The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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GameCube Version


Segmented run-in-progress by TpFox

GCN Any% Route

Up to date as of June 13, 2009.

01 Faron Province 1 - Perform the gate glitch to skip the Wooden Sword and call Epona to jump the fence. Proceed normally and save after you get the small key in the chest.

02 Faron Province 2 - Manipulate the bokoblins to destroy the cage. Then use Trill to kill the bokoblins (1:38 - 6:15). Goat herd, then meet Ilia in the spring. Save when prompted.

03 Twilight Castle - Meet Zelda and save when you reach the spring.

04 Ordon Province - Lure a Bokoblin over to the twilight wall to skip the sword & shield. Save when entering the twilight.

05 Faron Woods 1 - Get the Vessel of Light. Don't collect several of the tears. Save when entering mist area.

06 North Faron - Go to Sacred Grove early. Save upon entering Sacred Grove.

07 Sacred Grove, Early Master Sword - Proceed normally until you get the Master Sword. The fastest solution to the Master Sword puzzle is right, down, up, up, up, left, left, down, down, down, right, up. Save.

08 Faron Woods 2 - Warp to South Faron and run back up to North Faron, collecting the tears you previously left behind. Collect the last two bugs to clear the twilight, then warp to North Faron and turn into a human next to the golden wolf to learn the Finishing Blow. Enter the Forest Temple and save.

09 Forest Temple 1 - Try to skip killing both spiders on the vines in the first room. Play through more or less normally until you rescue the second monkey. Kill the two Bokoblins and save.

10 Forest Temple 2 - Try to skip killing both spiders on the vines in the first room again. Perform Early Gale Boomerang (use Midna to speed up the bridges). Kill Ook in one cycle and save.

11 Forest Temple 3 - Collect the boss key by rolling across the fence. When you get to the monkey room, use a Long Jump Attack to skip the rest of the monkeys. Kill Diababa, enter the warp, and save when prompted.

12 Eldin Province 1 - Turn into a wolf and run to the twilight wall. Get vessel of light. Enter the Sanctuary through the rooftop and get the three bugs in the basement. Come out into the Graveyard and collect the bug there. Save.

13 Eldin Province 3 - Get the bug in the general store, then enter the Inn and collect both bugs there. Save.

14 Eldin Province 4 - Get the rest of the bugs by going through Barnes', then jump off and get the rest of them at Death Mountain. After getting the last of them, run to the Death Mountain trail and Midna jump up to the top of the wall. Trigger the Goron to start rolling and warp to Kakariko. Run towards the town to trigger Epona. Tame her and warp to South Faron. Save.

15 Iron Boots - Run to Ordon. Get the orange rupee behind Uli's house, then go to Mayor Bo and sumo with him to get the Iron Boots. Save.

16 South Faron, Hyrule Field - Warp to South Faron and call Epona. Ride her out to Hyrule Field, and clip the gate to Lanayru. Save after jumping into Lake Hylia.

17 Lanayru Province 1 - Put on wolf senses and talk to Fyer. Grab a small jar by Fyer's cannon. Do blue rupee dive and swim out of bounds to Lakebed Temple. Save.

18 Lakebed Temple 1 - Use a couple of LJAs to get past the 2nd room, then do a double LJA in staircase room. Pull the lever behind you, go up the stairs, get ooccoo, warp out, save.

19 Lanayru Province 2 - Turn into a wolf and run to Kargaroc. Use the water in Lake Hylia to kill the bokoblin riding Kargaroc. Although the camera is weird at times when going through the tunnel as a human, it isn't a problem. Go to Zora's Domain and open the portal, then warp to Death Mountain. Turn into a human before the lava rock cutscene, then warp it. Skip the Rutela cutscene. Save after getting the Vessel of Light.

20 Lanayru Province 3 - Kill the bug shown in the cutscene right at the beginning and open the Lake Hylia portal, then the one on the way to the stone tower. Warp to Zora's Domain and kill the one up there. Skip the Rutela cutscene again. After the next area loads, save.

21 Lanayru Province 4 - Jump off and kill the bug high up on the cliff just outside it. Then the two in the water, and the one to the side. Save when you enter Upper Zora's River.

22 Lanayru Province 5 - Talk to Iza to get one of the bugs out, then take the tunnel down to Castle Town. Get the one near Telma's bar and warp to Lake Hylia. Kill the one behind Fyer's cannon, then call the Kargaroc and kill the four in the cave. Fly into a wall after that and tell Midna you don't want to try again, and you'll respawn next to the next one. Then kill the giant bug and save.

23 Lanayru Province 6 - Go to Upper Zora's River, save.

24 Lanayru Province 7, Lakebed Temple 2 - Kill the twilight messengers, see Iza. Throw 29 bombs over the railing into the water in Iza's canoe area, then steal the bomb bag. Go to the 2nd room in Lakebed Temple and use gale boomerang and the one remaining bomb to knock down a stalactite. Open the water bomb chest, warp out. Warp to Zora's Domain, get Goron bomb bag. Use rocket glitch to surface. Warp back to Lakebed, go back to staircase room, and do a single LJA to get to the door. In the room before Deku Toad, throw a water bomb over the railing and blow up the rock. Get on top of the key chest, do an LJA into the water, proceed to Deku Toad. When Deku Toad is in mid-air, empty some of the Goron bomb bag. Kill Deku Toad, empty rest of Goron bomb bag, get the Clawshot, save.

25 Lakebed Temple 3 - Open the water bomb chest in the first room. Use a vine glitch to skip the Boss Key, and kill Morpheel. (Note: After striking the eyeball in the 1st phase, set it up to where you'll be rising with a water bomb at the beginning of the 2nd phase). Save when prompted.

26 Midna's Desperate Hour - Take Midna to see Zelda (though you can still turn into a human, her injury cancels the ability to warp). Save when you get out.

27 Peak Province 1 - Use the Warp Cancel Glitch to access Snowpeak early. You'll need to howl at the Howling Stone when you get to the top to prevent the game from freezing, but you only need to do it once; just turn around and walk back after the first time. Collect many rupees while snowboarding. Save upon entering Snowpeak Ruins.

28 Snowpeak Ruins - Use this route. Use the glitch to clip past the Freezard. Kill Darkhammer and get the Ball and Chain. Save.

29 Gerudo Desert - Get orange rupee, exit Snowpeak Ruins. W arp to Lake Hylia and get Auru's memo, then show it to Fyer. Clip through the barricades in the desert (from 0:00 - 0:16). (Alternative slower way: Use Ball and Chain then clip past 2nd barricade). Save when you enter Arbiter's Grounds.

30 Arbiter's Grounds 1 - Use LJAs in the rooms with chandeliers to skip raising them. (Note: In the first chandelier room, use this LJA) Get all the Poes and skip to the boss key. Go and kill Death Sword. (note: use this trick in the room before Death Sword). Save.

31 Arbiter's Grounds 2 - Single-cycle Stallord. Save when prompted.

32 The Oocca's Words - Kill twilight messengers, then skip activating the mirror chamber. Warp the sky cannon from Kakariko. Talk to Fyer to have it repaired (requires 300 rupees). Save when you enter City in the Sky.

33 City in the Sky 1 - This dungeon utilizes a variety of LJAs to cross gaps (look around on YouTube a bit). After getting the small key, skip the Argorok cutscene - this allows you to savewarp back across the dungeon later. This trick should also be performed. Kill Aeralfos, get double clawshots, save.

34 City in the Sky 2 - After getting the big key, skip activating the fan. When Argorok does his final attack, he shoots 2 flames. Make his 2nd flame end quickly so you can clawshot him sooner and do the finishing blow. Don't save after defeating Argorok. Take the cannon down to Lake Hylia and save as you fall.

35 Palace of Twilight 1 - Enter the west wing, get sol. (Note: Use clawshot when getting the sol to skip Midna text). Return the sol. Save.

36 Palce of Twilight 2 - Enter the east wing, get sol, return it. Save after master sword fills with light.

37 Palace of Twilight 3 - Use the Clawshot to skip the twilight fall blocking off the boss key. During the underwater Zant phase, try to use no more than 3 water bombs. Save after defeating Zant.

38 Castle Town, Hyrule Castle 1 - Exit Palace of Twilight, go to Castle Town, activate cutscene. Enter Hyrule Castle courtyard, take left path. Defeat King Bulblin, get small key, save.

39 Hyrule Castle 2 - The ghost/invisible rat room at the end can be cleared with a beeline straight to the end instead of following the correct path. Puppet Zelda should ideally be defeated in as few turns as possible, Ganon with as few portals as possible, and Ganondorf in 12 seconds.

Wii Version


100% Segmented Speedrun in Progress by SD2

Any% Segmented Speedrun in Progress by Chimpas

Wii Any% Route

Up to date as of April 20, 2009.

