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XSplit may be the most popular streaming software used by speedrunners. The program was in beta for some time. Now that the Beta period has ended, Xsplit costs money. Because of this, many people are switching to OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

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Xsplit introduces the concept of scenes. A scene is basically just a layout for your stream. That layout includes video feed from your capture device, webcams, screen capture feed, and text. Xsplit is able to keep track of up to 12 of these different scenes or layouts for you.

Creating your layout

Camera - Your capture device(s) will show up in the list here. After you add it, it will show up in your scene and you can resize it as needed. If you plan on using a webcam, it will also show up in this list and you can add it to your scene as well. Finally, some programs are able to take video feed from your capture device and share it with other applications. Two examples include Amaerctv and SCFH DS. Note: If you see the message Camera is unavailable, this may indicate that another program is using the capture device. If you would like to record your speedrun and stream at the same time, you can go here for details.
Add Media file - You can add either a picture file a video file to your stream with this option.
Add screen region - This lets Xsplit capture either a specific area of the screen or capture the window of a specific application. A lot of people will show a screen capture of timing programs like WSplit so that stream viewers can see how well the run is going. You might notice that when you capture some things that all you get is a black window even though you see it on your monitor. This is because of a thing called hardware acceleration. You need to try and disable hardware acceleration in order to be able to capture the screen of that particular program.
Title - This allows you to add text to your stream. Xsplit also lets you have text scroll across the screen and loop back around. The color of text is white only so if you'd like something more complex it is recommended that you add a media file with a graphic or logo instead.

A sample XSplit layout that uses a capture device, webcam, screen region, and a title
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