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The enhanced remake of the N64 Classic. Released in 2004-2005. Instead of just playing as Mario, this time, Mario, Luigi and Wario are now trapped. You start off with Yoshi and save your allies in their own portraits. In place of the original analog controls, players can either use the D-Pad or the Touch screen. Other additions include: 150 Stars in total, some tweaks with the old star tasks and more than 30 rabbits in the castle.


Fastest way to travel

The fastest way to travel long distances is performing Long Jumps. It's faster than running.

Character’s Stats (From the offical instruction manual)


Speed 2/3

Jump 3/3 (Can perform flutter jumps to increase distance & height on the first two jumps).

Power 0/3


  • Can swallow small enemies and produce eggs
  • Hitting loads of enemies with 1 egg can produce loads of coins. So an egg that contained a koopa (5 coins) that hits 3 Goombas, it will produce 5 coins for each hit, so it's 18 coins overall (15 from the Koopa egg and 3 from the Goombas) making it useful for 100 coins stars.
  • Has the flutter kicks for both 1st and 2nd jumps to gain more height and distance.
  • Swallowing camp fires allow Yoshi to breathe out a single flame, useful for both Cool Cool Mountain Red Coins, and SnowMan's Land Ice Sculpture.


  • The weakest character of the lot that it can't destroy a block without a Bob-omb and needs a character hat (and play as Mario, Luigi or Wario) to defeat Bowser.
  • Power Flower isn't really special; it allows Yoshi to breathe out more flames in a certain period of time.

Errors from instruction manual

  • Dispite having a 3 Star rating on Jump. Yoshi's Triple Jump doesn't goes as high as Mario's who has a 2 star rating on Jump.


Speed 2/3

Jump 2/3 (only character to perform wall jumps)

Power 2/3


  • Fastest runner of the 4
  • The only character to wall jump
  • The only character to have 2 powerups (the only one to use the Wing Cap in single player).
  • The only character to unlock Big Star Doors (Bowser 1, 2 and the 50 star door)
  • Gives out the biggest distance on Long Jumping.


  • Doesn't have any way to reach massive distances as effective as Luigi.
  • His ? power ups are not really useful in the 80 star speed run.

Errors from instruction manual

  • Mario's Star rating on Jump is 2 which is lower than both Luigi & Yoshi (who have 3 Stars on Jump) but Mario beats both Luigi and Yoshi on Long Jumping distance. It beats Yoshi but just ties with Luigi on Triple Jump height.


Speed 2/3

Jump 3/3 (the only character to cancel a Backward Somersault to a Helicopter Spin)

Power 1/3


  • Most effective flower power skill, it allows to skip some obstacles.
  • A back flip that covers enormous distances and medium-high heights quickly.
  • Can run across water for a few seconds.
  • Fastest swimmer.
  • No slippery shoes gimmick seen in other Mario games (SMB2j, Smash Bros Melee)


  • Cannot Wall jump.
  • Power up doesn't reach godly heights like Balloon Mario.

Errors from instruction manual

  • Luigi has a Power rating of 1 but it isn't noticeablly different compared to Mario who has a Power rating of 2. Probably it's the power of Luigi tossing Bowser out of the arena, Wario can do it easily.


Speed: 1/3

Jump: 1/3

Power: 3/3 (The only character to destroy Black Blocks, grey boulders and defeat Snowmen)


  • The only character to destroy black blocks
  • Long Jump speed is equal to the other 3 (so seriously stick with Long Jump to keep the time difference minimal).


  • Slowest runner
  • Slowest swimmer
  • Poorest triple jumper
  • His ability is really a gimmick (a slow guy just to destroy huge objects).

Errors from instruction manual

  • For having the worst jumps his rating should be 0. It's that bad.


Run on water much longer than usual.

  • Enter Jolly Roger Bay and start off as Yoshi with Luigi's cap selected. Then get hit by a Goomba and quickly run across the water, you should be able to run across the water for a long time. It only stops when you jump or probably stop. This is caused because during the form change you can still use Luigi's powers (such as Water Running or performing a A,A,A combo).

Glitch into Bowser 3 without 80 Stars

  • Enter the 50 Star Door then go to the second step to going to the Bowser 3 80 Star Door. Slide By going R+A and you will fall into the top of the Endless Staircase.
  • Note: Do not slide while too much near the wall or you'll fall into a Black Room and Die.
  • This might take a few attempts.


