Scooby Doo! Night of 100 Frights

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Plot Synopsis

The Mastermind has stolen Scooby's Friends. It is up to you to rescue them, defeat the Mastermind, and unmask him. You have 92.5 minutes.

Speedrun Categories

Any% - Run the game as fast as possible, no cheats. World Record (Commentary)

100% - Collect all Scooby snacks, monster tokens, unlock all snack gates, visit all areas (including the Monster Gallery). Finally, defeat all bosses. Note that "True" 100% includes the bonus Gum packets and Soap Boxes. It isn't known exactly how many there are, as players have reported having more than nine, and these items do not count towards the in-game completion percentage. World Record (No Commentary)

Cheat% - Run the game as fast as possible using the power-ups cheat and the Warp Gates cheat. World Record (w/ Commentary)

Game Sub-pages

Confirmed Glitches

Level Notes

Powerup Notes

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