Seg. # Description Details
01 Ordon 1/Faron 1 Glitch through the gate. Get the lantern, and save after getting the small key.
02 Faron 2 Break Talo's cage by manipulating the Bokoblins, then make Trill kill them. Go to the spring with Ilia after goat herding, and save at the prompt.
03 Twilight Castle Go to Zelda, then save at the spring.
04 Ordon 2/Faron 3 Skip the sword & shield. Save after entering Faron Woods.
05 Faron Tears 1 Get the Vessel of light, and proceed as normal to the misty part of the woods. Do not pick up the first two and last two tears, only kill the bugs.
06 Faron Tears 2 Proceed to the Twilit messengers, destroying all the bugs, but only picking up the tears in the tree. Use the messenger on the right to get to the Sacred Grove early. video. Save after entering the Sacred Grove.
07 Sacred Grove Proceed through the Sacred Grove. Save after getting the Master sword. The solution to the Master sword puzzle used is RDUUULLDDDRU.
08 Faron Tears 3/Faron 4 Warp to South Faron Woods, and run through to the last two tears, picking up the tears that were missed. After light is restored, warp to North Faron Woods, turn into a human next to the golden wolf. Learn the finishing blow, roll to the entrance of the Forest Temple, and save when entering.
09 Forest Temple 1 Proceed normally through the temple, jumpslashing past the hanging skulltula after getting the small key. Save after rescuing the second monkey.
10 Forest Temple 2 Proceed normally, skipping the Deku Baba by hopping slightly to the right, which allows you to open the door with one bomb. Save both the third monkey and the fourth monkey and proceed to Ook. Single cycle Ook, get the gale boomerang, rescue the monkey just outside, and save.
11 Forest Temple 3 Take the alternate route to the boss key, the proceed to the room above the monkey room. Skip the Deku Baba there, get the small key, and rescue the encased monkey. Head to the room with the turning platform, and proceed to the left (from the entrance you just came out of). Burn the web to the left, and rescue the seventh monkey, then exit. Go across, and enter the last room. Use the tile worm closest, and go on the right side of the platform. Jump across the gap, save the final monkey, then proceed back to the monkey tree room. Try to roll forward before the cutscene so you can get on the swing before they swing back. Beat Diababa, and save at the prompt.
12 Faron 5/Eldin Tears 1 Turn into a wolf and run to the Twilight wall, skipping the postman. After getting the Vessel of Light, get the tears inside Renado's house and the one in the Graveyard, and save.
13 Eldin Tears 2 Get the tear in the store. Exit, get the two tears in the hotel, and save.
14 Eldin Tears 3 Get the tear in the house on the west side of town, then get the one in the bomb shop. Get the three in the house on the ledge (the one to be blown up), and then the one inside the highest house. Go to Death Mountain, get the tears there. With light restored, run to Death mountain as a wolf. Midna jump up to the ledge, and while the goron is rolling at you, warp to Kakariko. Tame Epona, warp to South Faron, and save.
15 Iron Boots Run as a wolf to Ordon, and get the orange rupee behind Rusl's house. Sumo with Bo, and save after getting the Iron Boots.
16 Lanaryu 1 Warp to South Faron, call Epona, then ride to the Lanaryu gate. Clip the gate to Lake Hylia. Save after jumping off the bridge.
17 Lanayru 2 Put on wolf senses, talk to Fyer. Kill the bokoblin riding Kargaroc by making it touch the water. Do this by putting on iron boots while in the lake. Ride Kargaroc as a human to upper Zora's river. Open the portal in Zora's Domain, warp to Death Mountain, turn into a human before the lava rock cutscene. Warp the lava rock to Zora's Domain. Skip the Rutela cutscene. Get the Vessel of Light, save.
18 Lanayru 3 Swim to the wooden planks, grab a crate, Midna dive to Lakebed Temple, save.
19 Lakebed Temple 1 Get through 2nd room, get ooccoo, proceed to next room, warp out, save.
20 Lanayru 4 Kill the bug you saw in the cutscene at the beginning of segment 20 and open Lake Hylia portal. Kill the next bug, doing 2 wolf jumps to get to it along a winding pathway. Warp to Zora's Domain, kill the bug quickly but carefully trying not to accidentally activate the Rutela cutscene. Skip the Rutela cutscene once more. Save after next area loads.
21 Lanayru 5 Jump off and kill the bug in the area high above the water. Kill the 2 bugs in the water, and then the one to the side. Go to upper Zora's river, save.
22 Lanayru 6 Put on wolf senses, talk to Iza, kill bug. Use water tunnel to exit upper Zora's river. Go to Castle Town, kill the bug hiding in the crate by Telma's bar. Warp to Lake Hylia, kill bug behind Fyer's cannon. Call Kargaroc, kill the bugs in the tunnel, fly Kargaroc into a wall, kill bug after you respawn in Lake Hylia. Kill giant bug and save after collecting the tear.
23 Lanayru 7, Lakebed Temple 2 Warp to Zora's Domain, go to upper Zora's river, kill Twilight messengers. Use ooccoo jr. to steal Iza's bomb bag and warp back to Lakebed. Use gale boomerang and bombs to break 2 stalactites. Open chest to get a small key. Empty the bomb bag as you are making your way from room to room. 2 rooms after you used your key, there is a water bomb chest to the left. After the stolen bomb bag is empty, open the chest, knock down the stalactite, climb the vines. Open door, fall down to the platform below, open door, throw water bomb over railing to blow up rock, get small key. Warp out with ooccoo, warp to Zora's Domain, get Goron bomb bag, surface using rocket glitch and warp back to Lakebed with ooccoo jr. (warping back to Lakebed automatically puts you in front of the locked door). Open door, go through water canal, fight Deku Toad. As you are fighting Deku Toad, empty the Goron bomb bag. After Deku Toad is dead, empty the rest of the Goron bomb bag, get clawshot, save.
24 Lakebed Temple 3 Open water bomb treasure chest behind you. Knock down 2 stalactites in the 2nd room. Do the vine glitch to get to Morpheel. Kill Morpheel, using 2 water bombs to refill your air while doing so. Save when prompted.
25 Midna's Desperate Hour Go to Castle Town, enter Telma's bar, into sewers, see Zelda, save.
26 Lanayru 8, Gerudo Desert Warp to Lake Hylia, climb tower, talk to Auru and get his memo. Show the memo to Fyer and use cannon to get to the desert. Beat King Bulblin, enter Arbiter's Grounds, save.
27 Arbiter's Grounds 1 Collect all 4 Poe souls to open the main gate. Use the 'wolf in sand glitch' to get to the boss key. Use 2 water bombs to kill 3 Stalfos. Time the 2nd bomb to explode when you are by the gate. Kill Death Sword, get spinner, save.
28 Arbiter's Grounds 2 Use spinner to move the barrier, get on spinner track. Jump off track with spinner and use spinner to make a new spinner track rise up. Get on that track, open boss door. Hit Stallord 3 times with spinner. After the cutscene, jump from track to track avoiding Stallord's fire attack. Hit Stallord with spinner and kill him.
29 Mirror Chamber, Peak Province 1 Open portal, go up spinner track, bring up Mirror of Twilight. Warp to Zora's Domain. After the Ashei cutscene, use Ashei's sketch to map glitch up the mountain. Howl at the howling stone correctly to enter golden wolf realm, then leave. Dig into grotto, climb to the top. Turn into a wolf and save when getting to next area.
30 Peak Province 2 Skip the portal, talk to Yeto, snowboard to Snowpeak. While snowboarding, have the route memorized since visibility will be limited. Save after entering Snowpeak Ruins.
31 Snowpeak Ruins Do the block puzzle, then use this trick. Clip past the freezard, kill Darkhammer, get ball and chain, save.
32 Oocca's Words Warp to Kakariko, and access the City in the sky early.
33 City in the Sky 1 Proceed to the first small key, and skip the bridge destruction cutscene. Do this tricks(1 2 3) Proceed to the Aeralfos, and defeat them (use the Gale Boomerang to speed up the fight). Save after getting the second clawshot.
34 City in the Sky 2 Proceed to Argarok, beat him, do not save at prompt. Instead, take the cannon to Lake Hylia, then save
35 Twilight Castle 1 Warp to the Mirror chamber, and enter the Twilight Realm. Rescue the first light ball (**OPTIONAL SAVE**), and the second light ball. Obtain the Light sword, and save.
36 Twilight Castle 2 Proceed to Zant. Defeat him, and save at the prompt.
37 Hyrule Castle 1 Exit the Twilight Realm. Warp to Hyrule Field, and skip the postman on the bridge. Enter Hyrule Castle grounds, then get the small key and save.
38 Hyrule Castle 2 Proceed up to Ganondorf. Win.

Wii 100% route

Update as August 29 2009

The route is out of fishes and cave of ordeals

 HP: Heat Piece. 
HC: Heart Container. 
I: Assignable items. 
CI: Collectable Items. 
PS: Poe Soul. 
FJ: Fish Journal. 
HS: Hidden Skills. 
WB: Water Bombs. 
GB: Golden Bugs. 
CS: Collection Screen (wallet, quiver, scents…)  
K: Key.

SEGMENT #1: Beginning.

  • Start the game.
  • Skip first cut scene.
  • Go to pond.
  • Skip Ilia’s cut scene.
  • Mount Epona, go to Ordon.
  • Go through obtaining two green rupees and a blue one [R: 7].
  • Jump fences.
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 2: Ordon Village.

  • Go down ladders and open door.
  • Quickly after taking the control run to jump on the ladder.
  • Roll to Ordon.
  • Make the hawk grab the cradle and carry it to Uli then to Rusl’s house.
  • Obtain “Fishing Rod” [I: Fishing Rod]
  • Jump to roof and take two yellow rupees (R: 27).
  • Jump down.
  • take a green rupee under the wooden bridge, another hidden in the middle grass near the railing and another hidden in the grass after the table [R: 30].
  • Walk to small lake and throw the fishing rod to catch a <Greengrill> [FJ: Greengrill].
  • Repeat the sequence [FJ: Greengrill x 2].
  • See cat cut scene.
  • Swim over the lake
  • Get inside shop
  • Speak to Sera to obtain “Bottle with milk” [I: Bottle #1].
  • Buy “Slingshot” [R: -30, you: 0] [I: Slingshot].
  • Save and quit.

SEGMENT #3: Faron Woods early

  • Go to Ordon Spring.
  • Proceed to Faron Woods.
  • Find the Horse Grass and call Epona.
  • Go to Coro (you may take 3 green rupees in the grass) [R: 3].
  • Obtain “Lantern” [I: Lantern], equip it on D-Pad.
  • Enter to cave.
  • Proceed through the cave.
  • Roll to next cave to left.
  • Light the torches take small key and take the Heart Piece [HP # 1].
  • Save and quit.

SEGMENT #4: Enter the Twilight.

  • North Faron Woods.
  • Make Bokoblins break the cage and chase’em with the slingshot.
  • See Talo’s and Rusl’s scene.
  • Skip Ordon Ranch cut scene.
  • Proceed to water pond (green rupee while crawling) [R: 4]
  • skip cut scene and save.

SEGMENT #5: Meet Midna

  • Get out of prison.
  • Run through sewers (skip the stairs Midna text).
  • See Zelda.
  • Get out of Hyrule Castle.
  • Save.

SEGMENT #6: Ordon Village 2.

  • Run to Ordon Village.
  • Run to Jaggle’s house (jump over the fence from the wooden bridge).
  • Hear Bo and Hanch.
  • Skip the Midna text.
  • Go in Jaggle’s house and obtain “Ordon Shield” [CI: Ordon Shield].
  • Go out.
  • See Rusl and Uli Scene.
  • Run to that house and dig a hole (next to the Cucco).
  • Enter and take “Ordon Sword” [CI: Ordon Sword].
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 7: Twilight Faron 1/2.

  • Go to Ordon Spring.
  • Kill Shadow Assassin: Do a quick spin and quickly jump to him.
  • Proceed to Twilight Faron .
  • Enter the twilight.
  • After the portal scene: wait a half second and do a quick spin, wait to get recovered and quick spin again.
  • Kill Assassins with Midna’s dark energy.
  • Proceed to Light Spirit to obtain the Vessel of Light.
  • Follow the Twilight bugs route.
  • Save after exit the cave.

SEGMENT # 8: Twilight Faron 2/2.

  • Open portal in North Faron Woods.
  • Skip the Light Spirit scene when collected all the tears. [CI: Hero’s Clothes]
  • Go with Coro to obtain a small key [K: 1].
  • Open locked gate and go through the cave.
  • When you have reached the next area equip the lantern to B.
  • See the monkey and the Midna text.
  • Push the monkey while going through the zone.
  • Recover the lantern and go to North Faron Woods.
  • Roll to the Bokoblin after the Trill’s shop.
  • Kill him whit a jump/spin attack or hitting it once and a quick spin.
  • Quickly roll to Trill and fill the lantern before Trill’s text.
  • See the text and roll to the Golden Wolf.
  • Learn Ending Blow [HS #1 Ending Blow].
  • Roll to Forest Temple.
  • Save.

SEGMENT #9: Forest Temple 1/2.

  • Advance to main room (Monkey 1).
  • Find the Skulltulla and take it out (three swings + quick spin).
  • Light four torches and open the door.
  • Skip the cut scene; try to back flip before the Midna text.
  • Go back to main room.
  • Use a monkey to reach the next door.
  • Light a spider web, jump platform to platform and open the right door.
  • Go to bridge crossroads room.
  • Take a key [k: 1].
  • Avoid the large skulltulla with a jump slash in watery cavern.
  • Go inside the next room.
  • Rescue the second monkey and kill both Bokos with a single strike and a spin attack.
  • Save & quit.

SEGMENT #9: Forest Temple 2/2.

  • Advance to main room.
  • Use monkey to get the next room.
  • Beat OOK in two cycles, take the boomerang [I: Gale Boomerang].
  • Exit.
  • Roll to platform after the monkey and blow it, then blow the monkey cage as far as possible.
  • Do the Pod Baba skip trick or blow the rock with the boomerang + bombling.
  • Sidestep to land behind the pole.
  • Take the key [K: 1].
  • Blow a torch and take the heart piece behind the platform [HP #3]
  • Light the last torches and open the cage [K: 0].
  • Beat the Major Deku Baba, lock a bombling and throw the boomerang, hide behind the Pod.
  • Take the key [k: 1]
  • Open the cage and exit [K: 0].
  • After going out, go left and take the bombling, walk two steps and throw it, quickly take the sword and Jump attack, you will fall during the cut scene.
  • Take the heart piece [HP #2]
  • Leave to Main room.
  • Use monkeys to get the water cavern room, avoid the large Skulltulla once again (Try to kill it with the swing).
  • Blow four switches in order and go to the Big Key (roll while the cut scene).
  • Go to bridge crossroads room and then to the monkeys room.
  • Try to roll while the cut scene, point both platforms with the boomerang and blow them.
  • Advance on them.
  • Kill three Skullwalltullas, climb vines and open the next door.
  • Rescue next monkey.
  • Take the key [K: 1].
  • Go back to the spinning platform room.
  • Open unlocked door and light the first web at right.
  • Open the locked door.
  • Tile Worm boost.
  • Jump across gap, go next to the Hebi Baba and open the monkey’s cell, quickly run to the door (try to jump while the cut scene).
  • Go back to the monkeys’ room.
  • Roll while scene and go to Diababa’s room.
  • Point two bomblings to both heads to reveal Diababa then use this technique.

<1st Fused Shadow>

  • Take the heart container [HC: 1].
  • Save.

<1st Dungeon Done>

SEGMENT # 10: Twilight Eldin

  • Roll to Eldin Province; don’t try to skip the postman.
  • Enter twilight.
  • Open the Kakariko Gorge portal.
  • Warp to North Faron Woods.
  • Go to Kakariko Village.
  • Open the portal.
  • Vessel of Light.
  • Enter to Renados’ house using Midna.
  • Light the candles.
  • Go in basement.
  • Kill three Dark Bugs.
  • Exit to graveyard using Midna, kill one more bug.
  • Save…

SEGMENT #11: Eldin Twilight 2

  • Kill the bugs in Malo Mart and Elde Inn, save after the third one.

SEGMENT #12: Twilight Finish

  • All bugs.
  • In the tower, take a blue rupee and three green ones [R: 12].
  • Howl in front of the stone In Death Mountain.
  • After restoring the light, run to Death Mountain, stop in the house in front of Elde Inn and take the bug [GB #2 Ant Female].

SEGMENT # 13: Ordon Village 3.