35 star (glitch <50%)

  • Behind chain chomp's gate
  • Chip off whomp's block
  • To the top of the fortress
  • WF 100coins
  • 8 red coins on the floating isles
  • Blast away the wall
  • plunder in the sunken ship
  • Sunshine isles
  • Gombooss switch star (mario obtained 1st.)
  • Secret slide <21S star
  • Shoot to the wild blue
  • Switch star of the fortress
  • Boo's 8 red coins
  • Bowser 1 red coins
  • Bowser 1 switch star
  • Blast to the stone pillar (? block hit first)
  • Navigating the toxic maze
  • Green switch palace bonus star
  • Swimming best in the cavern
  • Metal head wario can move!
  • Toad's star 1
  • In the talons of the big bird
  • Inside the pyramid
  • LLL 100coins
  • inside the volcano
  • red hot log rolling
  • Bully the bullies
  • Boil the big bully
  • 8 coin puzzle W/ 15 pieces
  • Elevator tour in the volcano
  • Board Bowser's sub
  • Bowser 2/ glitch 1
  • Swing in the breeze
  • get a hand
  • 8 coins in heaven
  • GLITCH 2
  • Bowser 3 red coins
  • Bowser 3 battle/ THE END

50 Star (Glitch Low% Humanly possible)

Single Segment

Route by Wellbe6

The Run never unlocks Luigi, but it is still possible to do TTM's Blast to the Lonely Mushroom without the cannon.

  • Rabbit Catch gets happened first. Everyone knows that is in every 50, 80 or 150 star route.
  • Bob-omb Battlefield
  • Star 1: Behind Chain Chomp's Gate

Whomp's Fortress

  • Star 2: Chip of Whomp's Block
  • Star 3: To the Top of the Fortress
  • Star 4: Shoot into the Wild Blue
  • Star 5: Blast away the Wall
  • Star 6: Fall onto the Caged Island

Cool, Cool Mountain

  • Star 7: Slip Slidin' Away

Sunshine Isles

  • Star 8: 5 Silver Stars

Goomboss Battle

  • Mario Key
  • Switch to Mario
  • Star 9: Goomboss Battle Switch Star
Whomp's Fortress
  • Star 10: Switch Star of the Fortress

Cool, Cool Mountain

  • Star 11: Lil' Penguin Lost
  • Star 12: Mario's Super Wall Kick
  • Star 13: Big Penguin Race

Princess's Secret Slide

  • Star 14: Under 21 Seconds

Tower of the Wing Cap

  • Star 15: 8 Red Coins/! Switch
  • Quit Game
  • Go back in
  • Glitch into the Basement
  • Star 16: Toad's Star 1/2

Hazy Maze Cave

  • Star 17: An A-MAZE-ING Emergency Exit
  • Star 18: Navigating through the Toxic Maze
  • Star 19: Swimming Beast through the Cavern
  • Star 20: Underground Switch Star
  • Star 21: Metal-Head Wario Can Move!

Lethal Lava Land

  • Star 22: 8-Coin Puzzle with 15 peices
  • Star 23: Inside the Valcano
  • Star 24: Top of the Valcano Star
  • Star 25: Boil the Big Bully
  • Star 26: Bully the Bullies
  • Star 27: Red-Hot Log Rolling
  • Star 28: Flaming Silver Stars

Shifting Sand Land

  • Star 29: Shining Atop the Pyramid
  • Star 30: Inside the Pyramid
  • Star 31: Stand Tall on the Four Pillars
  • Star 32: Klepto's Star
  • Star 33: Free Flying for 8 Red Coins

Dire Dire Docks

  • Star 34: Board Bowser's Sub

Bowser in the Fire Sea

  • Star 35: Switch Star
  • Boss Battle Key
  • Star 36: Toad's Star 2/2

Wet Dry World

  • Star 37: Top O' the Town
  • Star 38: Shocking Arrow Lifts
  • Star 39: 5 Secrets of the Shallows and Sky
  • Tiny Huge Island
  • Star 40: The Tip Top of the Huge Island
  • Star 41: Pluck the Piranha Flower
  • Star 42: Rematch with Koopa the Quick
  • Star 43: Klepto the Condor
  • Star 44: Wiggler's Red Coins
  • Star 45: Switch Star of the Island
  • Star 46: Make Wiggler Squirm

Tall, Tall Mountain

  • Star 47: Blast to the Lonely Mushroom

Snowman's Land

  • Star 48: Chill with the Bully
  • Star 49: Snowman's Big Head
  • Star 50: Whirl From the Freezing Pond
  • Glitch into Bowser 3
  • Bowser 3 Boss
  • Ending and Credits

That's the whole route, Buy guys!


