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Original Mode (PlayStation)

Boss Strategies

  • Yawn 1

Dodging Route: Engaging Yawn is completely optional, and obviously, dodging him is the correct COA. He has a poisonous bite (which WILL send you to the infirmary, adding around 2 minutes and ruining your run) and Yawn lunges pretty far. Run toward the other Pillar (right side of the screen), swinging wide, and pray you don't get bitten. Hang a right, then Yawn's tail should be clearing out of your way. Run into the corner, pick up the Moon Crest, and turn around. Edge towards your character's left on the way out; Yawn's head is going to be to their right, and if you're lucky, you will manage to scrape out a foot away from getting bitten. Chances of dodging him with this method are up to 60%. In the current 100% run (1:22:40) there is a safer method which increases your chances of dodging him to 95%.

  • Plant 42

Jill: 3 Explosive Rounds. Aim upward upon entering the room and fire away.

Chris: Out of the two weapons Chris has available at this point in the run, the Knife is more powerful than the Handgun against Plant 42, and sacrificing time to pick up the Shotgun is out of the question. So...

Knife: Approximately 25 Knife slashes. Find a safe spot out of reach of the tentacles, and start slashing.

  • Yawn 2

Jill: 5 Acid Rounds (4 in Japanese version). After the first 3 shots, hit L1 between shots and Yawn will fall before it has the chance to bite you.

Chris: 12-15 Handgun Bullets. Spam away.

Knife: Make Yawn coil around you, and slash his body (aim downward) as he goes in circles. Approximately 26 slashes to kill.

  • Black Tiger

Run towards the webbing on the door. Hold L1 then R1 to cancel the auto-aim, attack the webbing, perform a pause cancel, and enter the door. If you are not using the knife, note that if you run too far forward before firing (i.e. hugging the door before attacking), the shots do not register, and the run is over. There must be just enough space for the projectiles to hit it.

Jill: 2 Explosive Rounds is all that is needed to blow off the webbing.

Chris: The Flamethrower you found in the previous room will do the trick.

Knife: It is possible to take advantage of Black Tiger's Acid Spit attack to melt off the webbing. Run toward the webbing, facing perpendicular to the doorway. Whenever Black Tiger lifts its front legs to spit acid, run, turn, and repeat. It takes 3 Acid Spits to melt the webbing for you to go through.

  • Tyrant

While the other bosses are actually pretty random, the first Tyrant's attack pattern is pretty easy - it slashes with its left claw, so dodge to your character's left.

Jill (Bad Ending): Run straight forward, toward the corner of the room. Equip the Bazooka, and fire away.

Chris (Bad Ending): Turn around and run directly for the entrance of the room. Fire off some handgun bullets, and whenever the Tyrant gets too close, run around the Tyrant's right side (maneuver the character to the left), and empty your clip.

Jill (Good Ending): The Tyrant's attack pattern is slightly different in Jill's scenario when going for the Good ending. It is facing Barry and walks in that direction instead. Run forward until the screen shifts, and fire 3 Explosive Rounds, hitting L1 in between shots to ensure they all hit.

Chris (Good Ending): A perk to running a 100% game with Chris (with the current route) is that he gets the Magnum. Follow the strategy for Jill's Bad Ending.

Knife: Keeping in mind the Tyrant's singular attack pattern (slash with the left claw), the only strategy is to dodge his slashes and slash his other side with a slash from your own knife. Dodge (run forward), slash, repeat. He falls relatively quickly.

  • Super Tyrant (Good Ending)

Jill: Explosive Rounds (4 in the Japanese version) will prompt Brad to drop the Rocket Launcher.

Chris: Magnum Rounds will prompt Brad to drop the Rocket Launcher.

Knife: Out of the question.


  • Pause Cancelling: Raise your weapon with R1. Fire with X (Square in the Japanese version), then immediately enter and exit the inventory screen after firing. This cancels the weapon-lowering animation.
  • Rapid Fire: A Turbo Fire controller, when running at a certain hz level, can cause a gun to fire 1.5x faster than normal. This trick is known to work in RE1, 2, 3, and to some lesser extent, REmake. Without a turbo fire controller, it is possible to make a handgun fire faster with timed presses of the L1 button.

General Strategies

Classic Mode (DS)

Boss Strategies


General Strategies

Remake (GameCube)

SDAlogo runner.png This game has a run page on SDA!

Boss Strategies


General Strategies

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