  • Go to Kakariko and see Renado.
  • Recover Epona.
  • Run to Kakariko Gorge, after jumping over the gate, go right and catch a golden bug [GB #12 Pill Bug Female].
  • After entering Farone Province, follow the wall to left and catch the bug in the three [GB #6 Beetle Female].
  • Get the heart piece on the three next to the wooden bridge [HP #4], fall off the cliff and take the bug [GB #5 Beetle Male].
  • Go to Ordon Spring (three green rupees from the grass in Faron) [R: 15] and learn the hidden skill [HS #2 Shield Attack].
  • Take an orange rupee behind Rusl’s house[R: 115], proceed to Bo.
  • Beat Bo in Sumo wrestling and obtain the iron boots [I: Iroon Boots].
  • Save.

SEGMENTt # 14: Goron Mines entrance

  • Go to Ordon Ranch, help Fado to heard the goats and receive a heart piece [HP #5] [HC #2].
  • Stop at Ordon adn use the boomerang to lure a purple ruppe in the grass near the wheel [R:165].
  • Run to Kakariko Village.
  • Take the bug before the wooden bridge in gorge [GB #11 Pill Bug Male].
  • Beat King Bublin, rescue Colin.
  • Go up to Death Mountain.
  • Outside Gor Coron room, there is a ledge in the wall that you can reach being boosted by the first goron you find there, then run to the entrance.
  • Equip the iron boots before see the cut scene.
  • Beat Gor Coron.
  • Enter Goron Mines.
  • Save.

SEGMENT #15: Goron Mines

  • Fire jet glitch #1.
  • Main room.
  • Jump off at left to key chest [K: 1].
  • Open locked door [K: 0].
  • Side step on the railing, kill dodongo and pull the wall.
  • First key shard.
  • Iron boots switch glitch to get the heart piece [HP #7].
  • Death warp using lava.
  • Main room.
  • Flooded mine.
  • Take key underwater
  • Jump slash to switch, if you land next to it, jump to gate saving 2 extra seconds.
  • Heart piece using the magnetic wall [HP #8].
  • open mine.
  • Take the key near the beamos.
  • Machine room.
  • Beat Dangross with shield attacks and spins.
  • Take the bow in next room [I: Hero’s Bow].
  • Activate the beamos and quickly shot the one blocking the door.
  • Take the last key shard and a purple rupee [R: 215].
  • Go back to open mine.
  • Skip the rope scene with a jump slash to platform.
  • Cut the last rope before Fyrus using the bow from upper ramp.
  • Beat Fyrus [HC: 3]

<2nd Fused Shadow>

  • Save.

<2nd Dungeon Done>

SEGMENT # 16: Way to Twilight Lanayru.

  • Buy Bomb Bag to Barnes [I: Bomb Bag #1] [R:95].
  • Use a bomb arrow to blow the rock above in Eldin Province trail [B: 29].
  • Catch the grasshopper after see the postman [GB #21 Grasshopper Male].
  • Catch the bug in the left pillar of the bridge [GB #19 Phasmid Male].
  • Blast the rocks [B: 28].
  • Open the portal and go to Lanayru.
  • Save after jumping off to Lake Hylia.

SEGMENT # 17: Twilight Lanayru.

  • Speak to Fyer.
  • Beat the shadow bublin and ride up the shadow kargorok.
  • Open the portal in Zora’s Domain and warp the meteorite.
  • Save after the vessel of light.

SEGMENT #18: Twilight 2

  • Follow the tears route.
  • Save after Enter Upper Zora’s River.

SEGMENT #19: Twilight Finish

  • Kill the bug.
  • Howling stone in a hill.
  • Save after restoring the light.

SEGMENT # 20: Zora suit.

  • Ride up the cannon [R: 85].
  • After entering Hyrule Field in front of the castle, step in the first tree at right-front, turn back and use the boomerang to catch a butterfly on a ground level [GB #14 Butterfly Female].
  • Get the golden wolf and learn the hidden skill [HS #3 Back Slice].
  • Skip the postman.
  • Go to Agitha:
  • Couple of Beetles.
  • Couple of Pill Bugs.
  • Male Grasshopper.
  • Female Butterfly.
  • Female Ant.
  • [CS: Big Wallet] [R: 485].
  • Go to Telma.
  • Guide Her to Kakariko.
  • Obtain the zora suit [CI: Zora Armor]
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 21: Water Bombs.

  • Go to Barnes and sell your bombs [R: 527].
  • Buy 5 water bombs [R: 494].
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 22: Lakebed Temple entrance.

  • Take an ant in graveyard at a single tree [GB #1 Ant Male].
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 23: Lakebed Temple.

  • Dive to entrance and open a chest with bombs [WB: 14].
  • Knock stalactites [WB: 12]
  • Grand Staircase.
  • Western Gear room.
  • Knock stalactites [WB: 10].
  • Skip climbing the vines to first key and way back (with jump slash too) [K: 1].
  • Western troughs [K: 0].
  • Knock the stalactite and open the chest at left [WB: 14].
  • Western Gear room (2F).
  • Jump off to platform Right-Below.
  • Back slice over the railing.
  • Enter to sub boss room [WB: 13].
  • Beat Deku Toad using bomb arrows and jump-spin attack [WB: 10]
  • Get the clawshot [I: Claswshot].
  • Exit to Grand Staircase (claw shot the vines in Western Gear Room).
  • Claw shot to chandelier above [HP #19].
  • Side step off.
  • Back to Western Gear (2F).
  • Jump attack to land on pillar beside of the bridge (yellow rupee in pot)[R: 504].
  • Back to Grand Staircase.
  • Beat Morpheel [HC #4].
  • Save.

<3rd Dungeon Done>

SEGMENT # 24: Sacred Grove.

  • Go to Telma.
  • Poe in Jovani’s house [PS #1].
  • See Zelda.
  • Warp to North Faron Woods.
  • Chase Deku Golems with a single spin attack.
  • Enter Sacred Grove.
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 25: Master Sword

  • Follow Skull Kid.
  • Beat him
  • Activate and solve the puzzle.
  • Take the master sword [CI: Master Sword].
  • Warp to Kakariko.
  • Donate 500 rupees in Malo Mart [R: 4].
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 26: Lake Hylia Secret.

  • Warp to Lake Hylia.
  • Howling stone after the ladder.
  • Enter the secret cave [WB: 7]
  • Room 1 - left.
  • Room 2 -left.
  • Room 3 - (Poe) up
  • Room 4 - right
  • Room 5 – right
  • Room 6 – up to get bombs then right.
  • Room 7 – up.
  • Room 8 – (Poe) left to bombs then up.
  • Room 9 – left.
  • Room 10 – Left to orange rupee then down.
  • Room 11 – (Poe), light torches to heart piece.
  • [PS #23], [PS #24], [PS #25], [HP #17], [HC #5], [R: 104], [WB: 8].
  • Exit.
  • Auru’s Memo on tower.
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 27: Heart Piece.

  • Enter the spring behind.
  • Use the clawshot to climb a high level an open a door.
  • Light torches to make a chest [HP #22].
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 28: Gerudo Desert 1.

  • Show Auru’s Memo to Fabi (Oasis flight).
  • Run to Gerudo Mesa: Dayfly near the south wall, before a black and long hole [GB #3 Dayfly Male]; next bug in the northern trench before Mesa, use the boomerang to skip jumping

in the trench [GB #4 Dayfly Female].

  • Open Portal in Mesa.
  • Warp the bridge.
  • Warp back.
  • Use a Boar to break the fences (fire an arrow from where bublins can’t see you).
  • Get the golden wolf [HS #4 Helm Splitter].
  • Beat King Bublin.
  • Save after opening the path to Arbiter Grounds.

SEGMENT # 29: Poe.

  • Exit to Gerudo Desert.
  • Walk left and kill a Poe [PS #34].
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 30: Gerudo Desert Poes, enter Arbiter’s Grounds.

  • Behind the start point near a rocky pillar [PS #29]
  • Warp to Gerudo Mesa [PS #30].
  • Claw shot up a peahat tree west of watchtowers [PS #31]
  • Dig to enter the grotto right there, stun the first and walk near the rocks to call the attention of the second [PS #32] [PS #33].
  • Where you chased King Bublin [PS #35].
  • Run left and chase the cooked Boar [HP #26].
  • At right of AG entrance [PS #36].
  • Enter AG.
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 31: Arbiter’s Grounds ½.

  • Use wolf in sand glitch to get the lever then the key [K: 1].
  • Four Torches room [K: 0].
  • Kill the first Poe with a quick spin and a jump attack [PS #37].
  • Sniff [CS: Poe Scent]
  • Pass the sand pit at left as a wolf [HP #28].
  • After pulling the lever, run to the falling staircase.
  • Kill the first RE-dead with a dark energy and jump attack.
  • Key from small chest [K: 1].
  • Kill next Poe [PS #38].
  • Go back to Four Torches.
  • Open the locked door [K: 0].
  • Use thewolf in sand glitch.
  • Pull the box once and use the trick to pull the chandelier.
  • Take the next key [K: 1].
  • Kill two RE-deads with bomb arrows [WB: 4].
  • Two red rupees [R: 144].
  • Pull lever to next Poe [PS #39].
  • Four Torches (2F) cross the chandelier.
  • Push the box, pull lever eleven times then let it go to and step in the middle square.
  • In the next room, take a chest with bombs at left [WB: 9].
  • Kill the Stalfos [WB: 8].
  • Light torches to next Poe:
  • Kill the Poe after all them stop activating the dark energy and catching the sensible Poe in [PS #40].
  • Back to Four Torches.
  • Open the main gate.
  • Boss key, next room.
  • Go to right trail of this room to find the small chest next to a stalfos [HP #29].
  • Back slice over the railing.
  • Refill the quiver before sub boss room.
  • Kill Death Sword in three cycles. [I: Spinner].
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 32: Arbiter’s Grounds 2/2.

  • Use the spinner in the track after the Four Torches room.
  • Ride up the track and jump from there to the platform with a second track.
  • Make another raise to boss room.
  • First face three cycles.
  • Second face two cycles [HC #6].

<4th Dungeon Done>

<1st Mirror Shard>

  • Don’t save in the prompt.
  • Open the portal in Mirror Chamber.
  • Ride up the track and spin.
  • Warp to Zora’s Domain.
  • Use a water bomb to get the goron underwater [WB: 5] [I: Bomb Bag #3].
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 33: Zora’s Domain -> Snow Peak stuff.

  • Kill the Poe behind waterfall [PS #28].
  • Catch a bug in the land in front Mother and Child Isles [GB #23 Dragonfly Male].
  • Poe up the hill [PS #27].
  • Go to snow Peak entrance.
  • See Asheih and obtain the Ashei's Sketch then Map Glitch up the mountain:
  • As you start climbing, you will see a rocky formation, find the Poe here [PS #41].
  • Before starting to climb small ledges, keep the way right to a single tree [PS #42].
  • Climb the ledges go right then left to find a Poe next to a tree [PS #43].
  • Howling stone before the cave.
  • Open the Snow Peak Portal.
  • Warp to Kakariko.
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 34: Kakariko Poes.

  • Two Poes in graveyard push the stone at left and one in the very center [PS #15] [PS #16].
  • Light the torches at left [R: 194].
  • Go to the golden wolf [HS #5 Mortal Draw].
  • Go to prince Ralis and show Ashei's Sketch [I: Fishing Rod+Coral Earring]
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 35: Kakariko Poes -> Death Mountain stuff.

  • Go up Barnes Bombs.
  • Poes in the ruins of old bomb house and front on watchtower [PS #13] [PS #14].
  • Use a goron to climb up the trail in Death Mountain.
  • Find the Poe [PS #17].
  • Run up and find the chest in the right cave [HP #12] [HC #7].
  • Warp to Snow Peak.
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 36: Snow Peak Ruins entrance.

  • Go to Yeto.
  • Snowboard down (blue, two reds, a purple and a green rupee) [R: 290].
  • Enter Snow Peak Ruins.
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 37: Snow Peak Ruins ½.

  • Take the map from Yeta.
  • See Yeto.
  • Solve the puzzle.
  • Skip SPR cut scene in courtyard.
  • Take a small key [K: 1].
  • Pick the B&C [I: Ball and Chain].
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 38: Snow Peak Ruins 2/2.

