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Major General Tricks

Swim through vertical walls (STVW)

  1. Swim up to the wall you're trying to glitch through.
  2. Press and hold the C-up button. In most cases, you will want to orient yourself so that you are perpendicular to the wall.
  3. While holding the C-up button, press and hold the A button.
  4. Release the C-up button. Hopefully, you will go through the wall.

The glitch doesn't work on all walls, and there are walls where you can get through in some spots, but not others. Some walls, such as the outside walls of the sunken ships in Gloomy Galleon, are more resilient to the technique than others, but you can still get through them if you continue to hold A after leaving first-person view. Just keep swimming. Video

Swim through shores (STS)

  1. While swimming, approach a section of land that lets you walk up without jumping (such as a shore).
  2. Face the "shore" and dive.
  3. As soon as you dive, press B rapidly. You will slowly advance through the shore.
  4. After a while, stop pressing B and you will be inside the shore.

Note that if you stop pressing B too soon, you might pop out of the shore. If you continue to press B, sometimes the reverse occurs and you will pop into the shore, which is usually a good indication that you can stop pressing B. Video (#3)

C-up glitch

  1. Walk to the very edge of a vertical wall.
  2. Walk forward and press C-up the instant you start to fall off the edge. Don't release C-up until you hit the ground.
  3. If done correctly, you will be inside the wall.

You will have better luck if the angle between the direction you are facing and the wall is small before you fall off. That way, only some of your momentum is directed away from the wall. You may find it helpful to press C-up before pressing forward; there is a small window of time in which you can move after pressing C-up. There are some walls that you can fall into, but which you cannot advance into without being pushed onto the platform you just fell off of. This is because your feet are too close to the platform above you and the game pushes you up. Video

Getting past boss doors

The C-up glitch can be used on the bottom or top steps in the Troff 'n' Scoff rooms to fight the bosses without collecting regular bananas. You do not have to fight the bosses with the kongs the game wants you to use, although some bosses exhibit strange behavior if you don't. For example, if you fight Mad Jack with DK, he will sometimes pop out of his box, then get right back in and keep jumping around. Video

Climbing up slippery slopes

You can climb short slippery slopes by running toward them and attacking (e.g. with Diddy's cartwheel or Tiny's roll) at the base. When you're running up a slope, you can turn around and skid to get a little extra distance (Video). You can do a skid jump as well (Video). For longer slopes, the following methods are useful:

Method 1

Only Tiny can use this method.

  1. As soon as you land on a slippery slope, perform Tiny's standing combo.
  2. Jump immediately and use Pony Tail Twirl to get up as high as you can.
  3. Repeat.

Instead of doing Tiny's standing combo, you can do her kickjump (Z+B). To get the proper momentum, you may need to jump off the slippery slope, move away from it, then move toward it again. Video

Method 2

Everyone can use this method, but difficulty and effectiveness vary among the kongs, and it doesn't work on all slopes. You need to be able to slide off the slope along most of its length, or at least most of the portion you are climbing (see the video if this is confusing).

  1. Crouch below a slope and backflip onto it. Do NOT release Z until you are done with the trick.
  2. Jump off and land where you started.
  3. Backflip up again, this time landing so that you will slide off.
  4. After sliding off, backflip again and land a little higher up, making sure you will once again slide off.
  5. Repeat.

The first backflip is necessary because otherwise, you will not be able to crouch while sliding. The biggest problem with this method, aside from the need to be able to slide off the slope, is that you will often long jump instead of backflipping due to momentum left over from the slide off the slope, which usually means that you need to start the trick over. One remedy is to wait a moment before backflipping after you slide off the slope, but this loses height. Because of this problem, this trick is difficult to do with DK, whose backflip has the worst height of anyone's and has a delay before it starts. Gaining any height at all with DK can be difficult. One thing that can help is to start the backflip before you actually fall off the slippery slope; you generally won't have enough momentum to long jump, and you'll be able to jump as soon as you fall off if you time it right. Video (#1)

Method 3

Everyone can use this method, but its use is very limited. Normally, if you are on a slippery slope and you jump, you'll gain a large chunk of backward momentum, preventing you from moving up the slope. If you're right next to a wall, however, the wall sometimes prevents you from gaining backward momentum, allowing you to continue up the slope. To take advantage of this, simply jump a little ways up a slippery slope next to a wall, wait until you start to slide down, and jump again. Video

Method 4

Only Tiny can use this method.

