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Note: This page only details how to collect various upgrades without the use of others. For information on how to completely skip items, see Metroid_Prime/Skipping_Items

Space Jump

Space Jump First (SJF)

Discovered by DEVILBIT, z0idi

Space Jump First Video


  • In Landing Site, get on the Gunship and take a look at the ledge right of it, against the wall and in between two doors. This ledge is your destination from the Gunship.
  • You have to Dash Jump from the bottom right of the ship to this ledge, but since there are no enemies in Landing Site, you'll have to Dash Jump from a scan point. Switch to the Scan Visor and look for a Glowing Spidervine just above the door past the waterfall, the one that leads to the Artifact Temple. This scan point is conveniently out of your range from the Gunship, yet close enough that you can still lock on to it.
  • When ready, move as far back on the Gunship as you can go without falling off, then go to the right edge of the turbine and Dash Jump from the Spidervine. There are two different styles people use here; some wait a bit after locking on to the Spidervine, while others dash jump the instant they lock on. Both work, just make sure you release L as soon as you hit B to dash, or you'll probably have trouble getting on the ledge.
  • Since this Dash Jump uses the Scan Visor, an alternate method is needed for the Japanese, European, Australian and North American Player's Choice (included with the Metroid Prime 2 demo disc) versions of the game. If you have one of those versions, use the method shown below.
  • Go through the door below the Spidervine and enter Temple Hall, a room on the path to Artifact Temple. Three Seedlings reside here. Lock on to the closest one and head back to the Gunship in Landing Site; even when the door closes as you move away, you'll still be locked on to the Seedling as long as the target doesn't pass over the closed door.
  • When you reach the Gunship, jump on it and do the rest like the NA version, the only real difference being you're using a Seedling for your Dash Jump instead of the Glowing Spidervine outside Temple Hall. Be careful not to move farther than you need to when going back to the Gunship. If you go even a bit behind it, the lock-on will break. You're still barely maintaining it when on the Gunship at all, so keep that in mind when positioning Samus for the Dash Jump.

Plasma Beam

Before Grapple Beam

Discovered by Amasawa

Plasma Beam without Grapple and Spider Video Alternate Video

  • First of all, if you own the North American Player's Choice version of the game, you will not be able to get the Plasma Beam without first collecting the Grapple Beam, due to a lock placed on the door to Plasma Processing by Retro Studios in that version of the game.
  • To begin, get near the wall and hop on top of the rock so you balance atop it. Once on the rock, look for a metal box next to the door and space jump to the part that's sticking out. From here, Space Jump to the thin spire of rock next to the box.
  • When you are standing on the metal crate, lock your view all the way down. That way, you can see where you land. Use your first jump to aim for the spire, and with your second jump you have more than enough time to align yourself.
  • Using an L-Lock Spring Space Jump helps you to reach the first platform.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, the stalagmite used in the above method is missing. Therefore you will probably need to use a Dash Jump off of a Puddle Spore as shown in the alternate video to reach the spinners.

Before Spider Ball

Discovered by kip

Plasma Beam without Grapple and Spider Video Alternate Video

  • Use a Ghetto Jump to bypass the third platform's Spider Ball Track. This jump may look tight at first, but here's a trick to make it easier. When you're on the bump, get your back against the Spider Ball track and hold back on the Control Stick. Jump, just before the peak of your first jump, Space Jump and press forward. With this method, it's a lot easier to make the jump.
  • Once you've raised the ceiling, look at the white door. Run or Space Jump off to the door and stay near the wall. You won't make it to the door, but that's not the point of it; you'll end up landing on a thin metal line going around the room. Go over to the last few pieces of the Spider Ball track while staying near the wall. When you get next to the lowest piece (a square with some kind of light sticking out), you'll want to jump on top of it. Stand to the right of the piece and lock your view to your lower-left (so you can see the ledge where you want to land). Use your first jump going right (away from the block, you'll get more height) and at the peak, space jump towards the spider ball track but away from the wall for a split second, then push forward to get on the square. Your second jump should look like a "V". This is also known as a Ghetto Jump.
  • Once you land on it, Space Jump to the next highest track piece, then keep doing this until you're on the last piece. Space Jump to the white door that goes to the Plasma Beam.
  • In the Japanese, European and Australian versions of the game, you will need to L-Lock Spring Space Jump all the way out to the metal line immediately to the right of the first Spider Block as shown in the alternate video. If you try to land on the metal under the Ice Door you will fall into the lava. Don't despair, though: the Spider Block is much easier to mount in the Japanese, European and Australian versions than in the North American version. Also note the Bendezium in front of the Plasma Processing door; you will need a Power Bomb to break through it.

Before Boost Ball

See: Metroid_Prime/Skipping_Items#Geothermal_Core_3

Before Ice Beam

Before Space Jump

Before Wave Beam

Ice Beam

Before Spider Ball

See: Metroid_Prime/Skipping_Items#Furnace

Before Boost Ball

See: Metroid_Prime/Skipping_Items#Reflecting_Pool

Before Space Jump

Before Wave Beam

Before Bombs

Wave Beam

Before Varia Suit

Discovered by smilingjack13

Varialess Magmoor Run Video

  • If you're quick enough, you don't even have to beat Flaahgra and get the Varia Suit to beat the game, as shown above.

Before Space Jump

X-Ray Visor

Before Spider Ball

See: Metroid_Prime/Skipping_Items#Great_Tree_Hall

before space jump

Morph Ball

Before Missiles

Artifact of Elder

Before Plasma Beam

Discovered by flamancipator

Artifact of Elder before Plasma Beam Video

  • This method is meant to be used when entering Control Tower from the back. It's slightly faster than the normal way of melting the ice if done on the first try, but much harder.
  • Space jump on the crates in the video, then space jump toward the tower and fire a missile at the peak of the second jump. You will only be above the forcefield surrounding the room for a second at the most, so there is very little time to aim down and fire. Morph right after firing and move toward the passage created in the cutscene to save more time.

Artifact of Lifegiver

Before Gravity Suit

See: Metroid_Prime/Skipping_Items#Artifact_of_Lifegiver

Before Space Jump

Artifact of Newborn

Before Phazon Suit

Discovered by kip, Amasawa

Artifact of Newborn before Phazon Suit Video

  • You will need at least twelve Energy Tanks going in with the Gravity Suit on Normal mode to do this, so it is probably only useful in a 100% run.
  • It's actually possible to harvest energy from the Metroids in Fungal Halls A and B, then return to the Phazon Tunnel and continue bombing the blocks. When you go to Fungal Hall A, Fungal Hall B will be refreshed with new Metroids to kill, and vice versa, giving you an unlimited supply of energy if you feel like taking the time to get it.
  • With the Japanese, European and Australian versions' slightly altered Environmental Damage it will be easier to perform this trick in the Japanese, European and Australian versions of the game.

Artifact of Sun

Before Plasma Beam

Artifact of Wild

Before Super Missiles

See: Metroid_Prime/Skipping_Items#Artifact_of_Wild

Before Spider Ball

See: Metroid_Prime/Skipping_Items#Artifact_of_Wild_2

Artifact of World

Before Ice Beam

Early Power Bombs

Magma Pool

Phendrana's Edge

Warrior Shrine

Early Missile Expansions

Early Energy Tanks

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