  • Destroy second armor at left then third at right, kill bubble with orange rupee [R: 390].
  • Kill both Poes [PS #45] [PS #46].
  • Use B&C to make your way across chandeliers to Chilfos door.
  • Kill the chilfos and open the door.
  • Kill the small freezards, step near the ice block to call the attention of the Poe [PS #47].
  • Open the locked door.
  • Kill freezard blocking the door.
  • Hit blocks behind the other freezard.
  • Place a cannonball on the spoon of the lever in next room.
  • Kill two freezards in cages.
  • Place the cannonball in the cannon and shot it [WB: 1].
  • Step in the weak floor and use a bomb to break it[HP #31].
  • Go to Courtyard (2F).
  • Shot the cannonball to the freezard blocking the ladder [WB: 0].
  • Enter the chapel.
  • Kill all the chilfos with B&C, take the bedroom key.

<5th Dungeon Done>

<2nd Mirror Shard>

  • Save.

SEGMENT # 39: Yeto race.

  • Talk to Yeto and race him.
  • Take 95 rupees on trees and shortcut [R: 485]
  • Climb a hill near the trail and find the Poe [PS #44].
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 40: Yeta race.

  • Talk to Yeta and race her.
  • Rupees on trees and shortcut [R: 580]
  • Beat Her [HP #33].
  • Save.


  • Warp to Kakariko.
  • If Epona is not near then call her.
  • Donate 500 rupees in Malo Mart [R: 80]
  • Go to Eldin Province.
  • On Epona, claw shot the vines above near the entrance to Kakariko; you have already blasted the rock.
  • Find the chest in the trail [HP #14].
  • Warp to Zora’s Domain.
  • Catch a Reekfish near Mother and Child Isles [FJ: Reekfish].
  • Warp to Lake Hylia.
  • Go to south end across a rocky platform to find a Poe [PS #19].
  • Find the other near the tower where Auru was [PS #20]
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 42: Lake Hylia stuff.

  • Regular flight with Fyer [R: 70].
  • Flight-by-Fowl with Falbi [R: 50].
  • Open all chests and the Poe around the Isle of Riches.
  • [R: 230], [HP #16], [HC #9], [PS #21].
  • Cannon and Falbi’s game [R: 200], turn 180 degrees at the start point to find a Poe on a rock level [PS #22].
  • Warp to Lake Hylia then save.

SEGMENT # 43: Upper Zora’s River 1

  • Run to the west shore and kill the last Poe (of Lake Hylia >__>) [PS #18].
  • Start Plumm game and beat it [HP #23].
  • Find a Poe in the piece of land of two river outlets [PS #26].
  • Boomerang the bug near the small pier [GB #24 Dragonfly Female].
  • Talk to Iza.
  • Open the portal.
  • Help Iza with the rocks in the river [I: Bomb Bag #2].
  • Save and restarting puts you in Upper Zora’s River.

SEGMENT # 44: Upper Zora’s River 2

  • Enter the Fishing Hole.
  • Swim to the rocky formation and claw shot the heart piece [HP #18].
  • Go to pit at the bridge [I: Bottle #3].
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 45: Upper Zora’s River 3

  • Play and beat Iza’s boat game [R: 180].
  • Four blue rupees from Zora [R: 200].
  • Warp to North Faron.
  • Save

SEGMENT # 46: Temple of Time entrance

  • Sacred Grove (Early?).
  • Follow Skull Kid
  • Poe in the wooden base where Skull Kid was before [PS #49]
  • Refill the quiver from golems or skulls.
  • Take the snail at left after pushing the block [GB #17 Snail Male].
  • Place the Master Sword.
  • Open Portal.
  • Enter Temple of Time.
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 47: Temple of time 1/1.

  • Place pot on switch.
  • Light torches [K: 1].
  • Skip ooccoo walking next to wall.
  • Unlock door [K: 0].
  • Main room.
  • Place a statue on a switch and you on the other, roll while the scene and roll on to next door.
  • Unlock next door.
  • Hit diamonds to through two rooms.
  • Back flip across the weight scale.
  • Take a key in next room then claw shot up and jump over electric fence.
  • Kill Armoses and unlock door.
  • Defeat Darknut [I: Dominion Rod].
  • Go back.
  • Jump attack on the railing then claw shot up to Boss Key room, but kill the Poe before [PS #52]
  • Back hop across the weight scale.
  • Heart piece in the room with a diamond and some Armored Lizalfos, make the statue step on the switch [HP #35].
  • Make the statue fall to first floor in main room.
  • Smash the gate and kill the Poe [PS #53]
  • Save after final bell

SEGMENT # 48: Temple of Time 2/2.

  • Take the statue to original spot.
  • Proceed to Armogohma.
  • Kill It [HC #10]

<3rd Mirror Shard>

<6th Dungeon Done>

  • Save.

SEGMENT # 49: Sacred Grove.

  • Move the left owl statue to kill a Poe [PS #54] (refill the quiver from pots).
  • catch a bug next to the right owl statue [GB #18 Snail Female].
  • Move the statue and get the chest behind [HP #37] [HC #11].
  • Exit.
  • See Ooccoo.
  • Go to the area where you defeated Skull Kid as a wolf.
  • Blast the rock [PS #50], dig in the grotto and kill all Hebi Baba using spins [HP #21].
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 50: Kakariko stuff.

  • Warp to Kakariko.
  • Get Renado’s Note.
  • Go up to Talo on the watchtower.
  • Beat the bow and arrow game [HP #9].
  • Blast the rocks on a wall near entrance and blocking the way to the pond.
  • Use the boomerang on the wall [HP #11].
  • Sink to the bottom of the pond [HP #10].
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 51: Recovering Ilia’s memory 1.

  • Warp to Castle Town.
  • Postman skip.
  • Give Agitha:
  • Couple of Snails.
  • Ant Male [R: 450].
  • Go to Telma’s Bar.
  • Take your distance, far for the cut scene but close to Z-Locking.
  • Turn Renado’s Note into Invoice.
  • Take Invoice to the Doctor.
  • Poe Scent -> Medicine Scent [CS: Medicine Scent].
  • Talk to Goron in the west exit.
  • Warp to Kakariko.
  • Speak with Gor Liggs.
  • Spring Hotwater Quest [HP #25] [HC #12].
  • Go in town and talk to Louisse outside Telma’s Bar.
  • Save in South Hyrule Field.

SEGMENT # 52: Recovering Ilia’s memory 2.

  • Use a back slice to Orange rupee early [R: 550].
  • Catch a bug in a yard with three trees at left [GB #16 Ladybug Female].
  • Back slice on railings and go to golden wolf [HS #6 Jump Strike].
  • Refill the quiver from grass.
  • Go to rocky pillar at west and find a bug in the patch of flowers [GB #15 Ladybug Male].
  • Step on stairs next to where you found the ladybug female, wait a bit until the Poe appears and (<__<) kill him, yes… [PS #10].
  • Kill the Stalhounds (20 rupees from) [R: 570].
  • Wooden Statue.
  • Save.


  • Warp to sacred grove.
  • Poe next to MS pedestal [PS #51].
  • Warp to Zora’s Domain.
  • Open the way to Lanayru Province.
  • Use a Jump Strike + Bomb to faster get the boulder.
  • Take the bug on the wall [GB #10 Stag Beetle Female].
  • Blast the boulder and enter:
  • Puzzle #1: SE Block = Block 1, NE Block = Block 2.
  • Block 1 west, north, Block 2 south, west, north, Block 1 east, south, west, north.
  • Puzzle #2: SE Block = Block 1, NE Block = Block 2, SW Block = Block 3
  • Block 3 east, Block 2 west, Block 1 north, west, south, Block 3 east, north, west, south, Block 2 south, west, north, east.
  • Puzzle #3: SE Block = Block 1, NE Block = Block 2, SW Block = Block 3
  • Block 1 north, Block 3 east, north, Block 2 west, Block 3 west, Block 2 south, east, Block 1 north, east, south, west.
  • Chest in the finish [HP #34]
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 54: Lanayru Province.

  • Run as a wolf by the right path
  • Back slice on another rock to faster get the bridge.
  • Poe on the bridge [PS #5].
  • Run to trees at east.
  • Postman (skip).
  • Catch a bug in the first tree you find in the way [GB #9 Stag Beetle Male].
  • Find the grass circle most to east, dig in.
  • Kill two Poes with a single dark energy attack [PS #6] [PS #7].
  • Exit-
  • Go to the trail at east.
  • Blast the rocks and take three yellow rupees [R: 600].
  • Use the spinner to reach the chest [HP #29].
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 55: Recovering Ilia’s memory 3.

  • Warp to Kakariko.
  • Show the Wooden Statue to Ilia,
  • Warp to Eldin Bridge.
  • Claw shot the trail at north.
  • Catch a bug on the wall [GB #20 Phasmid Female].
  • Enter the Gorons Hideout.
  • Refill arrows from crates if you need.
  • Jump off directly to last magnetic spot or use the spinner.
  • Take the heart piece in chest [HP #24].
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 56: Hidden Village

  • Run to Hidden Village.
  • Kill 20 bublins here.
  • Obtain the Ilia’s charm.
  • Show Impaz the rod [I: Extra Item Ancient Sky Book]
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 57: Heart Piece.

  • Leave to Hyrule Field.
  • Ride the spinner track next to the bridge.
  • Dig in the grotto and kill three Stalfoses with 2 or 3 bomb arrows [HP #30].
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 58: Ilia’s memory, City in the Sky.

  • Warp to Eldin Bridge.
  • Run south and after the bridge finishes take a diagonal Left-Up, after a water pit next to the end find the bug and boomerang to him [GB #22 Grasshopper Female]
  • Wait a bit until the Hyrule Field morning music sounds then warp to Kakariko.
  • Mount Epona
  • Donate 200 rupees in Malo Mart [R: 400]
  • Buy Hylian Shield [CI: Hylian Shield] [R: 200]
  • Buy Hawk eye [I: Hawk Eye] [R: 100].
  • Mount Epona and step next to the wall as you can see the bell.
  • Shot bomb arrow to the bell and quickly throw the boomerang to get the Silver rupee [R: 300].
  • Turn Ilia’s Charm [I: Horse Call].
  • Show the Ancient Book to Shad.
  • Repair the cannon [R: 0]
  • Save in CitS.

SEGMENT # 59: City in the Sky 1/1

  • Use an Ooccaa to fly through first room.
  • Claw shot the window at right in main room.
  • First Bridge
  • First Key [K: 1
  • Second Bridge
  • Kill Armored Lizalfos with a single quick spin.
  • Jump slash to sub boss.
  • Two single cycles.
  • Second Clawshot [I: Double Clawsots]
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 60: City in the Sky Complete.

  • Skip a clawshot spot.
  • Use a Keese to LJA to chest [HP #41] [HC #13]
  • Get next door.
  • Break pots at left with blue rupees [R: 10]
  • Jump as a wolf to next area, break a pot with a yellow rupee [R: 20]
  • Claw shot to the peahat on a piece of land with a tree.
  • Poe and purple rupee [PS #56] [R: 70]
  • Claw shot three peahats, before the third one, prepare the clawshot to claw the peahat faster as possible then fall and jump slash in the hole.
  • Use peahats to enter the last room but another door, find the heart piece [HP #42]
  • Back to peahats and proceed to next room.
  • Step beside the door at left and claw the vines up.
  • Open small chest with a red rupee [R: 90].
  • Use rope to get the area with a Poe and a purple rupee.
  • Do both [PS #57] [R: 140]
  • Use all ropes to get the boss key room.
  • “SKIP” cut scene after the boss door closes.
  • Kill Argorok [HC #14].

<4th Mirror Shard>


<7th Dungeon Done>

  • Save in Lake Hylia.

SEGMENT # 61: EXTRAS -> PoT entrance.

  • Warp to South Faron.
  • Buy bottle to Coro [I: Bottle #2].
  • Bast rock (10 rupees) [R: 50].
  • Use the owl statue and Midna to get the heart piece [HP #38].
  • Kill a Poe in the tree (use Midna) [PS #12].
  • Warp to Eldin Bridge.
  • Warp to Snow Peak.
  • Enter the cave, smash the blocks and light the torches [PS #48] [R: 150]
  • Warp to Mirror Chamber.
  • Enter Pot.
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 62: Palace of Twilight 1/3.

  • Advance to the first SOL.
  • Heart piece in the first room with a fall of fog at left [HP #44]
  • Take the Sol to its spot.
  • Save. (Optional)

SEGMENT # 63: Palace of Twilight 2/3.

  • Go to west wing, side step with enough distance to land.
  • Purple rupee next to the first key [R: 200]
  • Take the SOL.
  • Heart piece in the first room, facing the next door; fall in the fog and activate a platform at right to reach the chest [HP #45] [HC #15]
  • Save when lighted the sword. (Optional)

SEGMENT # 64: Palace of Twilight Complete

  • Take the heart container after kill Zant [HC #16].