  1. Kickjump (Z+B) up a slope.
  2. In the middle of the kickjump, press A to jump.
  3. When you land, quickly do another kickjump.
  4. Repeat.


Method 5

This method allows you to move along the bottom of a slippery slope. As discussed in Method 3, if you jump while sliding down a slope, you'll usually gain a lot of backward momentum, preventing you from moving up the slope. However, if you let yourself slide off the slope, there's a window of time where you can jump in midair and have more control over your jump than if you had jumped from the slope itself. You can use this midair jump to move farther along a slope, which often lets you get to a position where you can climb the slope. Video

Slip Jump

With DK, jump toward a slippery slope and do an aerial attack right before you land. If you timed it right, DK will float in the air for a little while. You can jump and move forward while DK is floating. It appears that you cannot do another slip jump until you return to flat ground. Video (#6)

Semi-Slippery Slopes

There are some slopes that are ordinarily not slippery, but can act like slippery slopes under certain conditions. These are called semi-slippery slopes. If you are sliding down a slippery slope and you slide or jump onto a semi-slippery slope, you will sometimes slide down the semi-slippery slope as well. Once you touch flat ground, the semi-slippery slope will start behaving like a non-slippery slope. However, you can cancel the slippery behavior of a semi-slippery slope without touching flat ground by landing on the semi-slippery slope while facing up the slope and moving up the slope.


The moonkick is a technique that allows DK to gain massive height and distance with his kick attack. The usual way to do the trick is as follows. Find a fairly steep, but non-slippery slope. Run up it with DK and jump. Just before you land, press B to perform an aerial attack and keep pressing B rapidly to kick as soon as you land. If you did it correctly, you'll launch much higher than usual into the air. Video

The ceilingkick is a variation that works on flat ground. First, you must find a spot where there is a low ceiling just above DK's head. You can test to see if the ceiling is low enough by jumping; if you hit the ceiling almost immediately, it's probably at a good height. Run, jump, and start mashing B. You'll do an aerial attack, but the ceiling will push you down, allowing you to land quickly and do a moonkick. The rocks that Chunky can pick up are a good source of low ceilings. Stand next to one, backflip, and move forward slowly. If you did it right, you should be partially inside the rock. Try approaching the rock from different angles to get farther inside. Move around until you find a spot where there is a ceiling just above you, then do a ceilingkick as described above. Video (#1)

Another variation is as follows. Run and jump toward a platform that is moving up, then press B rapidly to do an aerial attack and a kick. Video

The moonkick works by somehow adding the vertical boost from an aerial attack to the vertical and horizontal boost from a kick. If you try it on flat, stationary ground with no ceiling above you, the aerial attack's upward boost will prevent you from landing soon enough. Your landing must interrupt the aerial attack in order for the trick to work. This is why fairly steep slopes, low ceilings, and rising platforms allow you to perform the trick.

Doing a short hop (i.e. just tapping A to jump) can help. If a slope is steep enough, but not long enough for you to run up it, you can try jumping from below and then using an aerial attack (Video). If there is nothing below you to jump from, you can try jumping backward off the slope, then moving forward and doing a moonkick. This works, for example, on the slanted wooden platforms next to the Creepy Castle portal. Video (#11)


With Diddy, do a regular jump. Just before you hit the ground, hit A as if you were doing a double jump. Immediately after hitting A, hit B. If you did the trick properly, Diddy will do a double jump, but he'll also do his standing attack in the air. Since you can cancel a standing attack with a jump, you can jump during your jump. Add in an aerial attack at the peak of the second jump and you'll get more height than a backflip. For some reason, the trick is much easier to do if you have the camera and have at least one Crystal Coconut. If you don't, you must release A before you press B. Video

You can do a similar trick called a startail as follows. Press Z on a Simian Spring pad to do the little bounce that comes before a Simian Spring. Right before you launch into the air, press B. If you time it right, you'll do a standing attack while you're rising up. You can then jump out of the standing attack and do an aerial attack to get slightly more height than a normal Simian Spring. Video

Skid Jump

With any kong other than Diddy, run forward, then quickly go the other direction. If you did it right, you should skid. Press A just as you start the skid and you'll rise into the air. You can jump after you finish rising (Video). You can also backflip or long jump after you finish rising (Video). With Tiny, you can do a kickjump (Z+B) after you finish rising to get extra distance before doing a Pony Tail Twirl (Video). You can also do a normal jump with Tiny, but if you have Pony Tail Twirl, you must press A after you finish rising, not before; otherwise, you will do a Pony Tail Twirl instead of a jump. You can also do a skid jump on a slippery slope (Video).


