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Unlike previous handheld systems, Nintendo hasn't released an add-on that allows you to play Nintendo DS or 3DS games on your television like they did for the Game Boy And Game Boy Advance. A SDA forum member, Loopy, developed a method of capturing video footage from the Nintendo DS and 3DS. The method involves installing a small capture board into your handheld console that allows you to play the DS or 3DS normally, but it will simultaneously send a video signal over USB.

The Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS do not have a video out option which makes recording video footage quite difficult. To get a good recording of video footage you will need to install a modification that allows for video out.

As of April 2015, Wii U is finally releasing DS games as Wii U VC. Games include: Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros and Yoshi's Island DS. There's multiple layout options but the best choice for recording purposes is to use "Nintendo DS layout" for native resolutions or "Vertical Layout" as it uses an upscale version of the two screens evenly, but you have to look at the TV as the gamepad's screen is rotated to the left/right intended for Touch screen usage (think Zelda Phantom Hourglass). "Vertical layout" may struggle for games requiring a mixture of both inputs like Metroid Prime Hunters and New Super Mario Brothers because the touch screen on the gamepad is rotated. "Nintendo DS layout" and "Large Screen Display" works well for mixed input but the latter can only capture the top screen.

Capturing Video

You will need to get your handheld system modified to include the capture board. Modifications are available for both the Nintendo DS and 3DS. You have the option of either sending in your system to be modified or purchasing a pre-modified system.
Website for the Nintendo DS modification
Website for the Nintendo 3DS modification

The prices are very reasonable. The modification for the 3DS is more complex and costs more than the DS modification. If you plan on speedrunning games on the DS and 3DS it may be worth the investment as the 3DS is backwards compatible with DS games. What the modification does is that it will send a video signal over a USB cable. Plug the cable into the computer and open up the DS or 3DS capture software and you can record footage. You will need to use the capture software provided on the website. Other capture software will not work.

The DS Capture device in action

Capturing sound

To record audio you'll need to plug in a stereo cable that has 3.5 mm male plug on both sides. You'll be plugging one end of the cable into the head phone jack and the other end of the cable to the line in jack.
The 3.5 mm stereo cable used for recording audio
If you have a desktop computer, the line in jack is usually the blue audio plug in the back.

Using the capture software

Get the capture driver software installed

After you've got your handheld modified you'll need to get the driver installed.

DS Driver installation instructions
3DS driver installation instructions

Download the capture software

After the driver is installed, you can download the capture software by clicking on the Software link on the page below:
DS Download page
3DS Download page

Using the capture software

DS Recording Software

Note: Please be sure that you are using the latest version of the DS/3DS Capture software from Loopy's website. The latest version adds support for capture at 60 FPS and capture to a single AVI file.

Open the capture software
Click Video settings
In the drop down menu, a list of all of the codecs that are installed on your computer will appear.
You need to select a lossless codec from the list.
Under FPS, select 30 or 60 depending on the game. Select the screens to be recorded. If there is gameplay on both screens (example: Contra 4) then both screens must be recorded. Click OK.
Click Audio settings.
Select the audio input that your line in jack uses (example: Realtek Audio input). Click OK.
NOTE: The recording will be an AVI file that is created in the same folder as the capture software. Make sure that the location on your computer that you are running your capture software from has enough hard drive space for very large file size recordings. A recording will be well over a gigabyte within a few minutes.
When you are ready start recording.

We prefer that you start recording your game play at the DS/3DS power on screen before the game is loaded.

Advantages of using DS capture over 3DS Capture

Ability to play GBA games
The DS original can not only play DS retail games but also GBA retail games as well. This is also the most reliable way of recording games that uses the gyro sensor.
Most notable games: Yoshi's Universal Gravitation and Wario Ware: Twisted.

The screen is pretty big while recording it in Native Resolution.
When you set the 3DS to DS Native resolution, the screen size is pretty small. It's the only way to get a native resolution recording on the 3DS. However playing it on a DS original not only records in native resolution but the screen size you are playing it from is much bigger.

Can play any imports including the DSi-enhanced games.
Although uncommon, some DS retail games unlocked extra features when playing it on a DSi/3DS system. However there is one catch, they are all region locked. So any modded DS phat can play the Japanese versions of Pokémon Black/White (2) while only a Japanese DSi/3DS systems can play the Japanese version of Pokémon Black/White (2)

The only games that you CAN'T play on a modded DS are DSi only retail games and DSiWare

The link below shows the incomplete list of DSi enhanced games.


Advantages of using 3DS capture over DS Capture

Huge library of games to play.
While the DS original can only play DS retail and GBA retail games, the 3DS can play a huge range of games including:.
DS retail,.
DSi Enhanced (region locked),.
DSi only retail (region locked),.
DSiWare (region locked),.
3DS retail (region locked) and.
eShop content (different content in different regions).

Reliable way to obtain hard to find/buy games.
This is strictly referring to some of the Game Boy games on the 3DS Virtual Console as the prices you see on the internet is ridiculously high.
Notable games include
Trip World* (£2.70 on eShop vs £120+ on Ebay) and
Shantae (Roughly $5+ on eShop vs $220+ on Amazon.com)

*As of 25th June 2013, Trip World is only on both JP and EU 3DS systems.

Ability to record online games that uses WPA internet security.
As many users are using the more secure WPA connection, only the DSi/3DS system can use both WEP and WPA. All of the non-DSi enhanced games only uses WEP (like Mario Kart DS, Metroid Prime Hunters and 4th Generation Pkmn games) which is out of date. So with both a modded 3DS and WPA connection, you can record online matches of Pokémon Black/White (2) and 3DS games as well.

Advantages of using Wii U VC over DS and 3DS capture

No modifications required
Finally a way to record DS games through a console capture card.

Supports Save states
You can make at least 1 save state per Wii U profile, excellent for mastering tough tricks.

Disdvantages of using Wii U VC over DS and 3DS capture

Limited Library support
Unlike physical copies, digital re-releases for VC games are more focused on Nintendo games, don't expect the entire library to be available for the system.

Touch screen is massive
Depending on the setting, going from one side of the touch screen to the other will be a tad longer than the original systems.

No local multiplayer
Not a huge fuss but if the game has multi-system co-op then you got no chance of getting that feature to work on Wii U.

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