Wrecking Crew

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Basic Techniques and Strategies

  • Try and always destroy objects starting from the top of the screen and work your way down. It's usually the quickest method.
  • When possible, walk off ladders as opposed to climbing down them. You won't receive any falling damage at any height.
  • Don't forget that the screen edges wraparound on the left and right edges of the screen. Mario can walk off the right edge of the screen and appear on the left side and vice versa.
  • Avoiding fireballs: These spawn randomly throughout the game. There are three ways there should generally be avoided:
  1. Walk to the very left or right edge of the screen to wrap around to the other side.
  2. Climb up or down a ladder to avoid it.
  3. With good timing, Mario can walk underneath an on-coming fireball. This strategy should only be used when there's no other choice.

Tricks and Glitches

  • Obtaining the Golden Hammer (very useful), There are a few factors to determine if you will get a Golden Hammer:
  1. The stage number
  2. The number of times you swing the hammer in a given stage
  3. The order you destroy the bombs on screen.

The first stage that contains a Golden Hammer is stage 4. In stage 4, swing the hammer exactly 5 times, destroy bomb #1 first, destroy bomb #3 second, and destroy bomb #2 third.

To get a Golden Hammer to spawn, the stage number + the number of times you swing the hammer in that stage / 8 = a remainder of 1. For example, in stage 4 You would need to swing the hammer 5 times in order to have the Golden Hammer appear. Stage 4 + 5 swings = 9. 9 / 8 = a remainder of 1. Alternatively, stage 4 + 13 swings = 17. 17 / 8 = a remainder of 1. Both ways spawn the Golden Hammer. *The Golden Hammer is only obtainable in particular stages*

  • To fly with the use of a Golden Hammer, walk off of a platform while mashing A or B and continue to move forward.
  • With near flawless timing, you can hit enemies that are very close to you with the use of your hammer. This will not kill them, but it will knock them to the very bottom of the screen. Useful for risky strategies or to avoid near death situations.

Bonus Stages

  • There doesn't seem to be any pattern to how the coin appears. The best method is to try and let your opponent (Spike) hit the coin (so that you receive no bonus). However, it takes too long for Spike to hit all the objects himself, so play the bonus area as if you were working with Spike as a team to clear all the objects as fast as possible.
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