Storage tricks allow you to leave an item somewhere, move around without carrying the item, then pick up the item somewhere else. This allows you to transport items across bodies of water or up to ledges when you normally couldn't. Eligible items include rocks, wooden barrels, and the metal barrels in Fungi Forest. There are two types of storage: wet storage, which involves storing an item in water, and dry storage, which involves storing an item in midair. See the sections below for descriptions of each type of storage.

Regardless of which type of storage you use, the outcome is the same: the item will be floating somewhere, but the action of picking it up is "queued." Certain actions will cause you to pick it up, but you can perform others without picking it up. In particular, the following actions will NOT cause the item to appear in your hands:

  • Staying crouched
  • Performing high jumps (Z+A)
  • Swimming (if you are already in the water)
  • Climbing a tree or a similar object
  • Swinging on vines

The following actions WILL cause the item to appear in your hands:

  • Standing up
  • Long jumping
  • Grabbing an edge and pulling yourself up

The following actions will destroy the item:

  • Jumping on an enemy's head
  • Jumping into water
  • Jumping onto a slippery slope
  • Taking damage
  • Entering a cannon

Picking up another item will cause the original item to enter "permanent storage;" it will remain in the spot where you stored it and there is no known way to pick it up. Video (#1)

The easiest way to crouch when you have an item stored is to perform an aerial attack and hold Z afterward. The purpose of the aerial attack is to prevent you from performing a Simian Slam when you press Z. The aerial attack is not necessary, though; if you wait until right before you land to press Z, you won't do a Simian Slam. If you want to perform a normal jump while you have an item stored, you can do a high jump, do a Simian Slam, press B when you land to do a standing attack, and press A to jump.

If you're too far away from the spot where the item is stored when you try to pick it up, your kong will look like they are holding it, but it will be invisible. If you set it down, it will disappear. If you go back within range of the item, it will appear in your hands.

Wet Storage

Wet storage can be used on rocks and the metal barrels in Fungi Forest. There are three ways to perform the trick:

  • Walk into a body of water while holding an item. To get an item into a position where you can do this, put it near a shore. Use swim through shores to get below the shore, then face the item, jump, and mash B. If you did it right, you will grab the item and fall to the floor beneath the area. Sometimes the item will explode instead, though. Now walk into the water and the item will be stored. Video (#1)
  • Put an item next to a ledge that drops suddenly into the water. Get into the water, face the item, jump, and mash B. If you did it right, the item will be stored. Sometimes it will explode instead, though. Video
  • While holding an item, stand near a ledge that drops suddenly into the water. Face away from the ledge and repeatedly put down and pick up the item. You will be pushed backwards until you fall into the water. The item will then be stored. Video

Dry Storage

Face an item, jump, and mash B. You should pick up the item in the air. After you do so, there's a window where you can jump in midair. Do so, then immediately press either B or Z. If you timed it right, you will perform an aerial attack or Simian Slam, respectively, and the item will be stored. If you do an aerial attack, hold Z afterward to crouch when you land. If you do a Simian Slam, press B as soon as you land to do a standing attack, then jump, do an aerial attack, and hold Z to crouch. Video

Rocks and metal barrels take a long time to pick up, so to perform dry storage with them, you need some vertical space. Put the item next to an edge that leads to a sizable drop, but not a drop big enough to cause fall damage. Stand near the edge, facing away from the drop. Jump and move so that the item is in front of you. Then perform the rest of the trick as described above. Video

Unlocking Kongs

If you use various glitches to reach the Creepy Castle boss fight without unlocking all kongs, you can unlock the remaining ones by using the special tag barrel in the boss fight. It will automatically give you the next kong in line, even if you haven't unlocked them. After you get the kong you want, select Exit Level. The kong won't function normally yet, though; if you save at this point, they will not be unlocked. To unlock them permanently, simply jump into a tag barrel. The game will then behave more or less as if you had unlocked the kong normally. For example, the KONG puzzle in Angry Aztec will be solved once you unlock Tiny using this glitch, even though you didn't solve it. This glitch can also be done with the K. Rool battle. Video (#2)

Funky Weapons Glitch

This glitch is an offshoot of the Intro Story glitch, which is described in more detail on David Wonn's site. Do the following:

