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Disgaea 3 is a strategy rpg for the Playstation 3 made by Nippon Ichi. There are options to speed up combat, skip animations, and skip cutscenes. The main game is eight chapters long and each chapter has many stages.

Money Management

Money is mostly used for upgrading weapons. Buying weapons increases customer rank, which allows expensive gear bills to be passed, which stocks the shop with better weapons. Current weapon can be sold back for half value.

Weapon Cost Resale Needed When
Crescent Glaive 525 - 750+ start chapter 1
Knuckle 3150 262 2888 mid chapter 1
Primitive Axe 13125 1575 11550 start chapter 2
Tomahawk 33600 6562 27038 end chapter 2
Men's Axe 84000 16800 67200 mid chapter 3
Axe of Anger 325500 42000 283500 start chap 5
Northern Axe 682500 162750 519750 start chap 6

Tips & Tricks

  • Movement and selection can be controlled by the D-pad or the left stick; the stick is faster, but less precise.
  • Use try instead of buy, so purchased weapons are auto-equipped.
  • Cancel out of view tutorial screen instead of selecting No.
  • Axes do the most damage, but spear and fist are the first weapons used because they allow for more counters. Sword might also be more useful than axe for Blade Rush AoE before Mao gets Shine Beam at level 32.

Potential Buffs

  • Corner Res. Group gives +25% xp; 50 mana
  • "Physical Boost" evility is +15% damage to specials; Mao level 30, 800 mana
  • Sapphire gives +20% stats to adjacent males.
  • Stat boost spells are +20-47%, but they don't stack like in previous games.
  • Robber Shop is 50% bonus mana from adjacent classmates; 20 mana
  • Honor Students is 10% bonus xp from adjacent classmates; create skilled char, 100 mana
  • Male Gunner gives guaranteed crit to next person in combo; 15 thf, 15 m.blm, 150 mana
  • Geo Master; 20 whm, 20 mnk, 300 mana
  • Cheerleaders give +5% stats to allies; 25 whm, 25 geo, 400 mana
  • Reincarnating Mao gives him better base stats; 100+ mana, resets level
  • School Board gives bonus to stat growth; start of chapter 4, 600 mana; Mr. Prism Indigo +5% atk (10+ battles), Ms. Kittycat +10% atk (90+ battles)
  • Mao gains 5% to his aptitudes every reincarnation. Makes weapon stronger.
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