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Version Differences

The PS2 version lets you skip most cutscenes, while the GC version only lets you skip some of them. This saves a vast amount of time on the PS2 version (~30 minutes? needs confirmation).

Coring charges are slightly (25%?) weaker in the PS2 version. A prime example of this playing out is that in Hero Training it takes two coring charges to free the trapped miners in the PS2 version, while the GC version only needs one.

The PS2 version also appears to have a slightly different physics simulation. This is noticeable in a number of things:

  • Coring charges are more likely to destroy Grunts than damage them
  • Tanks are much harder to climb walls with

The Xbox Arcade version loads levels much quicker than any other version.

How to Run Metal Arms


If you are speedrunning this game, please introduce yourself in this threador this forum.

We also have a leaderboard set up here.

Setup and Timing

Beat the game on the selected difficulty. Timing starts as soon as the player gains control of Glitch. Timing ends when the screen fades to black after General Corrosive collapses to the ground. Please note, the PS2 version of Metal Arms lets you skip pre-rendered cutscenes. This saves around 20-30 minutes on estimate.


Emulators are allowed only for IL's since In Game Time is not affected by loading times

Runners should note that most emulators for this game require a rather powerful computer to both play and record without slowdown. If the in-game time does not match the time spent in the video, the run will be rejected.

Editor's Note: These rules may change at any time if runners abuse them. ~R


While the game is separated into levels, you bring the state of every weapon and ammo count with you. The only thing that changes between levels is that your health is refilled.

When a level is finished for the first time, the game records the state of your gun and ammo and loads it into the next level. Replaying a level does not affect the state of your weapons for the next level.


The PS2 version allows you to skip all pre-rendered cutscenes.

The GC and Xbox version allows you to skip all cutscenes *only* if you are replaying a level.


If you die after a checkpoint, the game will restore you to either the health you had when you hit the checkpoint, or 1.5 bars(Xbox version does 2 bars), whichever is higher. This can be abused to gain health and continue on a mission without going out of the way for health drops.

Reloading the game to a previous checkpoint does strange things to the game also. Enemy units are reset to their original positions, but their AI is left on the state that it was at when you died. This means that enemies who were alert to your presence before dying will still be alert after you reload the checkpoint, and are likely to behave differently as a result.

Authors note: as an example, in Into The Trenches a Titan that I would usually be able to sneak behind on the first run through, would instantly turn and shoot at me on the next run through.

These points hold true for resetting the level as well.

Item Drops

All enemy units have specific items that they drop upon death. This includes washers, ammo, and health pickups. Learning which enemies drop which items is absolutely necessary for efficiently completing runs.



Cutscene Physics

Cutscenes work a bit differently in this game than in many others. All cutscenes besides the intro and exit of the game itself are done in-engine in real time. This means that physics will still apply to objects that aren't being directly controlled by the cutscene. This can be used to move Glitch while the cutscene is playing: for example in Do Ore Die, there is a brief gap between when you hit a button and when a scene plays that gives you just enough time to jump off a platform; while the scene plays out, Glitch keeps moving to the bottom of the room, and this saves a couple seconds on the run time.

Ramp Jump

You can jump much higher if you jump right after hitting a slope.

Wrench Clipping

When moving towards a wall, use the wrench right as you hit and you will clip through when you rebuild.

Speed Sliding

When you are pushed above a certain speed, the physics change slightly and you slide across the ground. This can be done either by going down a steep slope, landing and moving forward on a slope after jumping, or being pushed into it from various vehicles or NPCs in the game (i.e. the loader, or zombiebots).

Tank Climbing

You can use a tank to access heights that are not normally reachable. This is most commonly done by grinding a tank against a wall and getting out to jump off the tip before it slides back down.

Scope Glitch

While Out of Bounds, the game will sometimes load too many areas, resulting in a reset back to your last checkpoint. This can be prevented by using your scope when crossing these areas.

Camera Clipping

Only known use so far: Level 4: Clean Up

This trick allows Glitch to slide through wall boundaries by forcing the camera behind the boundary, and then moving Glitch in after. So far, the only way we know of to force the camera through a boundary is to put Glitch in between two objects that are close enough together that he cannot walk through them, and spin the camera. If you start seeing black, you are doing it correctly.

The reason for this working may also have to do with why Scope Loading works, and why the game sometimes resets if too much is loaded on the screen at once.

Pentagonal Box Glitch

At the beginning of the level 'I, Predator' you can quickly get on top of the elevator and perform a few jumps which lets you get on top of the building, and easily get out of bounds. from there you can travel to the location in the video and perform the next trick. Note: It is even possible to drop down to the large tunnel areas (Were you are supposed to be in a predator)and destroy the generator as Glitch.


Titan Clipping

This can only be done in Multiplayer. Have one person get in a tank and the other get in a titan. a few corners in certain maps will actually allow a titan to be clipped out by a tank pushing them. This will not work the same way in Solo mode since there are very few places were this would be useful. Also note that Mils in Tanks can not push you like a player can.


Tether Clipping

Since Tethering gives a similar animation as using the wrench, it was thought to be possible to clip OoB with a tether as well. This does not work, unfortunately, since you need to be facing the wall from the front rather than the back.

Tether Voiding

It is possible to fall off a ledge while falling apart from tethering. However, even in pieces, Glitch will still die if his head falls into a kill zone.

Keep the wrench

Keeping the wrench may or may not be useful since the only other level where you have the wrench does not let you clip through walls.


General Notes

Aside from bosses, the only damage that truly counts towards a kill is damage that directly hits the main body of the enemy unit. Damage to the head, arms, legs, or rocket launcher (in the case of Titans) only affect how those enemies react/move.


Can be killed with:

  • 20 SPEW Rounds
  • 1 direct rocket hit
  • 2 indirect rocket hits
  • 2 Scatter Blaster hits
  • 5 level 1 Rivet rounds OR 3 level 2 rivet rounds

Elite Grunt

Can be killed with:

  • 4(?) Explosive devices (rockets or grenades)


Can be killed with:

  • 6 Explosive devices (rockets or grenades)
  • 3 Direct Tank shots


Generally, these won't attack you unless you attack them first.

Can be killed with:

  • 3 Explosive devices (rockets or grenades)
  • 80(?) Spew Rounds


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