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Console Information


Nintendo Wii
Resolution 480i/480p
Virtual Console Resolution 240/480i
A/V Outputs Composite, Component, S-video
Framerate 60.0022 progressive/30.0011 interlaced More Info
Backwards Compatibility GameCube

Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii features a multi-out A/V connector in the back. The A/V cables that come with the system include the standard red, white, and yellow (composite video) connectors. This is the same connector used by the Wii U. Nintendo also offered a set of component cables that can also plug in to this multi-out A/V connector. When recording footage from the Wii, you'll need to decide whether or not you will be recording in the standard definition 480i or if you will attempt to record the higher quality progressive signal 480p. Which resolution you choose will may a drastic effect on the recording equipment you will need.

From the home screen click the Wii Button in the bottom right Select Screen Here you can change the resolution from 480i to 480p Note: You must have component cables connected in order for the 480p option to become available

Recording in 480i

Third party A/V cable with S-Video
The A/V cables that came with the system include the standard red white and yellow (composite video) connectors. The yellow cable is for composite video and will output a video signal at 480i. While the standard A/V cables that come with the Wii are composite video, the Wii is also capable of outputting S-Video. Nintendo did not release an official S-Video connector for the Wii, however you can purchase a third party set of cables that includes it. S-Video provides superior picture clarity and quality and it is strongly preferred over composite video.

NOTE: S-Video will result in a black & white and flickering image if you are using a Wii console that is running in PAL video mode. RGB is also not supported on a Wii console that is running in NTSC video mode. There is no official way to change between PAL and NTSC video modes.

You can also connect component cables to the Wii and record in 480i. You might want to do this if you are using a CRT television that has component inputs, but does not support 480p or higher resolutions. Make sure that your capture device has support for 480i resolutions if you try this. If you are not using a CRT and your capture device has component inputs, it is recommended that you record at 480p instead if your capture card supports this.

Recording at 480p

The Wii has the option of outputting a higher quality progressive signal. Recording at this resolutions requires that you have a capture device that is capable of recording in high definition signal. Your capture device must have component inputs and support the 480p resolution.

Usually you will need to get a powered splitter for the A/V connector you are using. The exception is that some high definition capture cards have a passthrough feature where they are able to both capture the signal and broadcast it to your television without introducing any lag. If your capture device doesn't support this feature then you will have to get a powered splitter.

Wii Virtual Console

The Wii Virtual console does strange and interesting things with video game resolutions.

N64 - These games are going to be run at 480 lines of resolution and at a more consistent framerate than their original N64 counterparts
SNES - Games render at their original 240 lines of resolution
NES - Games render at their original 240 lines of resolution.

When running on the Wii Virtual Console, Super Nintendo and Nintendo games output at 240 lines of resolution. This should not be a problem if you are using a DVD recorder to record gameplay, but it may be an issue if you are using a video capture device. Not all capture devices support this resolution. Many standard definition capture devices are able to detect and record video footage at this resolution, however some are not. It is also very uncommon for high definition capture devices to be able to detect and record video footage at this resolution. We are currently gathering a list of capture devices and including whether or not they support 240 lines of resolution here.

Setting Virtual Console games to 480i

Component Interlaced Mode - This feature forces Wii Virtual Console games to render at 480i instead of 240 lines of resolution. It was included in Virtual Console titles released mid 2007 or later. Some, but not all, Virtual Console titles released before then would be updated to include this feature. You can find a list of games that have been updated to support this mode here.

Activating Component Interlaced Mode

  • Connect component cables to the Wii
  • Start the Virtual Console Game
  • Press the Home button on the Wii Mote
  • Select the Operations Manual
  • Connect the Nunchuk controller to
  • Press Z + A + 2 simultaneously

If successful, you will hear a beep. The Wii will now render the game you are playing in 480 lines of resolution. If you did not hear it, the game may not support this mode.

Use the Wii U instead This isn't exactly an ideal workaround. Virtual console games that are downloaded to the Wii may be transferred to the Wii U. The Wii U does not attempt to render games at their original resolution, but will instead attempt to upsample games to their original resolutions.

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