80 Star (Default Any%)

Notes: This run should not use Out of Bounds related tricks. It's very similar to the previous 70 Star run on the N64. No sequence breaking allowed.

Single Segment


150 Star (100%)

Single Segment

  • Rabbit Catching Sequence)
  • Stars 1-7: Bob-omb Battlefield: All of the stars (not including Mario wings to the sky)
  • Star 8: 5 Silver Stars, Sunshine Isles
  • Mario Key)
  • Switch to Mario
  • Stars 9-10: Princess Secret Slide Stars
  • Stars 11-18: All of the Whomps Fortress Stars
  • Stars 19-25: All of Cool, Cool Mountain Stars (Not including Frosty Slide for Red Coins)
  • Star 26: ! Switch/Red Coins
  • Star 27: Mario Wings to the Sky
  • Star 28: Boo Fountain Red Coins
  • Star 29: Secret of Battle Fort
  • Luigi Key)
  • Switch to Luigi
  • Stars 30- 37: All of the Jolly Roger Bay Stars
  • Switch back to Mario
  • Stars 38-39: Bowser in the Dark World Red Coins/Switch Star
  • Bowser Key 1)
  • Unlock Bowser 2/Dire Dire Docks Door)
  • Switch to Luigi
  • Stars 40-47: All of Dire Dire Docks Stars
  • Stars 48-49: Bowser in the Fire Sea Red Coins/Switch Star
  • Bowser Key 2)
  • Stars 50-55: All of the Lethal Lava Land Stars (not counting Flaming Silver Stars or 100 coin star)
  • Stars 56-63: All of the Hazy Maze Cave Stars
  • Stars 64-69: All of the Shifting Sand Land Stars (not counting Pyramid Puzzle or Tox Box Switch Star)
  • Star 70: Cheif Chilly Challenge Red Coins
  • Wario Key)
  • Switch to Wario
  • Switch to Mario
  • Stars 71-72: Goomboss Battle Red Coins/Switch Star
  • Stars 73-74: Big Boo Battle Red Coins/Secret Star
  • Switch to Luigi
  • Star 75: Cheif Chilly Challenge Secret Star
  • Stars 76-83: All of the Big Boo's Haunt Stars
  • Stars 84-91: All of the Tall Tall Mountain Stars
  • Stars 92-98: All of the Snowman's Land Stars (not counting Yoshi's Ice Sculpture)
  • Switch to Yoshi
  • Star 99: Frosty Slide For Red Coins
  • Star 100: Yoshi's Ice Sculpture
  • Catch two rabbits)
  • Switch to Luigi
  • Stars 101-108: All of the Wet-Dry World Stars
  • Stars 109-116: All of the Tiny Huge Island Stars
  • Stars 117-124: All of the Tick Tock Clock Stars
  • Switch to Wario
  • Drain the Moat)
  • Stars 125-126: Under the Moat Stars
  • Switch to Mario
  • Stars 127-134: All of the Rainbow Ride Stars
  • Switch to Luigi
  • Stars 135-136: Left over Shifting Sand Land Stars
  • Stars 137-138: Flaming Silver stars/100 Coins
  • Stars 139-141: Toad Stars
  • Switch to Yoshi
  • Star 142: Catch the White Rabbits
  • Switch back to Luigi
  • Star 143: Behind the Mirror
  • Switch to Mario
  • Stars 144-145: Metal Cap Cavern Stars
  • Switch to Luigi
  • Star 146: Red Coins in the Aquarium
  • Switch back to Mario
  • Stars 147-148: Red Coins/Inside the Black Box, Over the Rainbows
  • Stars 149-150: Red Coins/Switch Star Bowser in the Sky
  • Final Bowser Boss)


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