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Bastion is an isometric action game made by Supergiant Games (Bastion, Transistor, Pyre) and originally released on the XBLA in 2011. The game is now also available on PC, iOS, PS4, and PlayStation Vita.
Welcome to the Bastion Speedrun Knowledge Base
When these pages were first created several years ago, it was a different time in speedrunning and in Bastion history! It was initially intended to be a thorough and well monitored repository for all Bastion speedrunning knowledge. Now, however, with few left to maintain it, we are scaling back it's goal to simply keep an updated explanation of as many things as possible, starting with the more common categories and tricks and extending it as is reasonable.

Community information

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Currently the fastest version of the game is PC due to availability of mouse movement, which is faster than other control schemes. Players typically play on the live Steam patch.

Speedrunning Bastion


One of the best things about Bastion is its great learning curve. If you're just starting out, you can learn the route of your category and try to complete a couple of runs while following the general path; then start learning, and incorporating into your runs, more advanced techniques and strategies.

Starting with a NG+ category is not recommended, as these are mostly more challenging and require the ability to perform some difficult tricks.

Timing a Bastion speedrun

The time starts when you gain control of the Kid; you can set up your split program to start at -1.1 seconds and start it at the same time as you press to make the Kid get up, or use the autosplitter for LiveSplit!

Time ends when you select an ending in the Heart of the Bastion.

Load times and cutscenes are included in the timing. Loading screens are nearly the same length for almost everyone (about ~4.4 seconds) and have insignificant variance of up to 7 frames.

Timing issues can be a result of your game running slowly. Test this by seeing how quickly you can reach the Cael Hammer after gaining control of the Kid; if that time is around 13.5 seconds, then your game is running properly. If it takes significantly longer than that, you need to play with your display options (VSync, Fullscreen mode, Resolution).

One solution to the game running too slowly that IS NOT recommended is using the -nofixedstep launch option. This might help you run the game at full speed, but most likely will in some way break your game - causing lag, freezing or unacceptably breaking your game physics. Using -nofixedstep may invalidate your run.


There exist four primary categories of Bastion
  • NG Any% - Complete the game from a new save file (New Game) as quickly as possible. This is the most popular category, and probably the easiest.
  • NG ASL - Complete all story levels (Proving grounds not required) from a new game. This category is the more completionist category, where you are not allowed to skip any of the game's core levels.
  • NG+ Any% - Complete the game from an existing save file (New Game Plus) as quickly as possible.
  • NG+ ASL - Complete all story levels from an existing save file (New Game Plus).
There is also one alternate category, which was created to be intentionally challenging
  • All Weapons - Complete the game from a new save file (New Game) with every arsenal weapon collected.
(NG = New Game, NG+ = New Game Plus, ASL = All Story Levels)
Any% categories are around 13 - 14 minutes long, while ASL categories are around 50 minutes long.

Any% categories include duplicating cores. All Story Levels forbid that, as it would prevent you from accessing (and thus completing) Tazal Terminals.


NG Any% Route

NG ASL Route

NG+ Routes May be added in the future. They are similar to the NG routes.

Basic Gameplay Mechanics

Game Data (Weapon Damage, Enemy Health, XP etc.)


Individual Levels Pages

This is a list of pages that will form a knowledge base on completing each Bastion level in a speedrun. They assume that you mostly know your way through the level, and focus on explaining speedrun level strategies.

Wharf District

Workmen Ward

Melting Pot

Sundown Path

Hanging Gardens

Cinderbrick Fort

Pyth Orchard

Langston River

Prosper Bluff

Wild Outskirts

Jawson Bog

Roathus Lagoon

Point Lemaign

Colford Cauldron

Mount Zand

Burstone Quarry

Urzendra Gate

Zulten's Hollow

Tazal Terminals

Other Resources Guide List

No tutorial videos or guides are fully up to date, but this is a great place to start!

Red_Buddha's NG+ File

Very convenient if you want to run NG+ categories. Has full upgrades on the Scrap Musket, Brusher's Pike, Cael Hammer and the Fang Repeater.

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