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Hill Top 2

  • Rather than doing the jump off the small ramp at the start, simply spindash up the ramp instead. You can't make the early cycle this way but you can still get the 1:01 cycle comfortably, and even potentially make the half-cycle for 0:59 if the stage goes really well.

Oil Ocean 2

  • Instead of hitting the spikes and getting the "Mega Sonic" glitch, you can enter the nearby checkerboard ball directly and take a different path through the stage. This path yields 0:53 typically, so it loses 12 seconds, but it's a very simple route for new learners as it grabs invincibility at the end of the stage, making the boss fight much easier.

TODO: add video

Metropolis 2

  • If you're not comfortable with the level wrap, then just play the intended route on this stage.

TODO: add video

Metropolis 3

  • This level wrap should be the last one you add to your route. In the meantime, playing this stage "normally" still involves two significant tricks. First, you need to time a jump underneath a set of pistons so that they push you into the ground instead of crushing you.
  • Second, at the final bolt in the stage, run it all the way down to the bottom and screen wrap. Move slightly to the right, and when the screen catches up to you, Sonic should appear embedded in the bolt. From here, jump and you will fall through a wall, and appear at the top of the ascent.

TODO: add video

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