Disgaea 3/Chapter 1

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Tutorial 1

1-1.png This stage can be cleared with starting equipment and a little luck on counters.

Buy Spear

  • The enemies on the next stage have attack range 2, so a spear will counter them.
  • De-equip everyone's weapons, sell them and spend a total of 750+ to increase customer rank.

Tutorial 2


Tutorial 3



  • Pass Corner Res Group and put Mao in it. +25% xp
  • Pass More Expensive Gear Bill. Better weapons.
  • Fill classroom. Free classroom upgrade after next map and visitors that leave nice presents when scared off.

Strongest Entrance

1-4.png R won't attack on her first turn, even if you damage her.

Buy Fist

  • Scare off the visitors...
  • Equip the ninja tabi and 2 dark rosary.
  • Sell the belt, buy Knuckles.
  • Heal

Strongest Hallway


Strongest Garden

Strongest Crossroad

Strongest Overlord

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