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This page is a draft for a new official page. Feel free to make text easier to understand or reflect changes that have been approved by SDA admins, and be sure to fill in the Summary line. To suggest changes or discuss changes that have been made, use the talk page or the forums.

Are you considering speedrunning for SDA? There's a very good chance we're interested! It's highly recommended to talk about the game you're thinking of running on the forum before starting. Registration is not required, but it is encouraged if you post regularly. Before you start recording, please read the rules and the FAQ to prevent your run from being rejected. If you prefer to encode your run yourself, ensure that your run meets our audio/video quality standards by posting a brief sample in the Tech Support forum before you finish your run.

All submissions will require the following:

  1. Comments about the run (not required for individual-level runs)
  2. The date it was finished
  3. The run's category (single-segment or segmented, any%/low%/100%, difficulty, etc.)
  4. The system you played on (PC, NES, etc.)
  5. Your contact information (won't be published)
  6. At least one of your real name, your nickname or your e-mail (to be published together with the run to credit you as the runner)
  7. For segmented runs on DVD: a note including approximate start/end times of all segments (from the start of the disc), using video times, not chapters
  8. For games that do not currently have a run on SDA: a record of the title screen so we can create a picture for the game page

Please do not send us the run itself until we have given you permission to do so.

When you submit a run to SDA, you agree that it will be added to SDA and the speedruns collection of If you mail your run to Nate, you can request the discs back afterwards if you're willing to pay the return postage. You can also do anything else you want with your run, because you remain the owner and creator.

Happy running, and good luck!

Contacting Mike

Once you have finished a run, you will need to contact Mike somehow. He is usually available on instant messaging programs, but he also leaves them on all day, so don't be surprised if he's not present the moment you contact him. Please do not contact Mike about things that should be discussed on the forum openly, such as what games to run, whether he's played the game you're running, and so forth.

  • ICQ number: #496300018
  • AIM name: mikwuyma
  • MSN name: mikw_uyma AT hotmail DOT com (Do not send e-mails to the hotmail address, he never uses it.)
  • IRC: Mike is also on IRC nearly all the time at #sda on
  • E-mail address: mikwuyma AT speeddemosarchive DOT com

Do not e-mail Mike attachments without asking. He usually responds to e-mails within one or two days, but if he doesn't respond to your e-mail within a week, chances are he overlooked your e-mail. If that happens, don't be discouraged, just e-mail him again.

When trying to contact Mike, please tell him about your run in detail. It doesn't help to say something generic like "hi" or "I did a speedrun." Also, be polite – you may be excited about your first speedrun, but being rude or cocky won't help his mood. As long as you're polite, Mike doesn't mind answering multiple questions. If he doesn't respond, then he's most likely not there. Just be patient and try contacting him again in a few hours.

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