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After you've successfully recorded your speedrun, you're not quite done. You're going to need to do a bit of processing on your recordings to get a video that you can submit to SDA. There are two ways to get this done.

Anri-chan will ask you a few simple questions and do all the complex work for you. We strongly recommend that you use it.
Encode it yourself
You will be writing the script to encode your run and encoding it manually. This IS NOT recommended for beginners.

Yua is a user friendly encoding tool that is in active development


Anri-chan is an incredible tool made by some of the fine folks at SDA that makes video processing easy.

What Anri-chan will do for you

  • Prepare sample and test capture to help identify any recording capture issues
  • Process raw recording files from a variety of screen recording programs and capture devices into a format acceptable for an SDA submission
  • Process multiple raw recording files into a single submittable video file
  • Extract recordings from a DVD player for processing
  • Correct some video alignment and bobbing issues
  • Add audio commentary tracks to a fully processed video

What Anri-chan won't do for you


Yua is a user friendly tool that is currently in active development. In time it will replace Anri-chan. For additional details, go here.

Coding yourself

If you encode a run by yourself then you will be writing your own scripts using AviSynth. AviSynth scripting is an advanced topic. All beginners are recommended to use Anri-chan instead.

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