  1. With the game off, plug in a second controller. Turn the game on and delete the file you will be using.
  2. Go to the cutscenes section of the Mystery Menu. Start the Intro Story cutscene, but press A as soon as the screen turns blue. If you timed it right, you'll be back on the Mystery Menu with no music. As soon as the black DK logo clears the screen, start a stopwatch.
  3. Go to the Options menu and turn off cutscenes.
  4. View the high scores for the Rambi minigame. When the stopwatch gets to 49 seconds, press A and B simultaneously. The screen will change, but you'll be brought back to the high scores page.
  5. Go back to the main menu and go into Kong Battle. Select Monkey Smash, press Start on the second controller, and press A on the first controller. You should be brought to the results screen, although you might not see it if you press A quickly enough.
  6. Go back to the Mystery Menu and play the Intro Story (just press A repeatedly once you get to the Mystery Menu). This time, though, don't press A when the screen turns blue; press it either before or after. The music should be back.
  7. Go to Adventure mode. You'll notice that the file you deleted earlier already has some time on it; this is a consequence of the glitch. Start the file.

This glitch gives you all of Funky's weapons, Homing Ammo, Sniper Sight, and Simian Slam. Cranky will act like you don't have Simian Slam, though, so you'll still need to get it in order to buy necessary upgrades. On the other hand, Funky won't sell you things you already have; he'll only sell you the Ammo Belts. Which upgrades you receive from the glitch is probably related to step 5 above, where you enter multiplayer mode. In multiplayer, you have a weapon, Homing Ammo, Sniper Sight, and Simian Slam--precisely what the glitch gives you in Adventure mode. Video (#1)

Minor General Tricks

  • Aerial attacks: Using aerial attacks can lengthen your jump. Doing so usually gives you more distance and maneuverability than long jumping. Video (#4)
  • Slowing down: If you're running and want to do a high jump (Z+A), you'll have to slow down first; otherwise, you'll do a long jump. The best way to do so is to release the control stick before you crouch. If you crouch and then release the control stick, you will slide for quite a while.
  • Midair jumping: You can jump in midair after performing certain attacks that continue after you leave a ledge. Anyone's running attack works, along with DK's roll and Tiny's kick-jump (Z+B). By using this technique, you can cover long distances. With DK, for example, you can do a running attack, a jump, and then an aerial attack. Video (#4)
  • Chunky rock glitch: Chunky can get out of bounds in many places as follows: pick up a rock, face away from a wall, jump toward the wall, and quickly press Z to drop the rock. Pick it up to get forced into the wall a little bit. Keep jumping, putting the rock down, and picking it up until you get through. Video (#3)
  • Pseudo dive: In a body of water that moves up and down, wait until the water is at the lowest point, then enter first-person mode and look down. When the water is higher, leave first-person mode and you will be underwater. This lets you go underwater before you complete the diving training barrel. Video (#7)
  • Fast orange throwing: If you enter first-person mode, you can throw oranges much more quickly than you could otherwise.
  • Orange dive: Find a place where you can fall off an edge into water. Run toward the water and throw an orange. You'll start swimming underwater without needing to dive. Video (#6)
  • Pulling out weapons: Hold Z and press C-left twice in quick succession. This is the fastest and easiest way to pull out your weapon and go into first-person mode, a common task. You can use the same button combo to leave first-person mode and put away your shooter.
  • Shooting switches: When possible, shoot switches without going into first-person mode.
  • Pounding switches: After pounding a switch, press B to start a standing attack and then press A to jump. This will let you start moving more quickly than you could if you let the Simian Slam animation finish.
  • Canceling fall damage: If you crouch just before falling and stay crouched until you're at a certain height, you'll avoid the "splat" animation and you won't take damage. This limits your horizontal speed, though. Another method that lets you retain your speed but doesn't work with the largest falls is to use an aerial attack any time before your character starts flailing to reset the "distance fallen" counter.
  • Jumping off of trees: If you jump near the top of a tree, you can get to the top sooner than if you had climbed up all the way.
  • Sniper range boost: If you have Sniper Sight, you can hit targets that are farther away even if you don't zoom in.
  • Canceling Golden Banana cutscenes: If you are knocked into a Golden Banana or a key by some damage source, the cutscene will not play. Video

Movement Techniques

The kongs each have ways to increase their speed on land:

  • DK: Rolling constantly is the fastest form of movement. Over distances too short for a roll, doing a kick (running attack) is better than running.
  • Diddy: Long jumping is slightly faster than running.
  • Lanky: Long jumping is slightly faster than running. Orangstand is NOT faster than running. Orangstand Sprint is.
  • Tiny: Doing kickjumps (Z+B) repeatedly is faster than running.
  • Chunky: Long jumping is slightly faster than running.

