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The Forum Thread (starts with Poesta's old times).


Always check to see that GOG or Steam have adopted the latest patches if you want to run those versions! Any version that has been on GOG or Steam is fine. See the "version differences" subpage at the bottom of this page.

Here are the currently accepted categories. If you want to do runs in a different category bring it up in the thread first. The generic category is any% WITHOUT resets. This means you can't save/load at all (deaths most likely waste too much time and result in a reject) and may not use the Infinite Speed Potion unless you can do so without the reset. The ILs are always so called "money runs" which means you start with either max loot collected from the previous mission, or any and all useful items that you could possibly have when leaving "Trace the Courier" when playing "Trail of Blood", or "Precious Cargo" when playing "Kidnap". Obviously you should also have collected the extra loot you can get from all throughout the two pairs of linked missions when advancing to the missions that follow.

100% means all loot, all secrets and all pickpockets and any optional goals have to be completed, including the bonus ones: the rings in Running Interference, the Truart burial in Blackmail, getting 900+ loot in Trail of Blood (already part of the definition), finding Cavador's diary and the drill in Kidnap and leaving the library corpses where they'll be found in Casing the Joint. If you know of another bonus goal besides these, add it to this list. NB! 100% runs should be run on Expert only to avoid redundancy.

Low% (normal difficulty only) is defined as follows:

  • no shopping
  • get precisely the least amount of loot that allows finishing the mission
  • otherwise your goal is to finish the level with the lowest combined total of the following statistics that are all listed in the end mission summary screen:
  • Pockets picked
  • Locks picked
  • Back stabs
  • Knockouts/while airborne (count separately)
  • Damage dealt
  • Innocents killed/others killed (separately)
  • Iron Beasts destroyed/disabled (separately)
  • Bodies discovered by enemies
  • Secrets found
  • if someone else manages to get a lower % for a given mission, their run will obsolete yours barring awful execution

There is currently some controversy around whether the statistics "damage taken" and "healing taken" should also count towards your % so if you want to take up the low% challenge, please open this issue up again in the thread.

Note that you can run any version of the game for any% runs, but only v. 1.18 or later for 100% and low%. This is to restrict the number of categories from expanding too big (and the earlier versions don't list all those statistics).

Segmented any%/100%/low% are categories and you should run whichever version is fastest for the any% and v. 1.18+ for 100% and low%, however you can't segment IL submissions. Segmented runs are expected to make use of all kinds of obscure and difficult boosts and tricks not seen in SS or IL runs.

Lastly there will be separate any% (SS, ILs and segmented) slots for the fastest version if that's v. 1.07 or v. 1.18 and the next fastest, readily available version because v. 1.07/1.18 are difficult to set up. v. 1.19+ can obsolete v. 1.07/1.18 but not vice versa.

Here are some prepared pages for you to fill in when you're planning a run in a given category:

Additional Information

Game Mechanics and Glitches - All the known tricks and glitches in all the versions of the game.
Source Code (Parts Thereof) - If you want to see exactly what the code does.
Additional Resources - Links to other helpful resources.
Version Differences - Differences between various versions of the game.

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