Sly 2: Band of Thieves

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Basic Tricks and Other General Notes

Resetting to Skip Cut Scenes A lot of Bentley's slide shows and getaway cut scenes are long enough where resetting your console can save time. Resetting takes about 45-50 seconds on PS3 and a bit slower on PS2.

Guard Spawn Manipulation (GSM) Possibly the most significant trick in the game. If you point the camera away from where a guard typically spawns, the guard will not appear. This is useful for clearing out guards that could slow you down or even make you fail a job.

Air Square A fast-fall technique you can use with Sly. Jumping has a slower descent than falling off a ledge, but if you hit Square in the air you'll reach your maximum falling speed.

Falling Off Ropes If you use Sly's charge attack on a rope, he'll fall off the rope when he starts charging. This is faster than jumping off the rope.

Binocucom Animation Cancelling There are certain missions and cut scene triggers that have wide areas of effect. If you jump into these triggers with Sly, you skip his animation where he pulls out the Binocucom. Saves about a second each time you do it.

Coin Farming Because treasures exist in this game, farming for coins is not really difficult. The game requires 1200 coins to purchase Sly's Paraglider (before Operation: High Road) and Alarm Clock (before Operation: Canada Games).

Adrenaline Burst Farming for this gadget doesn't take too long, and it allows Bentley to move at a much faster speed than normal. It is most worth getting before beginning Episode 4, as Bentley does a lot of running around to reach missions and during Train Hack.

A Shadow from the Past

Cairo Museum Break-In

  • Using Air Square when you're bouncing to the dinosaur skeleton may be useful to start.
  • Since you can't move on until Bentley opens the gate, break open the pot near the tree for 2-3 coins.
  • When approaching the first rope, you can jump and press Circle to land on it before the cut scene triggers. You'll start out on the rope.
  • Do more coin farming waiting for Murray to enter from above.
  • Murray doesn't start the next cut scene until he says "All clear." However, there's not enough time to do anything useful.
  • Whack paintings and statues during the Carmelita chase sequence. Murray and Bentley will pick up stray coins. You could have over 50 coins by the end of this mission if you do this.

Episode 1: The Black Chateau

Satellite Sabotage

  • The fastest approach to this mission is to fall off the safe house roof and double jump to the roof ahead of you, then falling off that roof and running directly to the job.
  • It is about two seconds faster to climb the building to the right of the water tower and latch onto the pipe from the top instead of climbing up normally.
  • It is possible to jump from the top of the water tower to the roof on the way to the second satellite with a single jump, but a double jump just before you land is safer.

Breaking and Entering

  • Hit the railing in front of the beacon and fall into it. If it doesn't trigger, step to the left and back to the right.
  • The Murray fight is best done with Murray doing all the grunt work. Stay back and coin farm while he takes out the rats.
  • The lasers are on a fixed timer that varies based on how quickly your Murray fight goes. If they're on either side of the wall, it's easy to get past them. If they're in the middle, you can run in between the leftmost and second leftmost lasers.
  • It is faster to wait for the second guard to turn his light, sneak up behind him, and use a Juggle Slam to take him out. Don't run to him or you will fail the job!
  • For the third and fourth guards, it is faster to do a double uppercut to burn them into the yellow lasers.
  • Usually to zoom in on Dimitri, you want the light blue bar to be in the middle of the second to last notch. If you mash R1 fast enough, you can take a picture of him without a caption!
  • Reset after this job.

To be continued.

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