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Console Information

Xbox One.jpg

Xbox One
Resolution 720p, 1080p, 2160p*
A/V Outputs HDMI

* The console is capable of Ultra HD (2160p) video resolutions, however no games natively run at this resolution and there is a general lack of availability of devices and hardware to record at this resolution

Xbox One

Microsoft's latest generation console removed support for Composite, Component, and S-Video connectors. The Xbox One is only capable of high definition video resolutions and it only uses an HDMI connector. Because of this you cannot record gameplay from this console in standard definition. You need a high definition capture card with HDMI input in order to be able to record footage from the Xbox One. It's also worth noting that the Xbox One does not support the 1080i video resolution. For help finding a capture device that supports high definition, be sure and check out our list of capture devices

Note:' The Xbox One does not use High Definition Content Protection (HDCP) when playing video games. This means that you should not have a problem recording gameplay with your high definition capture device.
Note: Capturing video in high definition is a very demanding process. You will need a powerful computer in order to be able to do this.

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