<8th Dungeon Done>

<All Fused Shadows Done>

SEGMENT # 65: Kakariko Gorge

  • Warp to Kakariko Gorge.
  • Kill Poe on a hill with a single tree [PS #3]
  • Run to the pillars and use the boomerang to catch another heart piece [HP #6]
  • If you have a chance, make an angle and LJA using the Kargorok, if not, use double clawshots to next piece [HP #43]
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 66: Kakariko Gorge secret cave.

  • Blast the boulder and enter the cave.
  • Two first paths light left webs, then follow all the next paths.
  • Purple rupee, heart piece and Poe [R: 250] [HP #13] [PS #4]
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 67: Hyrule Field.

  • Call Epona.
  • Run to the hill south of the wooden bridge in Faron Province.
  • Take the Poe soul (watch out with the enemies) [PS #2]
  • Now run with direction to Great Bridge of Hylia.
  • Stop before the small wooden bridge
  • Use bomb arrows and clawshot to reach the Poe on top [PS #11]
  • Purple rupee next to it [R: 300].
  • Find a bug near the entrance of the tunnel, at right [GB #8 Mantis Female]
  • Find his couple in the left pillar at north of the Great Bridge [GB #7 Mantis Male]
  • Warp to Castle Town.
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 68: Hyrule Castle Town 1.

  • Donate to the old man: 50x4 + 30x3 [R: 10]
  • Play and beat the star game [CS: Big Quiver] [R: 0]
  • Donate four couples of bugs to Agitha [R: 600]
  • Buy Magic Armor [CI: Magic Armor] [R: 2]
  • Save.

SEGMENT # 69: Cave of Ordeals.

  • Warp to Gerudo Mesa.
  • Enter the Cave of Ordeals: Kill just enough enemies to obtain 395 rupees (and find the silver one), preference to those in big bunches (Stalkins, Keeses, Rats), use the boomerang trick to go room through room (blow the candles of next room before entering it, that way the door opens)
  • Floor 17 [PS #58]
  • Floor 33 [PS #59]
  • Floor 44 [PS #60]
  • Dig in the spot of the 39th floor to get a silver rupee (a room with two darnuts) [R: 595]
  • Save after it.

SEGMENT # 70: Hyrule Castle Town 2.

  • Warp to Castle Town.
  • Catch the bug in the flowers at south [GB #13 Butterfly Male]
  • Kill the Poe next to the owl statue [PS #9]
  • Warp to Eldin Bridge and run to Hidden Village.
  • Howling stone.
  • Cat minigame [HP #40]
  • Climb to the roof near the entrance [PS #55]
  • Warp to Castle Town.
  • Donate to old man 50x9 + 30x2 rupees [R: 15] [HP #15] [HC # 17]
  • Play and beat the star game [CS: Giant Quiver] [R: 0]
  • Donate rest of bugs [CS: Giant Wallet]
  • Kill Poe on the bridge of west exit [PS #8]
  • Turn in Poes with Jovani [I: Bottle #4]
  • Enter Hyrule castle.
  • See cut scene.
  • Golden wolf [HS #7 Great Spin]
  • Save inside Hyrule Castle dungeon.

SEGMENT # 71: Hyrule Castle 1.

  • Small Key.

SEGMENT # 72: Hyrule Castle 2.

  • Use Bomb Arrows on enemies and B&C in the Aerealfos
  • Advance to Ganondorf

Version differences

Unless otherwise stated, all tricks can be executed on either version. The mostly preferred version for speed running is the GCN version, as Long Jump Attack completely annihilates any advantage to playing the Wii version. Also note that there are at least two Wii revisions, the later one has a few bugs fixed and is not recommended for speedrunning as the Map glitch doesn't work there anymore.

  • The Wii version has been horizontally mirrored.
  • The camera can be easily adjusted with the C-Stick on the GCN version.
  • The GCN version allows 2 items to be equipped at one time (X, Y), whereas the Wii version allows 4 (D-pad directions except Up, and B). All item selections are also theoretically faster with manual aiming on the Wii version.
  • Quickspins – All spin attacks can be done by rotating the analog stick 360 degrees + B in the GCN version, with no delays in between. This allows certain bosses to be defeated more quickly, such as part 2 of the Stallord battle.
  • The Iron Boots glitch doesn’t work in the GCN version.
  • Backflipping off of Epona can only be done on the GCN version and not the Wii version (except while targetting an enemy). This also makes the horse dismount slide GCN only.
  • There is a glitch in the Cave of Ordeals specific to the Wii version. Use the Gale Boomerang to put out the left torch on any floor, and the door two floors down opens automatically, even if not all of the monsters are defeated. [1]
  • There is less lag overall on the Wii version.
  • There is a small step in the room with the second monkey in the Forest Temple that can be crashed into on the Wii version; this has been fixed in the GCN version.
  • The Cannon Room Glitch has been fixed in the GCN version.
  • Fishing underwater and the resulting hover glitch can only be done in the GCN version.
  • The Wii version does not lock onto the Gale Boomerang like the GCN version does. This makes Long Jump Attack anywhere impossible on the Wii version.
  • Each version has a different trailer.
  • In the Wii version, you cannot fall off ledges while aiming the Clawshot, Bow, or Slingshot.
  • Midna/Bottle/Epona dive only works on Wii.http://


Five methods of transportation arranged from fastest to slowest:

  1. Epona
  2. Wolf Dashing
  3. Rolling
  4. Sidestep
  5. Walk
  6. Backwalk


Rolling is about four seconds faster than Backslash. However, if you are already facing the correct
 way, Backslash starts off faster and three of them are faster than three rolls. 

Attacks and Damage Calculations

  • Horizontal Slice
  • Vertical Slice
  • Stab
  • Jump Attack
  • Spin Attack
  • Bomb
  • Arrow
  • Bomb Arrow
  • Ball and Chain
  • Clawshot
  • Slingshot
  • Spinner
  • Iron Boots
  • HS1: Ending Blow
  • HS2: Shield Attack
  • HS3: Back Slice
  • HS4: Helm Splitter
  • HS5: Mortal Draw
  • HS6: Jump Slash
  • HS7: Great Spin
  • Bite (Wolf)
  • Jump Attack (Wolf)
  • Dark-Energy Attack (Wolf)

None of the actual “damage values” are actually known at this point, and it is speculated that some attacks deal more damage to certain enemies than others, which complicates matters quite a bit




Total required: 300

  • 300 for Fyer to repair cannon to CitS

Any% Rupee Route

  • 5: Enemy/Grass drops, (pick up blue rupee in Kakariko house with last tear in village)
  • 100: Ordon Village, behind Rusl’s house
  • 100: Snowpeak Ruins (break statue near entrance and destroy enemy behind it w/ball and chain)
  • 95: Snowboarding (pick up the two reds, the blue, and the purple)http://


Total required: 3778

  • 30 for slingshot
  • 10 for bee larva
  • 120 for Barnes's bomb bag
  • 10 for Fyer's cannon
  • 300 for Fyer to repair cannon to CitS
  • 1000 for heart piece from the beggar in Castle Town
  • 1000 to repair the bridge to Castle Town
  • 200 for Malo Mart Castle Town
  • 598 for Magic Armor
  • 200 for Hylian Shield
  • 100 for Hawkeye
  • 20 for Rapid River Rafting
  • 30 for STAR twice
  • 40 for RollGoal levels 1-1 to 1-8 (only 5 are needed because you get 10 for winning; you should have earned 40 Rupees after finishing RollGoal)
  • 100 for bottle from Coro
  • 20 for Flight By Fowl

Note: You might need another 10 for another trip with Fyer's cannon

General Tactics


Skipping Cutscenes

To skip cutscenes, press the minus button twice on the Wii version or the start button twice on the GCN version. In general,

  • All boss introduction scenes CAN be skipped, but transition and death scenes CANNOT.
  • No warping scenes can be skipped except ones where you are warping an object. If you are warping an object, you can skip the cutscene where you warp away, but not the one when you arrive at your destination.

There are exceptions, however. When in doubt, just try skipping; you do not lose any time.http://

Rupee Text Skip

Sidehop over a Rupee that normally gives you text when you collect it to collect the Rupee without getting the text. Use it whenever possible, though if you'll be collecting a lot of Rupees that normally gives you text, it might end up being slower to align and perform a sidehop every time than just viewing the text. [2]http://

Damage Boosting

There are three known useful ways to damage boost using Bombs:

  • Jump off a cliff and drop the bomb by pulling out your sword or another item. You can then follow it with a jumpslash.
  • Jump without releasing the bomb to be boosted to the side.
  • Set the bomb on the ground and use a Jump Attack, Jump Strike, Back Slice, or other move that gets height to jump over the bomb at the right time.http://

Super Jump

Encase an enemy in Midna's Dark Energy Field and either move away from the enemy or let the enemy move away from you. You will get quite a bit of height/distance doing this.http://

Long Jump Attack

Perform a jump attack while locked onto something that is higher than you are. Depending on where the object is, you may get an extremely long jump attack that can be used to cross large gaps. On the GCN version, the Gale Boomerang can be used as the object, allowing it to be done anywhere. No such thing has been found on the Wii version so far.http://

How to execute

  1. Take out and throw the Gale Boomerang via the X or Y button.
  2. Draw your sword with B while the whirlwind flies.
  3. As the whirlwind returns towards you, press A to jump.

Do not press the L button at any time.

You will usually get an LJA when the boomerang is over voids and ledges that are higher than the ledge you are on.http://

Known uses

Overworld Tactics


Days 1 through 3

  • Faron Early - pick up a large rock and carry it to the gate to Faron. Set it down and sidehop into it. If done right, you'll end up clipped inside the gate. Roll to the center and crash to fall out on the side with the bridge.
    • Using Faron Early allows you to skip the Wooden Sword. Manipulate the Bokoblins to destroy the cage for you, then kill them using the Slingshot.
    • Skip Ordon Days 1 & 2 - do Faron Early on day 1. Manipulate the Bokoblins to destroy the cage for you, then push them down to Trill's shop and have him kill them for you. The game can be completed with this skipping the Fishing Rod, using a Midna or Bottle Dive in the Wii and a Rupee Dive in the GCN to enter LBT early.
    • Goat Herding strategy (Current WR: 17.24 sec.)
  • In Ordon Ranch, rolling to Epona is faster than calling her using the grass.http://

Faron Twilight/Faron Woods

  • Midna text skip in Hyrule sewers - In the tall tower, normally when you jump off the ledge at the end of the stairs, Midna talks to you. Instead, jump to the side so you land close enough to the stairs to make them crumble, but too far to trigger the Midna speech.
  • Skip talking to Midna before going to the rooftops to scare Hanch by standing on the rock and jumping at the house. Wolf Link grabs the ledge and pulls himself up. It only works after you've already triggered Hanch to start attacking you with the hawk. (needs video)
  • Skip cutscene where the second-to-last pair of bugs burrow into the ground. This also lets you skip having to dig them up. Use Midna to jump to the last platform before your destination, then jump off to the left. Then walk up the hill. This trick is only possible on the Wii version.
  • When following the monkey, push it with the Ordon Shield to speed up the fog navigation by a tiny bit.http://

Death Mountain

  • The geyser glitch allows one to get past the geysers without equipping the Iron Boots. A shield is required. Sidehop into the geyser with the shield facing the geyser. When you land, let go. You can now freely walk around the geyser (and out on the other side) without the Iron Boots on.http://

Lanayru Twilight up to Lakebed

  • The best route for Lanayru Province Tears of Light, written by YautjaElder, is:
  1. the one that you follow across the wooden bridges.
  2. the one on the way to the stone tower.
  3. warp to Zora's Domain and get the one on the wall there, then head outside.
  4. stand on top of the waterfall and perform a tricky jump to land on the ledge on on the west side of the area. Kill the bug then jump down into the water.
  5. get the bugs flying around the lily pads in the middle of the area.
  6. see above.
  7. get the bug on the ledge behind the mother and child isles.
  8. go downriver into the area with the howling stone and get the one bug there, then follow the stream to get into northern hyrule field.
  9. make your way to castle town and grab the bug there, then warp to lake hylia.
  10. get the bug behind the cannon house, then howl near the grass to summon the flying beast.
  11. get all the bugs here and then crash into the wall. Tell Midna no when she asks if you want to try again.
  12. see above.
  13. see above.
  14. see above.
  15. you will appear right next to the second to last bug, kill it to make the last bug appear.
  16. swim to the large bug in the middle of the lake and kill it.
  • King Bulblin – Bridge of Eldin duel in one cycle - simply be quick with firing arrows at him to defeat him in one cycle.
  • King Zora's Tomb Early - Use a bomb-boosted jump attack to get onto the ledge to the right in the graveyard (left on GCN), then walk up until you get out of bounds. It is possible to enter King Zora's tomb from here. The main use, however, is to stay out of bounds and enter the warp to Lake Hylia. This, combined with the glitch below, allows you to skip purchasing Water Bombs in a Wii version run. If you need Water Bombs in the actual dungeon, then make sure you have wasted all of your bombs on a previous occasion and open a chest to get Water Bombs.
  • Enter Lakebed without Water Bombs - Swim around at a seam in the wall above the rock to go through. Then simply drop into the entrance from behind the rock. Apparently the seam was fixed up a bit in the GCN version, so this only works on the Wii version. This, combined with the glitch above, allows you to skip purchasing Water Bombs in a Wii version run. If you need Water Bombs in the actual dungeon, then make sure you have wasted all of your bombs on a previous occasion and open a chest to get Water Bombs.http://

