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Categories and Routing

Amped 2 speedrunning is done in "Career" mode. Upon player creation, you start with a rank of 250 and an in-game completion of 0%. There are two endings in the game. The first by finishing first in Event 4, which brings the ranking to 1 (any% category). Event 4 is unlocked by completing enough challenges to reach rank 8, which is the lowest rank you can reach without playing Event 4. The second ending is triggered when the in-game percentage reaches 100% (100% category). Reaching 100% requires completing every single challenge and goal in the game.

There are NTSC-U, NTSC-J and PAL versions of the game. Amped 2 has also been made available for the Xbox 360. Content wise, NTSC-U and PAL seem to be identical. Basic testing of speed seems to indicate that the PAL-version has been sped up to compensate for the 50 Hz framerate in order to achieve a speed that is the same or at least very close to the NTSC-U version (source: ktwo). No other information about version differences has been found.

Routing - Routing information and discussion (both for any% and for 100%).

Game and Speedrun Information

Mountains and challenges - Information about the different levels and challenges.
Game Mechanics - Some general explanations about how the scoring and speed work, notes about specific techniques etc.
Additional Resources - Links to other helpful resources.

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