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Adding unlocking requirements information

I recently got the Japanese SMG2 guidebook by Shougakukan - it seems to be an official guide, since it has a lot of maps with graphics seemingly straight from the game. It has a lot of information about unlocking requirements:

  • When the banktoad, mailtoad, comets, and Luigi first appear
  • The number of Comet Medals required for each comet, and other comet appearance conditions
  • Requirements for other special stars like the Chimp's challenges and Fluzzard races
  • When each character and engine room power-up appears at Starship Mario (this places Mario at a spot farther away from the ship's helm)
  • Maps of each world as they appear in the game. These could potentially be scanned, which would show star requirements for galaxies, paths through worlds, and the Hungry Lumas.

I'd be willing to put the information up on this wiki, but how should we organize it? Should we maybe have a new section or even a new page called "Route Planning", with all the relevant information for preparing a star route?

Yoshifan 07:07, 30 August 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for putting those up yoshifan. It explains a lot, and I would say I am 95% sure that this is all correct.


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