Midna's Injury, Master Sword

  • In Telma's bar, destroy some pots to the side, then jump off the ledge so you land on a piece of another ledge sticking out. This skips two tightropes. (needs video)
  • Optimal Master Sword puzzle solution (12 moves):
    • Wii: Right, Down, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Down, Down, Down, Right, Up
    • GCN: Left, Down, Up, Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Down, Left, Uphttp://


  • It is possible to skip the reekfish scent with the map glitch.
  • It is not possible to substitute the Coral Earring for a different type of bait.
  • It is possible to skip the Snowpeak portal. Walk along the cliff and sidehop off at the right spot, and you will reappear behind Yeto. (needs video)
  • Snowboarding in 1’08”3' (has been obsoleted by new WR, but idea is the same)http://

Sacred Grove

City in the Sky Early

  • Skips the entire Temple of Time and Snowpeak Ruins after the Ball and Chain.
  • Clip into cannon room early, then warp the cannon to Lake Hylia and proceed as usual
  • The new dungeon route is Snowpeak Ruins (to Ball & Chain) – – – City in the Sky.
  • Apparently, the game only checks for the last mirror shard when determining entry to the Palace of Twilight. Proof
  • We can't skip Arbiter's Grounds because we need the Mirror Chamber warp point, and the spinner in City in the Sky.
  • We also cannot skip the Ball and Chain because it's needed for the Zant battle.
  • If we attempt to have Fyer fix the cannon without ever having taken the oasis flight, the game freezes.
  • Approximate time saved from the normal route is 1 hour, 4 minutes.http://

Cave of Ordeals Darknuts

On floor 49, if you're having problems defeating the Darknuts, this is a decent strategy for them.

Note: The video has four Darknuts, but the strategy is unaltered for three.

Dungeon Tactics


Forest Temple

Length: 3 segments totaling 12 minutes

Items needed: Lantern, Gale Boomerang

  • Gale Boomerang Early: Go to the room with two Deku Likes and exit out the door that leads to the large canyon-like room. Walk off the ledge just as the bridge spins into you to clip inside the bridge. Then wait for it to spin around again and jump + jump attack to the next bridge. Repeat this on the second pair of bridges. (3rd and 4th monkeys must still be collected in the Wii version.)
  • Get small key without defeating Deku Like
  • In the room with two Deku Likes, you can apparently reach either one with the bomb at the top of the main staircase.
  • In the room with two Deku Likes, you can skip the first one by aiming slightly to the side. Do this while holding a bomb and you can also blow up the boulder with the first Bombling instead of the second.
  • In the room with the red rupee chest and tile worms, use a tile worm to boost you up onto the ledge on the right. This trick, while possible on both versions, should only be done on the Wii version, as the monkeys can be skipped in the GCN version.
  • Small timesaver in the room with the monkey on a stump: use the Gale Boomerang to bring up a bombling from the bottom floor, then drop it down the other hole to skip having to jump down and climb back up the vines.
  • Skip all monkeys except first and second: Use Long Jump Attacks to jump onto the tree and from there to the ledge with the boss door. Because this trick uses Long Jump Attack, it is exclusive to the GCN version.
  • Small timesaver en route to boss key

GCN route:

  • first monkey
  • small key
  • second monkey
  • savewarp
  • early Gale Boomerang
  • savewarp
  • skip monkeys
  • Diababa

Wii route:

  • first monkey
  • small key
  • second monkey
  • savewarp
  • third and fourth monkeys
  • gale boomerang
  • fifth monkey
  • savewarp
  • sixth monkey - room above monkey tree room
  • seventh and eighth monkeys - get red rupee in the room with tile worms if you don't already have at least 20
  • Diababahttp://

Goron Mines

Items needed: Iron Boots, Hero's Bow

  • Ledge early
  • To skip the switch for the first flame jet, just roll into the flame jet and take damage, then walk through the flame jet while still temporarily invincible.
  • Shortcut to skip some of the first room (see the end of the video) - Do a Long Jump Attack to get to the end of the first room without having to go through the second lava jet a second time, climb the ladder, or deactivate and run past/skip the last lava jet. Because it uses Long Jump Attack, this trick is GCN exclusive.
  • Skip the third lava jet in the first room - Go to the third lava jet. There is a small spot where you can stand next to it without getting hit; jump there, then wait for one of the enemies to hit you. Now run through the lava jet.
  • Clipping glitch involving the movable wall. Saves five seconds.
  • In the second room you can just jump down to the platform where the small key chest is.
  • In the third room, you can sidehop onto the fencing on the ramp and walk along it a short ways to jump to the platform where you pull the big stone block.[3]
  • Iron Boots Glitch: Walk into a magnetic field that pulls you to a wall or ceiling. Equip the Iron Boots. When you get pulled to the wall or ceiling, go into the menu and switch out items so that the Iron Boots is not on the D-Pad or the B button. When you arrive on the ceiling or wall, you will still be able to walk around as if you had the Iron Boots on, but you'll be walking at normal speed instead of the slow Iron Boots speed. This glitch was removed in the GCN version, so it is exclusive to the Wii version.
  • In the room with a small key in an underwater chest, you can hit the blue crystal switch with your sword and avoid having to using the magnetic surfaces to get across.
  • In the room before Fangoro, it’s possible to get atop the edge of the spinning platform and use the second floor entryway to Gor Ebizo’s chamber. Theoretically this allows skipping the second key shard on the Wii version.
  • Skip a key shard - Use a long jump attack to skip most of the room before Fangoro. From there proceed normally. You will recieve the Big Key from the third Goron elder regardless of whether you have the second. Theoretically this should also be possible on the Wii version by using the above trick.
  • Trick with magnetic wall in room before Fangoro -
  • Bridge skip - in the large open room with water and Bulblin Archers, let the magnetic platform carry you to the bridge, then drop down and do a jump attack to land on top of the bridge. Then jump behind it to get to the next room without knocking down the bridge.
  • You can defeat Beamos when they aren't facing you by shooting the lump on the side with the eye.http://

Lakebed Temple

Length: 1 segment(s) totaling 12 minutes

Items needed: Zora Armor, Bow, Bombs, Clawshot

  • In the water tower, it is possible to let the water out without filling it in. There are three methods.
    • Method 1 - Walk up the ramps until you're behind the ledge with the switch. Turn so it's to the side, then sidehop onto it. After you fall off, do a jump attack to land on the ledge.
    • Method 2 - Walk up the ramps until you're to the right of the ledge with the switch (left on GCN). Now climb onto the rail and sidehop to land on the ledge.
    • Method 3 - Long Jump Attack onto the ledge with the switch. Because it uses Long Jump Attack, this method is GCN-exclusive.
    • Method 4 - The easiest, walk up until you can face the lever, climb the railing, now step directly in front of the lever and take out a bomb, then only jump and relase the bomb with an item or the sword.
  • Very early Clawshot - In the room with the first small key, use two Long Jump Attacks to get onto one of the platforms hanging from the gears, and from there to the door. Because it uses Long Jump Attack, this trick is GCN-exclusive.
  • Early Clawshot - Play through the dungeon until you get to the room above the room with the first small key (there is a giant gear). Stand on the gear and jump off at the right spot to land on some ledges below to get to the Clawshot without activating the first water tower. (needs video)
  • Skip the boss key - Use the vine glitch to clip through the vines, then swim underneath the room and up the pillar in the center.
  • Skip the second water tower - When you get to the lower half of the gear room to the west (east on Wii), look up to the right (left on Wii). There is a clawshot target on the bottom of the gear; fire the Clawshot at it, then let go to land on the ledge below. Climb a couple vines using the Clawshot, then look down to see a platform with two pots on it. Jump off and land on that, then fire the Clawshot at the final Clawshot target, again on the bottom of the gear.
  • Skip several rooms leading to the boss key: Use a Long Jump Attack to jump over the rubble by the door leading to the boss key room. Because it uses Long Jump Attack, this trick is GCN-exclusive.
  • Boss Door Early - There are three methods of doing this. (all methods need videos)
    • Method 1 - Jump onto the railing of the stairs, either from the entrance or the chandelier, and jump to the boss door.
    • Method 2 - Go to the second floor, then jump at the boss door. Add in a jump attack and you can make it.
    • Method 3 - Clawshot to the chandelier, then let yourself drop off to land on the boss key ledge.

GCN OoB route:

  • Staircase room
  • LJA to early clawshot, skip small key
  • Clawshot
  • Skip boss key
  • Morpheel

GCN Non-OoB route:

  • Staircase room
  • LJA to early clawshot, get small key
  • Clawshot
  • Small key in room right after Clawshot
  • LJA to switch in water tower
  • Get boss key - LJA over the rubble
  • Savewarp
  • Morpheel

Wii OoB route:

  • Staircase room
  • Small key
  • Get the small key in the room outside the gear room
  • Early Clawshot
  • Skip boss key
  • Morpheel

Wii Non-OoB route:

  • Staircase room
  • Small key
  • Get the small key in the room outside the gear room
  • Early Clawshot
  • Small key in the room right after the Clawshot
  • Activate first water tower
  • Get boss key
  • Savewarp
  • Morpheelhttp://

Arbiter’s Grounds

Boss Key early:

Go backwards to defeat the Death Sword and get the Spinner, then do a savewarp. [1242]

TSA takes about two minutes, with minimal mistakes, to reach the geared mechanism from the spinner's treasure chest.

At SC 21 (Torture chamber), it’s possible to sidehop over the spikes [549]

Death sword speed fight using the Ball & Chain

Snowpeak Ruins

New SPR no shieldbash route:

  • Go to Yeta and get Map
  • Go to block puzzle room and solve it
  • Go to courtyard and get key
  • Use SexyZora19's Sb to get to the second floor -
  • Go to block puzzle room and push down the block
  • Get the pumpkin
  • Let Yeta open up the new door.
  • Glitch past freezard using SZ19's trick -
  • Get the ball and chain (savewarp if freezard blocks the way)
  • Go to block puzzle room and climb up
  • Go south and open the locked door
  • Kill the freezards and push down the blocks
  • Skip one freezard when going to the first floor -
  • Get the cannonball from courtyard
  • Bring it up the freezard room using the throwing trick
  • Shoot it from the one cannon to another
  • Kill the freezard on the second floor of the courtyard
  • Go get the Key and beat up the boss

If it's possible to glitch by the freezard guarding the courtyard cannon on the second floor we can skip getting the pumpkin

SPR*no shieldbash route if glitch works:

  • Go to Yeta and get Map
  • Go to block puzzle room and solve it
  • Go to courtyard and get key
  • Use SexyZora19's Sb to get to the second floor -
  • Go to block puzzle room and push down the block
  • Unlock door and go to room with 2 freezards
  • Glitch past the one in front of the door
  • Glitch past freezard using SZ19's trick -
  • Get the ball and chain (savewarp if freezard blocks the way)
  • Go to block puzzle room and climb up
  • Kill the 2 freezards and push down the blocks
  • Skip one freezard when going to the first floor -
  • Get the cannonball from courtyard
  • Bring it up the freezard room using the throwing trick
  • Shoot it from the one cannon to another
  • Kill the freezard on the second floor of the courtyard
  • Go get the Key and beat up the boss

If the freezard doesn't block your way on the way back from the ball and chain, you could use the SB to the second floor again because it's faster. If you do that you also don't have to push down the block when you first do the SB.

I don't think the shieldbash route is over 2 minutes faster, if there is no other SB that uses shieldbash we might have to skip it.

Optimal route:

If the freezard doesn't block the way:

If the freezard blocks the way:


  • Kill the 2 freezards and push down the blocks
  • Skip one freezard when going to the first floor -
  • Get the cannonball from courtyard
  • Bring it up the freezard room using the throwing trick
  • Shoot it from the one cannon to another
  • Kill the freezard on the second floor of the courtyard
  • Go get the Key and beat up the boss

If the shield attack is needed, go to the howling stone in Lake Hylia before meeting Auru.http://

Temple of Time

Items needed: Lantern, Clawshot, Spinner, Hero’s Bow (recommended)

At SC 5 (Platform Pop-Up), only one of the two statues is needed to hold down the switches that lower the elevator. This trick is demonstrated in Fierce’s long video at around 20’45”.

