without lifting the cage or playing the guitar. Video
  • DK can get his Golden Banana in the cage outside the mill by using STVW. The method is similar to Diddy's.
  • DK and Chunky can get DK's Golden Banana in the mill as follows. Walk into the gap between a beam and a box near the Mini Monkey entrance. Then jump and move forward to get out of bounds. You can also use a roll with DK. Video (#1)
    • If you enter the level and reenter, you can get the Golden Banana again. You can repeat this process to get the Golden Banana many times. A kong's Golden Banana count for a level is stored in three bits and can be any integer from 0 to 7. When it gets to 8, it wraps back to 0.
    • This may allow you to get more than 201 total Golden Bananas.
  • DK can enter the barn that normally requires Strong Kong during the day by using STVW in the moat around the mill. However, once you leave, you are trapped by the door and there is no known way to escape. Video
    • You can also get past the gate by using a moonkick from the top of the mill. Video (#3)
  • DK can reach the bonus barrel in said barn without using the ropes by doing a kickjump combo. Video (#6)
  • Tiny can enter the spider's room during the day with the C-up glitch. Video (#2)
    • Chunky can also enter the spider's room with this glitch. Chunky only needs 2 rounds to defeat the spider, whereas Tiny needs 5 rounds.
  • There is no need to start the conveyor belt before destroying the kegs with Chunky. Just place them next to the spinning wheel. Video (#5)
  • Chunky can jump from the top level of the mushroom to his Kasplat. From there, he can jump to the platform with DK's Barrel Blast pad. Video (#7)
  • Anyone can jump from the top of the mushroom to the Battle Crown pad.
  • Chunky (and possibly other kongs) can use the bouncy mushroom that is near DK's Barrel Blast pad, but at ground level, to get up to the floor of the mushroom with Tiny's Kasplat. Video (#3)
  • There is a wall in the area with the giant mushroom that you can fly through with the Rocketbarrel. The wall is between the Rocketbarrel and Cranky, near a small mushroom with film on it. Once you're out of bounds, you can fly to the area with the giant tomatoes (and probably other areas). Video (#4)
  • Hunky Chunky can get out of bounds in the tomato area by running and/or jumping into a rock wall near the spot where Chunky puts the apple down. Video (starts at 3:25; crappy mixed-in music warning)
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