For the kongs who gain speed by long jumping, be aware that you can't change direction during a long jump. If you're in an area where you need to change direction often, long jumping may not be the best choice.

While swimming on the surface of water, you can hold B to speed up. While swimming underwater, hold A. It's faster to swim underwater than to swim on the surface, but it's not worth the time it takes to dive and surface if you're only swimming a short distance.

The Upgrade System

A few features of the upgrade system are very important for speed running:

  • You cannot buy any upgrades from Cranky until you've completed the training barrels and he's given you Simian Slam. Even if you get Simian Slam with the Funky Weapons Glitch, you have to get it again from Cranky before you can buy upgrades from him.
  • As soon as you enter a level, you gain the ability to purchase upgrades from that level and all previous levels.
  • Upgrades are always offered in order, and you can't buy later upgrades until you've bought all the earlier ones. For example, because Strong Kong comes before Gorilla Grab, you must buy Strong Kong before you can buy Gorilla Grab. The orders in which the items of each vendor are offered are as follows.
    • Cranky: The order of his upgrades depends on the kong.
      • DK: Baboon Blast, Strong Kong, Gorilla Grab, Super Simian Slam, Super Duper Simian Slam
      • Diddy: Chimpy Charge, Rocketbarrel Boost, Simian Spring, Super Simian Slam, Super Duper Simian Slam
      • Lanky: Orangstand, Baboon Balloon, Super Simian Slam, Orangstand Sprint, Super Duper Simian Slam
      • Tiny: Mini Monkey, Pony Tail Twirl, Super Simian Slam, Monkeyport, Super Duper Simian Slam
      • Chunky: Hunky Chunky, Primate Punch, Super Simian Slam, Gorilla Gone, Super Duper Simian Slam
    • Funky: Basic weapon, Ammo Belt 1, Homing Ammo, Ammo Belt 2, Sniper
    • Candy: Basic instrument (and second melon), Upgrade 1 (instrument capacity), Third Melon (and instrument capacity upgrade), Upgrade 2 (instrument capacity)

Entering Levels Early

There are two factors that go into entering levels early: getting into the lobby and getting past B. Locker once you are in the lobby. Although there is no single trick that will get you past B. Locker in every lobby, there are several general methods that work in most lobbies:

  • The Lanky glitch: Walk up to B. Locker, face the portal, and do Lanky's standing combo. Chunky's Primate Punch also works if you position yourself properly. Video (#5)
  • The DK trick: Do DK's kickjump (running attack) while you're on B. Locker's left side (your right side as you face B. Locker), then move toward him. You should land partially inside him. You can then do a standing combo and reach the portal. Try to aim the standing combo so that DK's right hand touches the portal; it reaches farther than any other body part. Video
    • Another way to do this is as follows. Go to B. Locker's left side, crouch, and turn away from B. Locker. Do a jump or a backflip and move toward B. Locker. Turn around and do a standing combo to reach the portal. Video
  • Orange boosting: Use an orange to knock yourself partially inside B. Locker. Then use a standing combo to reach the portal. This isn't needed in most lobbies thanks to the DK trick, but it's still useful in the Frantic Factory lobby. Video

If you select "Exit Level" after getting past B. Locker, you'll appear inside B. Locker and you can walk right back into the level. This allows you to get to the beginning of a level quickly even if B. Locker is still in the lobby.

Jungle Japes

  • Getting into lobby: Use STS to get inside DK's island, then jump into the loading zone. The Golden Banana is not there until you talk to K. Lumsy. Video
  • Getting past B. Locker:
    • The DK trick works here, although it is harder to do than it is in other lobbies. Video
    • With DK, use an orange to knock yourself closer to B. Locker, then use a standing combo to reach the portal. Video
    • The Lanky glitch works here, in case you want to come back after freeing Lanky.
  • After leaving the lobby, you can walk out of the rock.