Jiano’s tips: “When you first arrive at that part, there is a cut scene when you activate both of the switches. This makes it MUCH easier to do the trick. All I do is put the statue on one of the switches, then go stand on the other. I make sure to face the rising platform (also looking towards the door). After a second or two (right before the cut scene starts) just roll forward. Continue to hold forward and when the cut scene ends, you will grab the edge and pull yourself up.” [2192]

At SC 6 (Life and Death) and SC 10 (Spikes, Lasers, and Blades), OHKO the Armos statues using bomb arrows.

At SC 9 (Weights and Measures), you can sidehop across the balance to prevent having to toss one of the statues from one platform to the other. This is shown in Part 24 of TSA’s visual guide for the GCN version:

At SC 21 (Smash ‘Em Down), you can manipulate the statue so that it falls directly to the third floor.


City in the Sky

Tips from zex20913 [1125]: 1. The spinner doesn't drop blue platforms. I don't think it'll come in too handy, but somebody might find a use for it. 2. Stating the obvious (from now on, STO): On the right side of the "main" room, there are vines to clawshot to after you use the spinner. 3. Items used in the dungeon: Spinner, Iron Boots, Bow, Clawshot(s), boomerang. After the second spinner use, replace with the boomerang. You'll never need to hit - again. 4. *Previously mentioned* side hop with the iron boots, instead of hitting the switch as intended through the fan. 5. *Previously mentioned* dangle off the edge to get the armored Dinolfos to fall. Caution, they may still hit you. 6. Nice timesaver: In the big cylinder room, use the Ooccoo to make the jump to one platform, to the left. Dangle, fall, and jumpslash to make it to the miniboss platform in short time. 7. On the miniboss, the back slice seems to save a cycle. I'll play him a couple more times before confirming or denying this statement, but it currently adds impetus for at least 2 non-mandatory HSs. 8. STO: Hold Z and the lock will change automatically on the clawshottable pillars. 9. Arrows are very good against dangling plants. 10. With the peahats in the outdoor area, it saves time on the last peahat, to clawshot to the gate on the opposite wall from the door. Saves a couple of seconds. 11. STO: Clawshot the sector nearest the chests for best results in the boss room, to start the fan. 12. STO: You can clawshot to the second rotating blade on the path to the boss room. 13: Anticipate where the blades will be. A yellow cursor does not mean a hit, a red does not mean a miss. 14: You can get to Argorok's peahats in 2 tower clawshots. This is obviously better than 3.

To quickly defeat the twin Dynalfos, stand close to the edge and perform a spin attack to knock them both off.

At SC 8 (Wind Breaker), one can sidehop the falling blocks with Iron Boots equipped to avoid having to turn on the crystal switch that deactivates one of the fans. [640] This is demonstrated in Fierce’s short video at about 0’45”.

At SC 12 (A Long Way Down), it’s possible to jumpslash to the bottom ledge without an Oocca.

At SC 28 (Wind-Powered Panels), it’s possible to reach Argorok’s tower without turning on the fan, though the time saved is questionable. [454]:


Palace of Twilight

Note: Trying to reach the palace’s main chamber without the Light Sword is futile, as there’s an invisible wall behind the black fog so that even if one uses a Sol to dispel it, it’s impossible to advance.

When moving a Sol, stand on the spot where the stairs are triggered to rise, and throw it into the slot.


Hyrule Castle

Items needed: Gale Boomerang, Hero’s Bow OR Lantern, Spinner, Double Clawshots

The shortest known path through the dungeon is as follows:

SC 1 (Beasts in the East – or “West” in the GCN version) – defeat Bokoblins with dark-energy attack

SC 2 (Yanking the Chain) – defeat second set of Bokoblins + open the gate

SC 3 (Ogre Battle) – defeat King Bulblin (skip his intro cutscene) + get small key

Savewarp – Running back to main courtyard as wolf takes about 15 sec.

SC 10 (Through the Front Door) – enter the main castle

SC 11 (Rumpus for the Compass) – defeat the enemies, but ignore the compass that appears.

SC 12 (To the North Door) – Climb onto stairs + clawshot three chandeliers, then enter door.

SC 13 (Torch Trick) – Defeat Darknut (see boss strategies under MB 6), then stand on the last stair and gale boomerang the torch. No need to light the other two.

SC 16 (Light the Way) – Take the West Path (Wii) or East Path (GCN). Light 4 torches in order.

SC 17 (Second-Floor Express) – Defeat 2 Dynalfos

SC 18 (Battles on the Balcony) – Defeat Aeralfos (see boss strategies under MB 7); get small key; go to other tower; collect Boss Key; enter 3F

SC 19 (Blocked Out) – Yautja has suggested this route:

SC 20 (The Shattered Stairs) – Defeat enemies, then equip Double Clawshots. 3 grips minimum?

SC 21 (Go for a Spin) – Defeat enemies, then equip Spinner. Defeat Darknut

Final Boss – see boss strategies section


Dungeon Bosses

Mid-Boss 1: Ook (2 cycles minimum – Par time: 30 seconds)

Skip the boss intro cutscene so that Deku Babas don’t appear. [80]

Two cycles minimum using jump attack -> quickspin -> jump attack first cycle, and jump attack -> quickspin second.

Possible to single cycle on an EMS run. (jump attack -> jump attack -> quickspin


Boss 1: Twilit Parasite—Diababa (2 cycles minimum)

Part 1: Standard strategy

Part 2: Cycle 1: Jump attack + charge up spin attack while performing it

Cycle 2: Ending Blow (unless another attack can also OHKO it)

Mid-Boss 2: Dangoro (3 cycles minimum)

Standard strategy

Boss 2: Twilit Igniter—Fyrus (3 cycles minimum)

Standard strategy (arrow to eye; equip iron boots; tug chains)

TSA: At the start, aim + Z-walk diagonally to make you closer to the chains when you hit. When he is recovering, stand as close to the chain as possible with still being able to hit the gem. [1559]

Mid-Boss 3: Deku Toad (3 cycles minimum)

Shoot bomb arrows into its mouth. [1006] Single cycle by using ball and chain (EMS only) on tongue after first knockdown.

Boss 3: Twilit Aquatic—Morpheel

Part 1: Clawshot the eyeball, then perform a spin attack to immediately proceed to the second part. The bombs will never appear. [699]

Part 2: (12 hits w/Ordon Sword) Three cycles minimum. - Done without Zora Armor

Mid-Boss 4: Death Sword

Boss 4: Twilit Fossil—Stallord

Part 1: (3 hits – Par time: 20-30 sec.) Aim for one shot after another towards the spine; don’t stay on the railing. The innermost Staltroops do not appear until approaching the target. [735]

Part 2: (Par time: 50 sec.) Defeat in one cycle with quickspins (GCN version)


Video (Part 2): (1 cycle)

Mid-Boss 5: Darkhammer (Single cycle – Par time: 15 sec.)

Three quickspins on the tail.


Boss 5: Twilit Ice Mass—Blizzeta

Part 1: (7 hits; Par Time: <30 sec.) Hold L/Z-targeting and strike with ball and chain as quickly as possible.

Part 2: (3 hits; Par Time: <2 min.) If you’re quick with the B&C, hits 2 and 3 can be dealt in the same attack cycle, bringing the minimum cycles down to two instead of three. [701]

Mid-Boss 6: Darknut


An alternative strategy is to shoot 3-4 bomb arrows at their feet to strip off multiple pieces of their armor at once.

Boss 6: Twilit Arachnid—Armogohma

Part 1 (3 hits): Three cycles minimum.

Part 2: OHKO the “eyeball” (Gohma ) with a Bomb Arrow or Ball & Chain (the former is faster.) [766]


Mid-Boss 7: Aeralfos (Single cycle)

Shoot arrow (so it puts up its shield immediately) + clawshot, then hack away.


Boss 7: Twilit Dragon—Argorok

Part 1: 2 cycles minimum.

Part 2: (12 hits w/Master Sword) Three cycles minimum.

zex: To clawshot to the top section of the towers in 2 shots, start close to a tower, aim as high as you can, as close to the other tower as you can. You should be able to clawshot to the nearest part of the second tower, highest section. From there, it's the peahats. This is on the Wii version. [1412]

Boss 8: Usurper King—Zant (Par time: 5-5.5 minutes total)

Part 1: Diababa’s Arena (2 cycles minimum*)

Part 2: Diagoro’s Arena (2 cycles minimum*) – Don’t equip the Iron Boots.

Part 3: Morpheel’s Arena (2 cycles minimum)

Part 4: Ook’s Arena (2 cycles minimum*)

Part 5: Blizzeta’s Arena (2 cycles minimum)

Part 6: Outside Hyrule Castle

  • One cycle may be possible. I’ve gotten close several times, but was always one jump attack or two slices short.

Boss 9A: Ganon’s Puppet—Zelda (3 deflections – usually 1-2 min.; time varies depending on luck)

Stand as close as possible and charge up a spin attack, then let go at the appropriate time for a guaranteed hit. [265] May require some luck manipulation:

Peteyboo: “she seems to use the ball attack more often if you have an empty bottle out.” [715] I’m not sure about this one, as I tried it and it made no difference.


Boss 9B: Dark Beast—Ganon (3 cycles minimum – Par time: <1’15”)

Part 1 (Human – 2 cycles): Arrow to head; jump attack x2

Part 2 (Wolf – 1 cycle): L/Z-target; Hold A + Throw; transform to human; jump attack x2

This strategy is best demonstrated in Part 29 of TSA’s GCN version visual guide:

Boss 9C: Dark Lord—Ganondorf (While some guides count the horseback portion as a separate boss battle, the official NP guide groups them together in the manner below, presumably due to the fact that the standard boss title/name text does not appear on-screen.)

On Horseback (3 spins – Par time: 30-40 seconds): Lock on L/Z-targeting immediately, and stay as close to Ganondorf as possible. Don’t tilt the analog stick when Zelda fires her light arrows. When he’s stunned, charge up a spin attack with B and release it when right next to him. You can hold down B while boosting with A.

Final battle (3 knockdowns – Par time: <40 sec.):

Keep the L/Z-target on Ganondorf during the entire battle. Maintain a distance of about 7-8 steps in front of him. If you position yourself correctly, Ganondorf dashes at you and the word “Chance” appears. Mash A repeatedly until the button icon disappears. While keeping the L/Z-target on him, quickly perform four slices (B) and he stumbles. Repeat two more times, and then finish him with the ending blow. If all instructions are followed correctly, no luck manipulation is required.

Video: (Slight screw-up on first knockdown)

Misc Tricks/Glitches


Early Hyrule Field

[4] [5] - Backflip off Epona to clip inside the gate to Hyrule Field. Alternatively, on the Wii version you can also back Epona up to the gate and jump attack her to make it in. There is currently no known way to defeat the Twilit Messengers in Kakariko Gorge, and even if there was there would still be dead ends because 1) you would get stuck at the screen where Midna forces you to warp (you don't have any portals) and 2) you do not have senses and would be unable to hunt for bugs.http://

Skip Ilia taking Epona cutscene

[6] - this trick is only possible on the GCN version because of a backflip off Epona. However, using it results in being unable to complete the game.

To do this glitch you will need to use Epona and back flip off of Epona to the east corner of the gate in the ordon ranch on day 2. With Epona right next to you roll into the gate and with some luck you'll right through. When you see llia there will be no Epona, the cut sceen will skip, and you will be shown in jail as a wolf.

Enter the Faron twilight as a human

[7]: Use the Faron gate glitch on day 3 and hit the twilight wall on the left side (right side on Wii) with your sword.

There is no way to get out of the twilight after doing this. All the exits are blocked, you can't warp, and you can't collect bugs as human Link since they're invisible.http://

Zora’s Tomb early

Problem: Game freezes after entering the warp to the Twilight Realm. [786]



Note: Instead of using bombs to get on the wall you can use the LJA if you just climb on the grave.http://

Great Bridge of Hylia glitch [147]

Allows one to get past the fire, but there’s nowhere to go as the gate leading to south Hyrule Field is closed. http://

Lake Hylia early issues [1440]

Kazooie says that the Twilit Kargarok (whom you need to ride up Zora’s River) doesn’t take damage when Link is a human. Can be beaten by touching water.

Also, reaching Zora’s Domain early by bombing the rocks in (North Lanayru Province), triggers the warp portal, but nothing else.

