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This is the fastest and easiest category. Bronze difficulty has the enemies at lowest health and least number of targets per objective in most missions. Boss strats are extremely simple and easy to pull off.

Current Fastest Run

45:39 RTA by ModularFive

Individual Mission Strats and Boss Strats

Mission 1: Take Out Oikonny

Stage Type: Auto-Scroller
Bombs Needed: 4

IMPORTANT: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SAVE SLIPPY OR FALCO. By having them taken out you skip 2 dialogues during Oikonny fight that saves approximately 5 seconds.

This is a very straight-forward mission. Prior to Oikonny dialogue make sure you get the laser upgrade and 2 bombs. At beginning of mission try to kill a few enemies before the first silver ring to avoid lag (too many enemies will be present at once). Avoid destroying them too fast as the explosions will also lag.

After the Fortuna entry cutscene you need to collect 2 bombs and another laser upgrade. That should have you at 4 bombs and double blue laser upgrade for Oikonny and Moth

Boss: Oikonny Andross

Bombs Used: 2

Oikonny's AI will always make him use his left hand first. Take it out using 1 bomb and some laser mashing. Next, target his right hand but make sure you dodge his attack or he'll do a taunting animation which will cost a few seconds. Use another bomb and laser mashing combo and he'll be done.

Boss: Aparoid Moth

Bombs Used: 2

Immediately after cutscene from Oikonny shoot 2 bombs HOWEVER you can't shoot the 2nd bomb as fast as must delay it a tad bit. After that it goes to its flaming rock shooting animation. You cannot kill it till after this phase so shoot till it blocks all your shots. After this phase you only need 1 charged shot to finish boss so wait for it to open its weak point up. Timing is everything for this fight.

Mission 2: Investigate Base on Katina

Stage Type: Ground Assault

Objective 1: Take out 2 heavy aparoids

Basically just wait till game forces the 2 aparoids to spawn (approximately 25 seconds) and use a blue charged shot from blaster on both of them.

Objective 2: Take out 6 heavy aparoids

Once again take out the aparoids but this time you will be using the Landmaster.

Objective 3: Take out 9 hatchers

Stage Type: Ground Assault followed by Arwing dog fight

Same thing but make sure you can do 1 cycle elevator for hatcher using grenades. It's a huge time saver. Final hatcher won't appear till after 8 are destroyed

Boss: Aparoid Walker

Landmaster is ONLY way you can damage it. Shoot it's red spot underneath 2 times then fly on top of it. Then shoot it's weak spot with 1 charged shot to start and finish it off with normal tank shots.

Mission 3: Take Control of the Hideout

Stage Type: Ground Assault followed by Arwing dog fight

Objective 1: Take out the 6 transfer devices

Very simple just work your way up. After destroying the 6th device you should immediately try to get into arwing for next objective. Optimally you should be entering the arwing when the cutscene occurs.

Objective 2: Take out Wolf, Leon, and Panther

This is a crucial point in the run. If any of them decide to fly over you then a significant amount of time will be lost. It seems that braking and leaning in direction of their movement causes them to get hit more often than not. 2 charge shots is all you need to defeat each enemy.

Mission 4: Recapture the Climate Control Center

Stage Type: Ground Assault followed by Air Assault

Objective 1: Take out the 3 shield generators

Enter the Landmaster as soon as possible. Then take out the 3 shield generators. Each will require 2 shots from Landmaster. After 3rd is taken down enter the climate control center.

Ojective 2: Take out 9 sentries

3 groups of sentries will appear. They can only be damaged when they expose their wings. After all 3 groups are eliminated you must survive until next cutscene appears. After cutscene you will be taken to the first wing riding autoscroller.

Aparoid Generator

After the cutscene from the wing riding autoscroller head for Arwing and shoot the aparoids being expelled from the Generator. You need to get 2 bomb drops and use them on the Generator. First shot knocks it back and closes till it expels aparoids again. Shoot another bomb in it once aparoids clear.

Mission 5: Hunt Down Pigma

Stage Type: Auto-scroller
Bombs Needed: 0

Very simpe stage again. Collect both laser upgrades (one at beginning and one before giant aparoid prototype).

Boss: Pigma

This fight has 2 phases: A mechanical arm phase followed by heavy weapon phase. Once all arms are destroyed Pigma will do a short speech. Release a charged shot when Pigma is finished saying "useless" and shoot until he's done. Very easy fight.

Mission 6: Liberate Sauria

Stage Type: Ground Assault

This is an extremely fast paced mission. Objective is to destory the 5 hatchers. Immediately enter arwing and take out the 3 hatchers outside the Krazoa shrine and finish off the last 2 inside.

Mission 7: Recapture the Cornerian Capital

Stage Type: Ground Assault

When mission starts you are required to destroy the 6 radar jammers. These enemies are rng based as to when their eye will open but an important aspect they have is that when their eye is open it is a 1 shot kill with the sniper anywhere you make contact with it's hitbox (not required to shoot eye). After the 6 are taken out head towards the arwing to trigger the 2nd wing riding autoscroller. KEEP HEALTH HIGH. This is important so you can tank damage against General Pepper.

Boss: General Pepper

Aiming is the key to this fight. If your health is high enough you don't have to try to take out his missiles or lasers. Just try to get damage on him as often as possible and he'll go down quick.

Mission 8: Protect the Gate

Stage Type: Free-roaming space assault
Bombs Needed: 4 at the absolute minimum, 5 recommended

This mission won't give any objective till after 2 minutes go by. During this time collect at least 1 laser upgrade (2 would be best but isn't a big deal if missed) and at least 4 bombs.

Objective 1: Destroy the 9 inbound missiles

Keep health high and destroy the missiles. It's best done by waiting just near their spawn points.

Objective 2: Destroy multi-part missile

The missile has 3 parts. The first part requires 2 bombs to destory, 2nd part requires 2 bombs to destroy, and final part requires either 1 bomb or 1 charge shot. This is where the 5

Mission 9: Storm the Aparoid Homeworld

Stage Type: Ground Assault

Objective 1: Destroy the 4 hatchers

Very difficult mission. Current route death warps after 4th hatcher (bottom right on map).

Objective 2: Destroy the 6 hatchers

Enter Arwing and destory the 6 hatchers.

Mission 10: Defeat the Aparoid Queen

Stage Type: Auto-Scroller
Bombs Needed: 3

Very straightforward mission. Throughout the mission you need to collect 2 laser upgrades and 3 bombs. 2 of the bombs will be out in the open and another will be collected after saving Falco. It's recommended you save anyone that's in trouble as they give out silver rings (and Falco gives bomb) which will increase your chances of living.

Boss: Aparoid Queen Phase 1

Shoot for a few seconds then launch a bomb at the queen. The queen should be defeated at the latest when the weak point is rotating

Boss: Aparoid Queen Phase 2

If done properly you can get hits on the 4 weak points before it spins around completely. Once all 4 are closed the queen's head will be exposed but it's armored. Shoot the armor off then continue to shoot at it and launch a bomb before her health gets too low. At a certain point (near death) she forces another cycle of you shooting the 4 weak points. Finish her off with the little health she has left.

Boss: Aparoid Queen Phase 3

Immediately after phase 2 this phase occurs. This is very much rng based as if she uses her fire attack she cannot be hit. Shoot last bomb at her and just use laser as effectively as possible (use only charged shots if fire attack is used).

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