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Discovered by Radix, kip

Arboretum (Video)


  • L-Lock Spring Space Jump through Arboretum, then Bomb Jump over the Runic Gate at the top to get to Flaahgra as fast as possible.

Arboretum Runic Gate

Discovered by kip, Nate

Arboretum Runic Gate (Video)


  • Use a Triple Bomb Jump as shown above, or waste one Bomb at first in order to quickly lay three Bombs as shown below.
  • This trick does not work in any version of the game except the original North American version.

Arboretum Runic Gate (Additional Video)

Artifact of Elder

Discovered by flamancipator

Artifact of Elder (Video)


  • This method is meant to be used when entering Control Tower from the back. It's slightly faster than the normal way of melting the ice if done on the first try, but much harder.
  • Space jump on the crates in the video, then space jump toward the tower and fire a missile at the peak of the second jump. You will only be above the forcefield surrounding the room for a second at the most, so there is very little time to aim down and fire. Morph right after firing and move toward the passage created in the cutscene to save more time.

Artifact of Newborn

Discovered by kip, Amasawa

Artifact of Newborn (Video)


  • You will need at least twelve Energy Tanks going in with the Gravity Suit on Normal mode to do this, so it is probably only useful in a 100% run.
  • It's actually possible to harvest energy from the Metroids in Fungal Halls A and B, then return to the Phazon Tunnel and continue bombing the blocks. When you go to Fungal Hall A, Fungal Hall B will be refreshed with new Metroids to kill, and vice versa, giving you an unlimited supply of energy if you feel like taking the time to get it.
  • With the Japanese, European and Australian versions' slightly altered Environmental Damage it will be easier to perform this trick in the Japanese, European and Australian versions of the game.

Biohazard Containment

Discovered by DaveB

Biohazard Containment (Video)


  • Use two well-placed Double Bomb Jumps to clear Biohazard Containment faster than you could by going up the elevator and all the way around the room.

Central Dynamo

Discovered by kip

Central Dynamo (Video)


  • To quickly escape from Central Dynamo, use the above Ghetto Jump method.

Chapel Tunnel

Chapel Tunnel (Video)

Chozo Ice Temple

Discovered by Refreshment

Chozo Ice Temple (Video)


  • Many of the ledges in this room are unnecessary.

Control Tower

Discovered by zoidi

Control Tower (Video)


  • The trigger for the Space Pirate battle is located in front of the door; however, there's a gap large enough to squeeze through between the door and the trigger.
  • Carefully walk out the door and Space Jump onto the platform above the door as soon you're out of the doorway. Any farther into the room and you'll activate the trigger. Then Space Jump onto the opening of the alcove.
  • From there, simply L-lock Spring Space Jump over the trigger activating the Pirate battle.
  • This trick can also be done backwards, as shown below.

Control Tower (Additional Video)

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