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Bouncer No special moves, upgrades
Contra No items
Contra III No items
Contra: Hard Corps No items
Classic Castlevania (1, 3, 4, Bloodlines, Chronicles, all original Gameboy titles) No weapon powerups, no subweapons, no instant-kill or invulnerability items, no health items, no partner characters (CV3 only)
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Game-defined (56%)
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Min relics (Soul of Wolf only)
Donkey Kong 64 0% (game defined)
Final Fantasy 1 (only PS1 version) Min items (Lenophis says it's either 5 or 6%)
Kirby's Adventure No switches (71%?)
Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland No switches (VG says the game tracks and it's ~62%)
La Mulana Lowest number of items in the Items Screen, and Glyph Reader (and Game Master for Segmented Runs)
Mega Man 7 Min items (rush coil and boss weapons are forced by the game)
Mega Man 8 No bolts
Mega Man X Min items (dash boots + X-buster only)
Mega Man X2 No items
Mega Man X3 No items
Mega Man X4 No items
Mega Man X5 No items, boss weapons
Mega Man X6 No items, reploids rescued, min boss weapons (1)
Mega Man X7 No armor parts, hearts, subtanks, reploids rescued
Mega Man Xtreme 2 Only foot parts (X)
Metroid II 3 items (bomb, ice beam and an energy tank. Apparently it's impossible to survive without an energy tank)
Metroid Fusion Game-defined (1%)
Metroid Prime Game-defined (22%)
Metroid Prime 2 Game-defined (22%)
Metroid Prime Hunters 15% (i.e. all permanent upgrades, health and ammo pickups are okay)
Metroid Zero Mission For low%, 9% Normal and 10% Hard are regarded as separate categories. 9% Hard is possible on the European version
Ninja Gaiden (All NES releases): No Pickups[1]
Paper Mario Min badges (Power Jump only), no super blocks
Pikmin Min pikmin (50)
Resident Evil Knife-only
Resident Evil 4 Knife/Handgun only
Super C No items
Super Mario World No Yoshi, powerups
Yoshi's Island Min points (check table for specific IL values)
Zelda Link to the Past Min hearts, items
Zelda Majora's Mask Min permanent items (don't disappear after Song of Time... not sure what the number value is atm)
  1. Points are ok in NG1/2, Ninpo is ok in NG1 since you don't start with a subweapon and Ninpo is useless without one, using the weapon/ninpo that you start with in NG2/3 is ok.
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