The Fishing Hole is open, but Iza’s Rapid Ride doesn't work because the Twilit Kargarok map is loaded while in twilight.

Giant Bug is currently believed to be impossible to beat with the spin attack.http://

Get through boulders in Hyrule Field [74]

Useless since there’s an invisible wall behind the boulders, so even if Link passes through them, he cannot continue on to reach Lanayru Province early. http://

Glitch out of map boundaries at Snowpeak Top [141]

No known practical purpose. http://

Duplicating Gale Boomerangs (and boomerangs only). [370]

No known practical purpose. http://

Glitching rocks and pots through corners

No known practical purpose. http://

Death Mountain Trail: reach the ledge above the cave containing the rare chuchu

No known practical purpose. [1405] http://

Hidden Village Early Theory [1405]

-Out Dated- Can be reached with Map Glitch http://

Sacred Grove without Rusl & his cucco (requires HS-6: Jump Strike) [1497] http://

Back in Time Glitch [1635]

According to YautjaElder, he reset the game while in the Goron Mines, and the game restarted at the Bridge of Eldin while allowing him to control Link.

The Back in Time Glitch is done by resetting the game at the right frame sometime before Link falls in such a way that his position would be reset to some previous checkpoint. When done correctly, the game gives the player control of Link in the title screen map. The possibilities of this glitch branch out as follows..

  • Pressing start will cause the title image to appear, other buttons reportedly crash the game. **Pressing start again restores normal Menu selection.
  • If you fall into the void and press start before falling too far, the Menu selection appears and you will hear the sound of Link falling followed by the 'Death Whoosh'. Loading any other save other than the previously loaded save game will cause the game to crash. Also, if the trick was done on a save with Eldin Province still in twilight, the game will crash regardless of which game is loaded. Upon loading a game successfully, a fight with King Bublin will occur. The various sound effects, music, and lighting from the last area that you saved in will alter the normal settings of the fight. No other enemies appear. During the second phase, the segment in the Bridge of Eldin will not be there if the segment of bridge was ever teleported away. After the fight and cutscene, the game returns to normal, no adverse effects known.
  • Falling until you get game over will cause you to enter the Bublin 1 fight. The opening cutscene must be skipped, or else Link will be stranded on the other side of the bridge. The bublin 1 flight plays normally, but afterward Link is stranded in the twilight.
  • Instead of beating Bublin 1, if you save at this point (it is advised that you DO NOT SAVE on a file you wish to keep.) you will create a saved game called Link. This file starts off with the Ordon Sword and Hylian shield, and with certain triggers making it impossible to get certain items. Theoretically, it's possible to beat this save with the aid of the Ordon Sword and shield skip, and rupee dive on the wii to skip the fishing rod since neither can be obtained due to the fact that you already wield the Ordon Sword (but not actually have it) and are required by Midna to gain entrance to the Twilight.

Out of bounds in Sacred Grove [2037] http://

Clipping glitch with clawshot [2176] http://

Early Lanayru Province theory [2347] http://

Hover glitch involving the fishing rod

[8] http://

Early Master Sword

[9] comes to a dead end at the Goron Mines entrance. Gor Coron won't sumo, and the entrance remains blocked by an invisible wall.http://

Resolution 1: "Fixed EMS" or "Resume normal play" fix

This is a complex and lengthy way to get passed the Goron Mines dead-end. What you do is do EMS normally up until the point at which you can just go up and get the Master Sword, then Save warp and then death warp and return back to the normal play route. Then once you beat the Goron Elder at wrestling and are granted entrance to the Mines, you go back to the sacred groves and claim the Master Sword. Then just beat the mines, buy the bomb bag, fish out some water bombs, and you can put together the rest. - mzxrules on SDA forums

Originally, this was the only known fix for EMS so this one was called "Fixed EMS" while the EMS without returning to normal play route with no known way to escape the dead end was called "Original EMS". The following fixes are all for the "Original EMS".http://

Resolution 2: Map glitch

So you go out and get the Master Sword Early, beat the forest temple and eventually get the iron boots. Then you skip the Goron Mines completely, go straight to Laranyu Province with the Epona Gate Clip or Map Glitch. Beat that, then go to Zora's Domain. Now because you skipped the Goron Mines, you don't have the Bow, and Barnes never gives you a bomb bag. Also, because you can't get the arrows, you can't kill bublin 2 and get the Zora's Armor. Without the Zora's Armor, and some other stuff, you can't get the corral ring and catch a reekfish, which is where this glitch comes into play. The Map Glitch prevents certain triggers from happening, like triggers that load new areas and the trigger that sends you back when you walk through the blizzard. So now you can climb up the mountain. How does that help? Entering the Ice Mansion early lets you get Oocco again, which you use to get Oocco jr. Then you can steal Izza's Bomb bag, dump the bombs in the bag, catch some bomb fish in a secret grotto near the Bridge of Eldin, Warp back to Zora's Domain, bomb the Ice Chunk with the Goron stuck in it, get the second bomb bag, warp to Lake Hylia, use logitech's waterbomb air restore trick, get into Lakebed Temple, and save. This warps you onto land in Lakebed Temple, where you just beat morpheel using the air refill trick, skip the temple of time, beat arbiture's grounds, and palace of Twilight, and finish the game. - mzxrules on YouTube [10]http://

Resolution 3: Midna dive into Lakebed Temple

This dead end fix is Wii only and involves using bottle dive to go out of bounds and get into Lakebed Temple without Zora armor or water bombs. There are 2 ways so far to do this: [11] [12]

"I found a way to Midna dive into LBT on Wii. This is done with a jar the first time you enter Lake Hylia. This skips getting a bottle for low% ems speedrun. To map glitch up Snowpeak mountain, use Auru's memo." - LogitechSDAZ, video: [13]

After entering Lakebed, save the game. This will automatically put you past the water tunnel.

In the second room you just have to lure the helmasaur on the first platform over to the ledge with gale boomerang. The helmasaur will not fall off the ledge if you get it into the right position. Getting the helmasaur into the exact position needed to get onto the platform isn't exactly easy to do quickly, but should get easier with practice. Then target the helmasaur and long jump attack it. Afterwards, turn into a wolf and jump onto the next ledge. You'll barely make it if you positioned wolf Link the correct way.

Doing this skips the fishing rod, which also means skipping the bombfish grotto. As of now, fishing rod is still needed on the Gamecube version with early master sword.

Unfortunately, for single segment purposes this won't work because you'd drown in the 1st room of Lakebed.

If bottle dive works on newer versions of Twilight Princess, then the game can be completed with early master sword where map glitch doesn't work. You'll still need the fishing rod in newer versions.

- LogitechSDAZ on Youtube, edited a bit. Video: [14]http://

Skip Ordon Village Days 1 & 2 and the slingshot

Skip Ordon Village Days 1 & 2 and the slingshot http://

Early Lanayru Province

To get in Lanayru early you can either gate clip,CD Stream, or Warp Cancel. It is possible to not hit a dead-end but it will depending on your conditions.http://

Midna/Bottle/Epona dive (Wii only)

Stand on a corner of a cliff, facing away from the abyss, while carrying something above your head (e.g. a crate), and then call either Midna or Epona or use the Bottle. As a result Link will fall down into the void. Depending on the map the game will either detect you've fallen down and put you back to the starting point the current "room" or if there's water you might be diving below the map out of bounds.

Can be used to get into Lakebed Temple, no Zora Armor required (see Early Master Sword, Resolution 3)

Examples: http://

Swim with waterbombs

(The following ist mostly copy&paste from logitechSDAZ's video linked below)

Two ways to do this...

  1. Put on iron boots underwater and be on solid ground.
  2. Pull out a waterbomb and quickly press up on the direction pad before the waterbomb is completely pulled out.
  3. Use any item in your inventory to replace iron boots. If iron boots is mapped to the "X" button, then put another item to the "X" button.
  4. As you are exiting the item screen, press any direction on the analog stick. If you don't do this, then the waterbomb will immediately drop out of Link's hands and the glitch won't happen.
  5. As you are swimming with the waterbomb, keep pressing the analog stick. This means if you want to to go from North to South, you will have to rotate the analog stick in a semi-circle to turn Link around so you don't drop the bomb.
  6. The only way to swim upward with a waterbomb in Link's hands is to put on the green tunic.

The other way to do this glitch is to pull out a waterbomb the moment before you fall off a ledge while underwater. As you are pulling the waterbomb out, very quickly unequip iron boots. It is harder to get the timing right, but it is still pretty easy to do.

If you put on iron boots again while swimming with the bomb, the bomb will drop after a couple of seconds. If you run into a barrier to stop the swimming momentum, the bomb will drop. If you press "A", the bomb will drop.

Video: http://

Underwater air refill trick

(Again, partially copy&paste from logitechSDAZ's video linked above)

You can use the "swim with waterbombs" glitch to dive without Zora's Armour, i.e. just with Hero's Clothes. If you're close to drowning just do the mentioned glitch. After the glitch, when you are swimming with the waterbomb in your hands, press "A". Your air supply meter will be refilled. You can enter Lakebed Temple this way, and survive the 1st room underwater in Hero's Clothes, and you can even defeat Morpheel without Zora's Armor.http://

Defeat Morpheel without Zora's Armor

As shown by Paraxade this is possible, however quite difficult to perform because Link runs out of air quickly and if you mess it up you're way above ground when running out of air and won't have the chance to sink fast enough even with Iron Boots equipped (as you have to stand on the ground or a pillar to perform the air refill trick). Just watch the video below to see how difficult it really is.

Alternatively, by pressing Z after clawshotting on top of Morpheel and cycling, Midna will stop Link from rising in the water as much, allowing you to sink down and refill your air.http://

CD streaming (not allowed for SDA)

By opening the GCN's disc cap or ejecting the disc in Wii's home menu the game can be more or less forcefully prevented from loading further pieces of the map when Link is about to leave the piece he's currently on. Whether or not this can damage hardware is controversial. At least it's forbidden for speed runs to be submitted to SDA as it's considered to be a "hardware modification".

As a result Link can get out of bounds and walk through the void. Strange things can happen there, including game crashes, and can cause some items to not be 'obtained' when obtained.http://

Map glitch / Warp cancel glitch

This is similar to CD streaming but it won't harm hardware and it is allowed on SDA. Just press left (or right) on the direction pad and Z on the same time. The map will appear, choose a location to warp to and then exit the map, after that the Midna prompt appears which you can either abort or use to transform. - original video where this glitch was first discovered - lots of funny things to do with this glitch

[15] - Map Glitch on Wii

On the wii, the opening of the map must be delayed by some animation or action first, then the minda button is spammed until the map opens. For example, set a bottle filled with something to B, then press B and 1 at the same time, spam up on the D-pad. Also works with various items.

"Or, as an alternative, you can do the map glitch off of signs without Midna. This method is much easier to do, except it can't be used everywhere. What you do is you go up to a sign or a guard and press A and 1 at the same time. If done right the map will open, you choose a warp spot, then you read the sign." - mzxrules

Warning: this trick was fixed by Nintendo on newer Wii discs (not sure about GCN discs). Here are a few collected version numbers:

  • RVL-RZDE-0A-0 JPN - Glitch works
  • RVL P RZDE CAN 62524A - Glitch works
  • RVL P RZDE CAN 62524C - Glitch doesn't work
  • RVL-RZDE-(USA) & RVL-006 - Glitch doesn't work


Early Hyrule Castle

If we can find a way into Hyrule Castle early we can create a bigger sequence break. Below is a list of things we tried and it failed.

  • Squeeze through the doors where the guards are blocking. This failed due to an invisible barrier.
  • Map Glitched around the walls. This failed because of an invisible barrier.
  • Assumed we could break the yellow barrier by seeing Zelda in the twilight world. The game ignores minda's condition and acts like your meeting zelda for the first time.
  • Tried to get Epona in Hyrule Market. Epona does not load so the game freezes up.

Theories on how to get in Hyrule Castle early

  • Find a way to leap over the wall with the double doors.
  • Be able to walk underneath everything without falling, and being able to jump attack back up, or super jump.
  • Be able to walk around everything without falling.
  • Be able to Super Slide through walls (possible in AR or Epona slide)

Early Kakariko Village

We could save a lot of time in a speed run if we could get the to Kakariko Village early. This is what we tried so far.

  • Tried to LJA to the other side of the cliff. So far LJA is just too short no matter where you try it from.
  • Super Jump across. So far no luck on this one, may be possible from somewhere.

Theories on how we can do it

  • Super Jump across.
  • LJA from some really high spot.
  • Get into Hyrule Market early, and get across the cliff from the east side of town.

Theories on getting early iron boots

  • Get Eldin back to the light world early so you can train Epona early.
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