Angry Aztec

  • Getting into lobby:
    • With DK: There are two methods.
      • Stand on the second step from the top on the stairs leading to Angry Aztec. Use the C-up glitch near the black line closest to the lobby. Walk out of bounds and approach the wall near the bottom step, close to where the Zinger is flying around. Slowly move forward and press C-up to fall onto the bottom step while staying out of bounds. Walk under the second step from the bottom and stand about two black lines away from the wall. Stay close to the lobby while remaining underneath the second step. Turn around and face the wall. Use a ceilingkick, move to the left side of the loading zone, jump, and do an aerial attack to get into the lobby. You will hit the ceiling and lose height, so it's important to take the shortest possible path to the point where you jump. Video
      • Use the C-up glitch as above. Walk past the wall on your right and stand near the top step. Jump, do an aerial attack, and move toward the top step. If you do it right, you'll raise the height of the out-of-bounds floor (see this section). Now walk toward the lobby, to the right of the warp pad. Stand as far forward as possible without falling. Turn around to face the wall behind you. Run forward and do a skid jump, jump, and an aerial attack to reach the loading zone. Video
    • With Diddy: Use a moontail to get on top of the door frame next to the lobby entrance. Use the C-up glitch to get inside the left corner; make sure you hold C-up until you land or else you may be pushed out of the door. Run forward and start a Chimpy Charge just before you fall off; if you timed it correctly, you'll fall off, but you'll lose height very slowly. After letting Diddy run forward a bit, jump and do an aerial attack to get to the loading zone. Video
      • You can get in without Chimpy Charge by replacing the Chimpy Charge with a standing attack. Video (#2)
  • Getting past B. Locker:
    • The DK trick works here. Video
    • With DK, use an orange to knock yourself closer to B. Locker, then use a standing combo to reach the portal. Video
    • The Lanky glitch works here, although you won't have Lanky until you've already gotten past B. Locker in the first place.
  • The door to the lobby is solid on both sides. If you leave the lobby, you'll be stuck in a cutscene as your kong tries to walk through the door (regardless of which kong you use). Thus, you must open the lobby normally in a single-segment run.

Frantic Factory

  • Getting into lobby:
    • With DK: There are two methods.
      • Use a moonkick on a slope near the banana fairy island (but on K. Rool's island) and facing the propellers to reach the platform with DK's Golden Banana. Then kickjump to the walkway and continue as usual. The metal door in front of the lobby is not solid. Video (#2)
      • Stand near the platform connected to the rope connected to K. Lumsy's island. Run toward the platform and skid right before you touch it. If you did it correctly, you'll get underneath the platform. Now use a ceilingkick to reach the walkway to the Frantic Factory lobby. Video
    • With Diddy: Use a moontail while standing on the platform that K. Lumsy normally raises. You'll be able to grab onto the walkway. Video
    • With Tiny:
      • With Monkeyport: Use the Monkeyport pad to get above the lobby entrance and then jump down.
      • With Pony Tail Twirl: Jump on top of Lanky's switch on K. Lumsy's island. Backflip up to the slippery slope above you, then climb up it. Once you get to the top, use Pony Tail Twirl to reach the walkway that wraps around K. Rool's island. You can now walk up to the lobby. Video
  • Getting past B. Locker: There are two methods. Both of them use Lanky.
    • With Lanky, use an orange to knock yourself closer to B. Locker, then use a standing combo to reach the portal. Video
    • With Lanky, long jump into B. Locker and use a standing combo. Video (#3)

Gloomy Galleon

  • Getting into lobby: There is a part of K. Rool's island near the tag barrel where many walls meet. By positioning yourself properly, you can swim right through it. You can then enter the Gloomy Galleon lobby. Video (#2)
  • Getting past B. Locker:
    • The Lanky glitch works here.
    • The DK trick works here. Video
    • Any kong can enter the level by using the C-up glitch on the wall to B. Locker's left (your right as you face him), then walking around B. Locker and into the portal. Video (#3)
  • After leaving the lobby, you can get past the gate by using STVW. Video (#4)

