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This page refers to the NES version. Some items on this page may not apply to versions released on other systems.

General Items

  • On VS COM mode, the suitcase and all 4 items need to be collected.
  • You can only hold one item at a time, unless you have the suitcase.
  • The Club does 2x the damage of your fists.
  • The Dagger does 3x damage compared to your fists.
  • If you get the Club after the Dagger, the Club becomes your weapon and the Dagger disappears.
  • Items and players always start in the same spots.

Notes on the Time Bomb

  • Time Bombs exist naturally in Levels 5-8. They are the only traps in the game that are not set by the characters from the start of a game.
  • If a time bomb exists in a room, you can simply exit the room to clear it out.
  • You can run through the room with one, but only at an angle or straight up/down. It is impossible to cross the room horizontally or go up or down stairs without dying.

One-Way Doors

A couple of one-way doors exist in Level 8. You can go through them from one direction normally, but once gone through, the wall becomes solid.

  • Both doors exist on the first floor.
  • Both doors work by going from right to left only.

Fighting Black

Generally, you do not and should not fight black. Why?

  • It takes time to stop and fight.
  • You will stop and laugh after you kill him.

In optimal runs, you should only need to fight him in Levels 2 and 5.

VS COM - Level 1


  • 1. Grab the suitcase in the upper right room.
  • 2. Move back down and grab the passport and the money.
  • 3. Move back up then head to the left. Do NOT fight Black.
  • 4. Grab the airplane tickets.
  • 5. Grab the key.
  • 6. Black will generally touch the door. Stay out of his way when he flies back.
  • 7. Exit. Snicker.

VS COM - Level 2


  • 1. Head left 3 rooms, up 1 room, and grab the suitcase.
  • 2. Move back down 1 room and get the money bag.
  • 3. Go right 3 rooms and get the passport.
  • 4. Head right one room and drop the suitcase off
  • 5. Head up one room and get the dagger.
  • 6. Head back down one room and retrieve your suitcase.
  • 7. Head up 2 rooms and fight Black. Kill him. Snicker.
  • 8. Get the passport here. If black had the key on him in this room, you can also retrieve it here.
  • 9. Head all the way to the left to exit. Snicker.

VS COM - Level 3


  • 1. Head to the room above and grab the money bag.
  • 2. Head 2 rooms to the left and take the stairs.
  • 3. Grab the suitcase in this room and head left one room and down 1 room.
  • 4. Grab the key then head back down the stairs.
  • 5. Head left one room and grab the tickets.
  • 6. Head 2 rooms to the left and head up the other set of stairs.
  • 7. Head right one room, down one room, and left one room to get the passport.
  • 8. Head back down the stairs, right one room, and exit. Snicker.

VS COM - Level 4


  • 1. Go up 2 screens and grab the key.
  • 2. Head left 3 screens, up 1 screen, left 1 screen, and down 2 screens to get the suitcase.
  • 3. Head back up 2 screens, right 1 screen, down 1 screen, and right 2 screens and get the tickets.
  • 4. Head back left 2 screens, up 1 screen, left 2 screens, down 1 screen, left 1 screen, and down 1 screen to get the money bag.
  • 5. The passport initially starts in black's starting spot. It may move from this room, so keep tabs on him.

VS COM - Level 5


  • 1. Due to the nature of this level, you will have to die. Do not grab the tickets in your room, or as soon as you enter black's room, it will warp in position.
  • 2. Do however, grab the passport and take it down the stairs. When you die, it'll drop behind the shelf in that room.
  • 3. Also, take the club located on the 2nd floor, to speed up the fight later with black.
  • 4. Once you die, if black is in the room to your left, go fight and kill him. Snicker.
  • 5. At this point, you can go back to your room and take the tickets.
  • 6. Head across the building to get the suitcase. Also, get the key on the 2nd floor.
  • 7. Head back to the right side of the building and get the passport (remember, you moved it!) and the money bag, then exit. Snicker.

VS COM - Level 6


  • 1. Lucky for you, the suitcase is really close to you. Grab the key, then head up to get it.
  • 2. After that, head up stairs A. Grab the passport, then head back down.
  • 3. After you go up stairs B, immediately get out of the room before you die from the time bomb. You can escape via the door.
  • 4. Watch out for the other 2 time bombs on that floor. Enter and exit the room to clear them out.
  • 5. Head down stairs D to go get the tickets, then up stairs C to get the money bag.
  • 6. Head back down stairs C and exit. Snicker.

VS COM - Level 7


  • 1. The one thing you need to have happen to make this work is for Black to either not go up the stairs C behind you, or to leave the room right away.
  • 2. Go up stairs C and get the tickets.
  • 3. Go down and left to stairs D.
  • 4. Go down and around to get the suitcase.
  • 5. Head down and around to the left towards stairs A. Head up them and to the left to get the money bag.
  • 6. After getting the bag, head back down stairs A and head back towards the suitcase room.
  • 7. Go up to the exit room, then to the right to snag the passport.
  • 8. Return to the exit room and escape. Snicker.

VS COM - Level 8


  • 1. Your success in this one will depend on one thing - black entering the stair A room to take out that time bomb. If he doesn't, you'll lose 30 seconds easily.
  • 2. Get the tickets in your room, then head upstairs.
  • 3. Head down and left to get the suitcase.
  • 4. Go back to the right, up one room, left one room, and get the passport.
  • 5. Head down stairs A, then down 2 rooms, left 1 room, down 1 room, and left one room for the key.
  • 6. Proceed through the only available route (remember, you went through a one-way door!) until you get to the money bag. Take it.
  • 7. Head up stairs A and then go down stairs B.
  • 8. Head up through the upper corridor and out the exit. You win again! Snicker.
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