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There are three versions of the game with significant differences that make them difficult to compare:

  • NTSC-U
- Runs at 12 fps.
  • NTSC-J
- Runs at 20 fps. The faster game speed brings along a number of in-game differences that require different approaches to many areas in the game.
- Possible to skip the third serpent in level 1.
- When arriving at the bosses of level 2, the screen continues scrolling until the end, making the second mine troll spawn (and possible to hit) earlier.
- The layout of the boss area in level 3 is different.
- Singe can be skipped in this version if the Lizard King is spawned at the end.
  • PAL
- The game mechanics are similar to NTSC-J (but slowed down to the usual 5/6 speed due to running at 50 Hz iso 60 Hz).
- New enemies and enemy positions in level 1 and 2.
- Level 1 boss has been changed from 8 serpents to one big serpent.
- The boss areas of level 2 and 3 are the same as NTSC-J.
- Some of the level designs are different. E.g. falling rocks in the elevator sections, dragons flying across the top of the screen in level 4 dropping stones, no Lizard King in level 4.
- Splash screens add around 2 seconds before each level begins.

Speedrun routes

Any% (NTSC-U)

Additional Information

Game Mechanics (NTSC-U) - Some general explanations about how the game works in the NTSC-U version.
Additional Resources - Links to other helpful resources about the game.

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