Fungi Forest

  • Getting into lobby:
    • With DK: Go to the rock above Lanky's trombone pad in DK Isles (near the Angry Aztec lobby). Perform a ceilingkick to get on top of the Angry Aztec lobby. Use a moonkick to get to the ear of DK's island. Use another moonkick and go clockwise to get to a non-slippery slope, then use another moonkick to get to yet another non-slippery slope. Use one final moonkick and aerial attack to get to the slippery slope near the ledge with Diddy's Golden Banana. Let DK slide off the slope, then jump in midair and do an aerial attack to get to the ledge. If you jump too soon, you won't have much control over your jump (see this section). Once you're on the ledge, simply kickjump to the lobby. Video (#1)
      • You can also moonkick directly from the top of the Angry Aztec lobby to the second non-slippery slope in the above sequence, skipping a moonkick. Video
    • With Chunky: Stack the boulders in front of the Angry Aztec lobby. Note that the boulders sometimes move after you stack them, so you may have to exit the area and reenter to reset the boulders, then restack them. Tag DK and backflip off of the boulders to reach the top of the Aztec lobby. Proceed as above. Video
    • With Tiny: Stand on the raised ground next to the entrance to the Angry Aztec lobby. Do a skid jump and backflip to get on top of the lobby. Do another skid jump off of the dirt mound, then jump and do a Pony Tail Twirl to get on top of DK's ear. Climb the slope to your left to get to a non-slippery slope. Backflip up to the next slippery slope and climb it. Go to the upper left corner of the next non-slippery slope, then do a kickjump (Z+B) and Pony Tail Twirl to reach another slippery slope. Climb it to get to the ledge with Diddy's Golden Banana, then Pony Tail Twirl to the Fungi Forest lobby. Video (#1)
  • Getting past B. Locker:
    • The Lanky glitch works here.
    • The DK trick works here. Video

Crystal Caves

  • Getting into lobby:
    • With DK: Do a moonkick on the slope below the boulder that blocks access to the lobby. Grab onto the far left side of the ledge, then pull yourself through the boulder. When you leave the lobby, you can walk out of the boulder. Video
    • With Tiny: Go to the Angry Aztec lobby entrance, then walk clockwise around the island until you get to the boulder. Orient yourself so that the direction you're facing is perpendicular to one of the ledges underneath the rock (see the video for clarification). Then use Pony Tail Twirl to grab the ledge. If you did it correctly, you will be able to move yourself around until you find the right spot to pull yourself up and through the rock. There are spots where you cannot move from side to side once you have grabbed on. You can sometimes get out of those spots by pulling yourself up and then falling slightly to the side. Video
    • If you can get to the entrance of the Fungi Forest lobby, you can simply jump down to the boulder and pull yourself through.
  • Getting past B. Locker:
    • The Lanky glitch works here.
    • The DK trick works here. Be careful not to fall down while doing it, though. Video
  • After leaving the lobby, you can jump right out of the rock.

Creepy Castle

  • Getting past B. Locker:
    • The Lanky glitch works here.
    • The DK trick works here. Stand on the woodwork on the right side of the stairs, then kickjump toward the portal. You'll want to land on the top step. Video
    • With Chunky: Use the rock glitch to get out of bounds, then backflip into the portal. Video (#3)
    • With Diddy: Use the C-up glitch on the bottom step of the stairs near the portal. Drop down a little and jump back up so that you're level with the main floor of the lobby, but still out of bounds (see the section on out-of-bounds areas). Then backflip up and walk into the portal. Video (#8)

