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Made and maintained by CryZe and wooferzfg1

Program oriented to races and streaming. Very detailed customization options, and several features designed for connectivity with SpeedRunsLive races. Currently the most common use and actively updated program.

Made and maintained by dunnius

Very powerful program that can be used to track a lot of detailed information. Can set hotkeys for counters of events during runs such as deaths or drop luck. More information oriented and less graphically oriented than other programs here; has a lot of features for comparing very detailed statistics on past runs.

No Longer Maintained

Made by Nitrofski

The classic split program, recently rebuilt to add features missing from WSplit classic.

Made by Xunkar

Split program developed with customization in mind, can import times directly from WSplit and adds many features.

Made by DJS

Designed as a timer solution for Mac users, and as such is Mac only. Open Source.

Made by setz

Not so much a timer, this is oriented to adding up in-game timers for games such as Sonic and MTPO where real time is not used. Requires a Python install to run.

Made by Wodanaz.

Including here for legacy purposes, WSplit still works as a basic splitting program, but this build lacks a lot of features that newer timers have implemented, and has some listed features that do not function. Still a quick, simple solution to getting splits if need be.

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