Hideout Helm

  • Getting into lobby:
    • With Tiny: Jump onto the small projection from the wall near the upper Monkeyport pad. Jump in the direction of the tag barrel and use Pony Tail Twirl to get to the slippery clope. Climb it and go to the other side of K. Rool's face (the left side). Find a spot near the eye where you can jump without gaining much height. Hold forward while jumping into this spot and you will hopefully fall through. You can then fall into the Hideout Helm lobby, guiding yourself with Pony Tail Twirl if necessary. Video
    • With Diddy: Remove the rock closest to the Angry Aztec lobby with Chunky, then play the trombone with Lanky to make a Rocketbarrel appear near the Fungi Forest lobby. Get it and fly to the right side of K. Rool's head (near K. Lumsy), then charge toward the island to land near the Monkeyport pad (Video). Go around to the other side of K. Rool's head and use a backflip to get up to the slippery slope, then climb it. There are a few places on the wall that you can backflip off of. Once you're on top of the head, continue as you would with Tiny, replacing the Pony Tail Twirl with an aerial attack. It helps to start moving left as soon as you get through the eye. Video (#1)
      • Sometimes, you'll clip through the wall when you're trying to get on top of K. Rool's head. In that case, you can use an aerial attack to get directly to the loading zone. If the mouth is already open (i.e. you've already turned in keys 6 and 7), there will be a wall blocking your way; be aware of that if you're practicing on a completed file. Video
    • With DK and Chunky: Turn in the Angry Aztec key. Use wet storage to take both rocks to Crocodile Isle. Use wet storage again on one of the rocks, backflip on top of the raised platform near the spiral walkway, and backflip onto the spiral walkway. Release Z to make the rock appear, then carry it up the walkway and set it down right outside the Frantic Factory lobby. Take the other rock up using the same method, then set it down on the edge of the ledge with the warp 4 pad. The rock should be placed on a corner near three pipes coming out of the wall. Now use dry storage to store the rock in midair. Make your way back to the ledge with the warp 4 pad, using an orange to kill the Kremling. Backflip on top of the first rock, then backflip on top of the pipe on the right (i.e. the one closer to Banana Fairy Island). Face the wall so that you're looking just to the right of the top right corner of the door frame next to the Frantic Factory lobby. Do a backflip and hold up on the control stick. If you did it correctly, you'll pull yourself into the Blast-o-Matic and you'll be holding the rock. Set the rock down at the back of the Blast-o-Matic, near the slope on the right (i.e. closer to Banana Fairy Island). Tag DK and use warp 4. Backflip on top of the lower rock, then backflip on top of one of the pipes. Use a moonkick to gain some height, then face the Blast-o-Matic and jump. When you're near the bottom of the Blast-o-Matic, use an aerial attack and you'll get inside. Now do a ceilingkick from the rock, move up the slope, and move behind the Blast-o-Matic. Come out of the island above the Blast-o-Matic near the peak of your moonkick. Hold the control stick as if you were doing a 180-degree turn, then press A to turn around and jump. Use an aerial attack, grab the ledge, pull yourself up, and enter the lobby. Video
      • Sometimes, the rock outside the Frantic Factory lobby will blow up, so you won't be able to use it to get on top of the pipe with DK. If that happens, you can get on top of the pipe by doing a skid jump and backflip. Video (#7)
  • Getting past B. Locker:
    • With Diddy or Tiny: Go to one of the corners near the lobby entrance and backflip into it to get out of bounds. If you're using Tiny, you'll want to release the control stick, backflip, then move as soon as you clip out of bounds. Then simply walk around the room and behind B. Locker. Video (#1)
    • With DK: Throw an orange against the side of the room next to the warp pad. Let it hit you to gain invincibility, then quickly do the C-up glitch on the diagonal edge next to the Gorilla Gone pad and near the warp pad. Before you lose invincibility, roll toward the exit to get off the lava. Then walk around the room and backflip into the loading zone. Video

K. Rool's Ship

The keys from Frantic Factory and Hideout Helm are the only ones required to make K. Rool's ship appear.

Properties of Out-of-Bounds Areas

The out-of-bounds (OoB) areas in Donkey Kong 64 have several unusual properties. An important one is that if you go too far OoB, the game will think you died and send you back to the entrance of either the level or the room, depending on what room you're in.

The properties of this empty space OoB depend on how you get OoB. If you come from land (e.g. by using the C-up glitch), there will be a floor at the same height as the land you came from. You can jump and the floor will still be there. This is most easily observed in the Troff 'n' Scoff room: use the C-up glitch to get out of bounds (as decribed here) from different heights and you'll see that you aren't always at the same height when you're OoB. If you jump to a higher level while you're OoB without going back in bounds, the height you can walk at will change. The reason you can walk in midair is related to the fact that there is no floor or water below you except for the floor below the level, which doesn't work like other floors (on a related note, there seems to be a floor below every room without bottomless pits. In rooms with bottomless pits, the killzone is above the floor). As soon as there is a normal floor or normal water below you, you will fall. A good place to try this is in Hideout Helm. Get OoB in the room with the Crown door (see this page) and carefully make your way to the Blast-o-Matic room. You will be far above the ground. As soon as you go back in bounds, you'll fall down.

If you get OoB from water (e.g. by using STVW), there will be water that extends downward from the elevation of the water you came from. Try this by first using STVW to get outside the pool near the entrance of Creepy Castle, then using it to get outside the pool next to the upper tunnel entrance. In addition to seeing that the surface of the "water" is not always at the same height just because you are in the same place, you'll notice that you can swim in midair even when you are in bounds. This is because the water in empty space doesn't depend on there being no floor or water underneath you, unlike the land in empty space. If you jump, the water will disappear. Also, if you enter a real body of water, the level of the fake water will change to the level of the water you entered.

101% Requirements

The game tracks the following items for computing the total percentage:

  • Golden Bananas
  • Battle Crowns
  • Banana fairies
  • Banana Medals
  • Keys
  • Nintendo Coin
  • Rareware Coin

Because of the method used to compute percentage, you don't actually need to collect all of these items. For example, in Joe Wiewel's 101% run, he has 101% before he actually gets the last Golden Banana. It is not known if the items in the above list are weighted equally or how many can be skipped. It is also not known if DK's extra Golden Banana counts toward the final percentage.

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